What a fantastic start to our new half term 

We have had such a busy but exciting start to our new half term. We have moved onto stage 3 during our bucket time and enjoyed our activity of ‘raining on you’ where we take it in turns to sit under an umbrella and watch as water trickles over the umbrella. We all waited for our turn beautifully and had so much fun watching the water! Bucket time is one of our favourite times of the day and all the staff are so proud of how well the children engage during our sessions. 

During our problem solving sessions we have been exploring big and small. We enjoyed using paint to sort circles by their size. We explored which circles were big and which were small. We then enjoyed using our fingers to make different sized circles in the paint to demonstrate our understanding. Later in the week we used these skills to create pieces of artwork inspired by Kandinsky’s ‘Circles’. We used different objects and colours to create our own version of his artwork. They all look absolutely fantastic! 

This week we were fortunate to be able to visit the sensory room. We had a brilliant time exploring the different lights, sounds and textures. The bubble tube was a big hit and the children enjoyed taking turns being rocked on the soft play equipment. 

On Friday we had playtime with our friends from Rushall ARP and it is beautiful to watch new friendships form and lots of games being played. The children have grown in confidence when playing together and enjoyed playing a big game of tig and tag as well as hiding in the different areas of the shipwreck. 

We hope all our children and families have a good weekend and we’ll see you on Monday 🦔

All about shapes 

This week in problem solving we have been learning all about shapes. We have searched high and low for shapes around the classroom and have been exploring what they feel like. We have made our very own shape monsters and practised feeding them their favourite shapes. Some of the children enjoyed exploring the shapes so much that they created their own shape pictures! During bucket time we had a session all about shapes and had a great time guessing which shapes were hiding underneath the flour. 

In our art and creativity lessons we have explored all about polar bears this week. We have thought about what colour they are and what we could use to create the texture of fur. We enjoyed using forks to create different effects on the page and then made them into our own pet polar bears. Finally we used a template and made marks around the page and found out that when we peeled the template off we had created a polar bear. 

During our music session this week we have started learning all about Chinese New Year which is coming up on 10th February. The dragon was a huge hit with all of the children and we loved exploring the fire coming out of his mouth! We had a go at pretending to be a dragon by hiding under the material and moving around like a dragon to the music. 

Finally, as part of our independence skills lesson we have been practising making our own sandwiches. We worked really hard to learn how to spread the butter and jam to make sure all the bread was covered. After all that effort our favourite part was tasting our sandwiches. They must have been yummy as they disappeared really quickly! 

Have a lovely weekend Hedgehogs and we’ll see you on Monday 🦔

Making new friends 

Our story this week has been one day on our blue planet: In the Antarctic.  We have discovered that there are lots of different animals that enjoy living in the ice and snow including penguins, seals, whales and birds. We created our very own Antarctic pictures using different animals that we may find and them enjoyed searching for them in our sensory tuff tray. We had lots of fun but it was very messy! 

We had a fantastic forest school session and enjoyed using sticks and pans to pretend that we were cooking sausages all whilst singing our current favourite song, 10 fat sausages. We also enjoyed playing with the football and taking it in turns to pass it to our friends and back. 

In music this week we took another journey on the sensory train however this time we went to water land! This was a firm favourite with Hedgehogs class and they all loved watching the water spray out of the bottle and land on their heads, faces, hands and feet. 

Finally, on Friday we had some special visitors on the shipwreck playground at break time. ARP 2 class came to join us! We had so much fun making new friends with lots of games of tig and tag and hide and seek being played. At one point half the children had disappeared but there were lots of giggles to be heard under the pirate ship and when the adults peeked round the corner there were all the children giggling away and playing beautifully together. 

We hope all our children and families have a lovely weekend and we will see you next week 🦔

A chilly week in hedgehogs 🥶

We have had a fantastic week in hedgehogs this week. We started our week with our story ‘Lost and found’ which is all about a penguin who ended up at a little boy’s house and they go on an adventure to return him to Antarctica. The children really enjoyed playing with the penguin, boat and little boy from the story and demonstrated their understanding by acting out what happened in the story. 

We then explored what it would be like in Antarctica where the penguin lives, by trying to free some animals that had become stuck in the ice! We tried using warm water to break the ice but that was taking too long so we tried dropping it from a height and we started to free the animals but there was still ice stuck to them. Finally we used salt to melt the remaining ice and explored how the salt made the ice feel. 

During our music session this week we went on the sensory train to drumming land where we explored making loud and quiet sounds on the drums. The next station on our journey was bubble land where we all had a fantastic time popping the bubbles. Our final stop on the journey was relaxation land where we listened to calming music and relaxed with our friends. 

Have a lovely weekend hedgehogs 🦔 

Happy New Year Hedgehogs

Welcome back Hedgehogs, what a fantastic start to the new year. We started the week off by choosing what we would like to do in this new year. Lots of us wanted to go swimming, to the park and play football! 

During our problem solving sessions this week we have been using the number blocks to explore all about number 1 and beyond. We have created our very own fabulous number blocks to display in the classroom to support with our number work. 

In music this week we were using the instruments to make loud and quiet sounds. We took it in turns to use the drums and the shakers to make loud sounds to music and then quiet sounds to music. 

