Remembrance Day

On Monday we celebrated Remembrance Day. We took time to think about things that make us happy and remember important people in our lives. We spoke about being grateful for what we have and why we wear poppies at this time of year. The children took part in a 2 minute silence whilst watching a video on CBeebies with about a family of rabbits in a field of poppies. We then made our own poppies using a variety of different resources such as paint and tissue paper. 

Autumn is here! 🍁

Autumn has definitely arrived and we are loving the changes that have come with the season. We have been out exploring our school grounds this week and have collected lots of autumn materials. We found leaves of different colours, conkers and sticks. We even found some bark that had fallen off the tree. We took these materials back to class and explored them further, looking to see if we could tick anything off our autumn checklist!

The Phonics Fairy has been to visit!

Each week the Phonics Fairy comes to visit us and she brings a new sound with her each time. This week she brought the “f” sound and a book to go with it. The book was “The Foggy Foggy Forest” and we learnt a new action to help us remember the sound. We have been making feather fans, fishing for fish and “f”sounds and finding words beginning with our “f” sound. Take a look at some of the things we have been up to. 

Let’s Get Cooking!

During our cooking session this week we made some biscuits which we decorated to represent faces. We used the scales to measure out the ingredients before mixing them together. We practiced pouring and stirring the ingredients and then used our hands to make the dough flat ready to be cooked. We decorated them using edible eyes and a smartie for a nose! We tried really hard to steady our hands enough to draw a smile using red icing which we all managed brilliantly.

Marvellous Me!

This week we have been learning about ourselves. We have been reading the story “Marvellous Me” and have loved exploring different activities linked to the story. We have looked at ourselves in the mirror and explored what makes us different on the outside and we have made Marvellous Me books containing our favourite toy, food, colour and animal. We also learnt about our facial features and counted our eyes, nose, mouth and ears. We have been busy making our own special mirrors and using play dough to add facial features to the templates on our play dough mats.