19th – 23rd February

We went swimming this week! We had a range of objects in the pool, including floats and toys. We practised moving our arms and kicking our legs in the water to get around the pool.

15th – 19th January

This week, our Makaton sign was ‘ice’. We felt how cold ice is when we played with it in a tuff tray, along with some penguins! We also explored sensory snow scenes.

We joined in with ‘dough disco’ to develop our fine motor skills. We used different movements, such as squeezing and rolling, to change the shape of the play dough.

8th – 12th January

We went into the forest on Tuesday afternoon! We explored the nature in winter and noticed how the trees had no leaves!

We enjoyed our Friday afternoon ICT hour! We practised choosing apps and we shared some interactions with each other.

Our new topic is ‘Penguins and Polar Bears’. The weekly Makaton signs that we will be focusing on are: Cold, Ice, Polar Bear, Penguin, Snow.

18 – 22nd December

We built a snowman using different materials, including sticks and a carrot nose!

We engaged in a range of different materials, including shaving foam, play dough and stickers!

11th – 15th December

We created calendars by painting using our hands or paint brushes. We chose out of blue, red and yellow paints. Some of us decided to mix the colours together!

One of our attention autism activities was to watch how shaving foam and colouring mix together. Then, we took it in turns to choose an item of winter clothing (from card) and dip it into the shaving foam. It comes out with colouring on! This will make a lovely winter display for our classroom!

4th – 8th December

We tried new activities this week! Some of us made our own pizzas with different toppings, to explore colour and texture. We even tasted them afterwards! Some of us had a turn at dropping an egg from a height to investigate what happens.

We’re starting to get into the Christmas spirit! We stamped a Christmas tree shape onto paper using a sponge and green paint and then we added glitter! We have some Christmas books in class that we’ve started to look through in our free time.

20 – 24th November

On Thursday, we had fun playing with the soft play in the classroom! We also had a water tuff tray to fill, emptying and splashing.

We celebrated Diwali during our music lesson. We had a turn on the drum and tried on bangles

Grasshoppers Team 💚

13 – 17 November

As we couldn’t go swimming this week, we still went to the Walsall Wood site and we played in the rainbow room! It was out first time in the new soft play room. We also went to the outdoor play area on the swings and side.

Some of us took turns pushing Pudsey Bear around for Children in Need’ day! We also celebrated Diwali this week by making a fireworks picture and trying some Indian sweets.

This half term, we are repeating the makaton signs as the last half term! We will be talking about people who help us, and the book that we will start to read next week is called ‘doctorsaurus’.

23 – 27 October

Stage 1 of ‘bucket time’ (or ‘attention autism’) is to look at three items that come out of the bucket. Stage 2 is to watch something ‘wow’! Stage 3 is when each person takes a turn at a fun activity!

One of the Stage 3 activities this week in bucket time was to throw a sticky spider at a web!

We decorated ginger biscuits using green icing sugar and sprinkles!

Our daily good morning song by singing hands!

Please note that after half term, swimming will be on Thursday afternoons. Please remember swimming kits on this day.

Happy half term!

16th – 20th October

We celebrated the harvest this week. Today, we painted using vegetables! We dipped the vegetables into paint and dabbed or spread them onto our sheet of paper. We also tried some fresh bread with butter and jam at the end of the day as part of our harvest celebration. Thank you so much for the donations that have been brought in!

We have been so fortunate with the weather on Tuesday afternoons! In forest school, we have seen insects, made some music, read a book and made some dens.

Our sign of the week next week is: physiotherapist.

In class, we listen to the Pantosaurus song from the NSPCC to spread the message about how to keep ourselves safe.

Notices: just a little reminder to complete the ‘consents’ section on Arbor, for this new academic year. Also, library books were sent out last week – they are to read at home and can be returned when you’re ready to have them changed.

Have a lovely weekend! Grasshoppers