We had a very cold forest school session this week so made sure that we all wrapped up really warm 🥶. We were all surprised about how different the forest looked compared to last time we went. There were no leaves at all left on the trees and we could see each other all the way through the forest. 

Finally, as part of our art lessons we are learning all about drawing. We chose which tools we would like to use out of crayons, bingo dabbers and egg shaped crayons and practised drawing different shapes and explored the effects we could make on the paper. 

Have a fantastic weekend hedgehogs 🦔

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Wow what a fun filled last week we have had in hedgehogs class. 

On Monday we had a fantastic time at our parents/carers craft session making reindeer food, melted snowman biscuits and candy cane Christmas trees. The children all had a brilliant time and a huge thank you to all who were able to come along. 

We had a brilliant time going swimming with all the children trying hard to get themselves undressed and dressed with lots of excitement! We enjoyed pouring water from the giant teapots over the giant ball in the pool, trying to see if we could get it to move. 

On Thursday we had our Christmas party day! We had lots of fun listening to and dancing to Christmas music and even had a game of reindeer dash. We had a special visitors as well as Father Christmas and his elf came to visit us and give us an early Christmas present. Our favourite part of the party day was definitely the party food though! 

What a lovely way to round up a busy but fun filled term. We hope that all the children and their families have a relaxing and fun Christmas holiday and we’ll see you all next year! 

Wow what a busy week in Hedgehogs class!

This week in Hedgehogs we have all been getting in the Christmas spirit. We have really enjoyed learning lots of Christmas songs and dancing along to them as well! In music we had a great time banging the drum as a small group to our favourite Christmas songs and loved feeling the vibrations it made. 

In creativity, we have enjoyed making a winter picture thinking about what we may see in winter time such as snow covered trees, children wrapped up in hats, scarves and gloves, snowflakes etc. The pictures were all beautiful with really good choices in pictures and where to place them being made. 

We have been thinking about Christmas food… a lot this week so have had a go at making our very own Christmas pudding out of paper, but it looked good enough to eat! Then on Friday we had our yummy Christmas dinner. We all looked fantastic in the party hats we had designed and made and the dinner was a big hit! 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. 

This week in Hedgehogs we started the week by continuing our work on police officer and the work they do to keep us safe.  We have enjoyed using choose it maker to take it in turns to watch the police officer catch the thief and save the day. We then had a go at creating our very own police car and all recognised where to put the siren. 

As part of our problem solving we have been pretending to be police officers and have been using our fingerprints to practice counting out to different amounts and show 1:1 correspondence. 

On Friday we have started thinking about Christmas and have decorated our own baubles to hang on our tree that we are making. We have thought about the colours that we could use to make our classroom feel festive! For our bucket session on Friday we had a special session about creating a snowman that we all really enjoyed. Finally, we have been learning the makaton signs for Christmas words such as Father Christmas, snow, turkey and brussel sprouts! 

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and will see you all on Monday 🦔

Fire engines, music and fun!

We have had a brilliant week in Hedgehogs this week. 

We started the week with a visitor from the fire service who brought a fire engine along with him. We all enjoyed climbing into the back of the engine and seeing how high up we were and were fascinated by all the hidden spaces to store all the important fire fighting equipment. 

In music this week we explored different materials relating to Diwali and enjoyed playing bells and dancing to a special drum with special beaters played by our music teacher Bev. We kept in time to the beat of the song and made up actions to go along with the pulse of the song. 

During our problem solving lessons this week we have continued our learning about patterns, matching and sorting. We have been looking carefully at pictures and then searching for the correct object to match the picture. To explore pattern we have completed simple ABAB patterns using colour, we have built towers using the building blocks making sure we keep to the pattern and have used bingo dabbers to complete a large pattern. 

Finally, we have really enjoyed our attention autism/bucket sessions this week and have been showing an increased interest in the different activities. We particularly like the messy activities and watching the adults get covered in shaving foam, slime and flour! 

We hope all the children and families in hedgehogs have a lovely weekend 🦔

Another week of celebrations

Wow what another fun filled, busy week in Hedgehogs 🦔

We started this week by learning all about Diwali. We used powder paint and coloured rice to practice making our own Rangoli patterns in the tuff tray. We then used chalks to practise drawing mendhi patterns on cut outs of our handprints. We have learnt about the different foods that people may eat to celebrate Diwali and tried vegetable samosas and special sweets which was a big hit with all the children! 

During our music session this week we enjoyed listening to special, Diwali music,  tried special bangles on and enjoyed trying saris of different colours on. 

As part of our PSED sessions we have been thinking about emotions and how we are special and unique. We enjoyed using mirrors to make different faces including happy and sad. We then used sequins, tissue paper, foam shapes and other materials to decorate a border for our mirrors to show that we are all unique and special in our own way.

On Friday we joined in with children in need. It was fantastic seeing so many children wearing Pudsey t-shirts, Pudsey onesies, Pudsey ears and spotty clothes to celebrate. We had a special attention autism sessions all about Pudsey and enjoyed watching powder paint being dropped from a height to create Pudsey bear’s spots on his bandana. We then had great fun choosing our favourite colours to finger paint our own spots onto Pudsey’s bandana. 

We hope all the children and families have a fantastic weekend 🦔.