Fun Learning at Home 🏠

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having lots of fun at home and most of all, you are all safe and well. We miss you all so much, this is not how we imagined the end of the Spring term to be!

We understand that these times of uncertainty are quite confusing for everyone but these times won’t last forever and we’ll be back learning and having fun together before you know it.

Thankfully we have had some beautiful weather this week and I hope you have managed to get outside in the sunshine. Below are some pictures of activities you might like to do with your families outside. It’s great to get outdoors and get some fresh air and explore the environment around you. Can you see any signs of Spring yet? I know I have seen lots of brightly coloured daffodils over the last couple of weeks which is really cheering me up in this difficult time.

There is no pressure on you to do all or any of the activities, just do what you enjoy doing and make sure you stay safe and spend time with your family.

Alfie has been having lots of fun in the sun this week and really enjoyed his swing as you can see below! We’d love to see more pictures of the things you are all getting up to whilst you’re at home so feel free to send them over via email.

Our music specialist Bev has set up some some music activities on a site called Charanga. Below are the details you need to log in to access these fantastic resources.

Splash Time 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️

We have had a brilliant week at school this week. We have been learning about St. Patrick’s Day by decorating Irish flags and shamrocks. We have also linked this to our maths and literacy work this week where we focussed in counting, recognising numbers and colours, pattern work and recognising symbols and words.

We have also been learning about a very special day on Sunday and have made some lovely cards for you to open on the weekend.

This week we were able to have an extended swim and we took full advantage. We were splashing, kicking, paddling and pouring all morning which was great fun. As well as working on our individual targets, we enjoyed having fun in the water playing with toys and interacting with our friends.

The Circus is Leaving the Town!

We have had a wonderful week finishing off our circus topic. We have explored circus maths and had great fun acting out the parts in our story “You See a Circus, I See…”.
We loved our cricket session with Nick on Tuesday as he brought some soft cricket equipment and we were able to explore something a bit different.

During our cooking session this week we made a cake. We worked together to weigh the ingredients and mix them together before cooking, decorating and most importantly eating the cake! We looked at how we were going to cut the cake to share with our friends.

Everyone looked brilliant in their sports clothes today and we loved taking part in a whole school Hokey Cokey.

We have been finishing off our topic ready to look at Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and of course Easter!

It’s Showtime!

What a wonderful week we have had! We have been visited by lots of very exciting people who have taught us new skills and we have had so much fun learning.

We were visited by Dippy the clown on Monday who showed us how to spin plates and juggle, he let us explore all of the apparatus by ourselves which was great fun.
On Tuesday we were visited by Circusology who again showed us lots of new circus skills. We tried our hand at balancing lots of plates on top of each other.
On Wednesday we were visited by a lady who had lots of different types of bubbles. We were able to get very messy playing in the mixtures and we were even able to stand inside a bubble as big as us!

It was so lovely to see all of the children dressed up today and we loved seeing all of our friends on the red carpet during our celebration assembly.

Dragon dances and Pancakes 🥞 🐉

We have had a very busy first week back after our half term break!

This week we focussed on pancake day. We read the story Mr Wolf’s Pancakes and used masks and props to act out the different characters in the story. We then helped him make a shopping list of the ingredients he needed to make his pancakes. We made our own pancakes during our cooking session and chose which toppings we wanted on them. We enjoyed tasting the different toppings and choosing our favourites. We had a great time flipping our pancakes in the pan and trying to catch them on the way down!

On Wednesday we were visited by some Chinese Lion Dancers. They brought a big lion costume and showed us how they dance before we were allowed to have a go ourselves. They brought lion costumes, fans and parasols and we loved learning the different dances.

Love is in the air ❤️

We have had a wonderful week celebrating Valentines Day! We learnt about why it is important to show our loved ones that we love them and be kind to them. We have been making lots of lovely crafts this week and have made some lovely chocolates for our loved ones. We hope you like your cards, presents and chocolates.

This afternoon we had a Valentines disco, each class designed a card and Debbie in the office judged whose was the best. We won! Take a look at our finished product we are really pleased with it.

It has been a very busy half term and we are now looking forward to our week break for half term.

When we come back on Monday 24th February we will be learning all about Shrove Tuesday and making some delicious pancakes.

We hope you have a brilliant half term and can’t wait to see you a weeks time.

Roll Up Roll Up!

We have loved learning more about the circus this week! We started to read a story about Paddington Bear visiting the circus. In the story Paddington and his family needed tickets to get in to see the show. We made our very own tickets for the circus and decorated them with glitter and bright colours.

We loved using the play dough on our circus themed play dough mats and enjoyed rolling, squeezing, squashing and poking the dough to make juggling balls, hats, tightropes and all sorts of fun things we might see at the circus.

In the story Paddington met a clown! We have loved dressing up as clowns this week and poking our head through our clown board. Rhian also enjoyed putting her head in the place if the clowns face but be careful if you come near her – she is armed with a water sprayer! We then made some brilliant clown faces for our display in the corridor.

Next week we will be focussing on Valentines Day and our loved ones – don’t forget to look again next week to see what lovely things we have been up to.


This week we have been finishing off our Chinese New Year activities. On Monday we completed some Chinese New Year themed maths focussing on number, counting and addition. During our cooking session on Thursday we made some Chinese biscuits and practiced our fine motor skills whilst decorating them with icing on Friday.
On Tuesday we enjoyed our visit from Nick our cricket coach and we are getting really good at understanding how table cricket works.

For our music session with Bev last Friday, she brought some old barrels, water tubs, sticks and homemade shakers to make music. We absolutely loved making music together and we all listened brilliantly.

Kung Hei Fatt Choy 🇨🇳

We have been very busy in Hedgehogs this week! We have been celebrating Chinese New Year all week and we have really enjoyed ourselves. We looked at how Chinese New Year is celebrated and watched some dragon and lion dances. We have made our own dragon puppets and our own Chinese lanterns using the lucky colour red. During our cooking session on a Thursday we made a delicious stir-fry and even tried to use our chop sticks to taste it!

On Tuesday we were visited by Beth who taught us about why it is important to keep our environment tidy and litter free. We spoke about how rubbish makes us feel and what we can do to help. We put on some high vis jackets and gloves and went out to clear the playground using our litter pickers. We were all brilliant at this and had our playground cleared in no time!

The Circus Has Arrived!

The circus really has arrived in Hedgehogs class! We have loved reading our sensory story about visiting the circus and particularly enjoyed dressing as a clown! We did some work on positional language this week using our circus puppets.

On Monday afternoon our new library cases came to the classroom and we loved looking at the books inside and taking them to the table or the carpet to read. We will be looking in the other case next week to see what other books we have to read.


As part of our topic session this week we watched videos of what we might find at the circus and were very impressed with the acts from Cirque du Soleil. We decorated our own split pin trapeze artist which we will hang from some string on our circus display.


Next week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year. We will be making lanterns, dragon puppets and some lovely Chinese foods which we are really looking forward too.


We can’t wait to hear all about your weekend!