Kung Hei Fatt Choy 🇨🇳

We have been very busy in Hedgehogs this week! We have been celebrating Chinese New Year all week and we have really enjoyed ourselves. We looked at how Chinese New Year is celebrated and watched some dragon and lion dances. We have made our own dragon puppets and our own Chinese lanterns using the lucky colour red. During our cooking session on a Thursday we made a delicious stir-fry and even tried to use our chop sticks to taste it!

On Tuesday we were visited by Beth who taught us about why it is important to keep our environment tidy and litter free. We spoke about how rubbish makes us feel and what we can do to help. We put on some high vis jackets and gloves and went out to clear the playground using our litter pickers. We were all brilliant at this and had our playground cleared in no time!

The Circus Has Arrived!

The circus really has arrived in Hedgehogs class! We have loved reading our sensory story about visiting the circus and particularly enjoyed dressing as a clown! We did some work on positional language this week using our circus puppets.

On Monday afternoon our new library cases came to the classroom and we loved looking at the books inside and taking them to the table or the carpet to read. We will be looking in the other case next week to see what other books we have to read.


As part of our topic session this week we watched videos of what we might find at the circus and were very impressed with the acts from Cirque du Soleil. We decorated our own split pin trapeze artist which we will hang from some string on our circus display.


Next week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year. We will be making lanterns, dragon puppets and some lovely Chinese foods which we are really looking forward too.


We can’t wait to hear all about your weekend!

Our First Week Back!

What a wonderful first week back we have had. The children have settled brilliantly and we have loved discussing our Christmas holidays.

On Tuesday we were visited by Nick from the Lords Taverners who is teaching us how to play table cricket this term. We had a brilliant time and we were brilliant team players, waiting for our turn and seeing who could score the most points. We are looking forward to the rest of our weekly sessions.

We have also started our Circus topic this week. We read a sensory story on Wednesday called “A Day at the Circus”. We really enjoyed this and will carry it on next week. We designed a hat for a clown and practiced our juggling skills – we were very good!

During our cooking session this week we used ice cream cones and coloured icing to make clown hats. We used smarties and fruit pastels for the Pom poms on the clowns hat. Some of us could

Christmas Craft Afternoon 🎅🎄

On Monday afternoon we had a great time at our Christmas craft afternoon. We made Christmas puddings out of chocolate digestives using white, green and red icing. We also decorated some foam Christmas wreaths and played in the snow area! We loved spending time with our parents as well and can’t wait for Christmas now!

There are dinosaurs in the classroom!

This week we have been reading the story “Dinosaurs in the Supermarket” and the dinosaurs have landed in the classroom as well! We loved playing with the dinosaurs, we used lots of brilliant language when describing the dinosaurs and using them in role play with our friends. Some of the dinosaurs got a bit carried away and ended up playing in the dirt! We dug them out and then made sure we gave them a wash to clean them up!

When Warburtons came to visit.

Last week we had a visit from a lady from Warburtons. She brought some dough with her and we used scissors to cut spikes into the dough to make hedgehogs. We were able to taste the toppings of cranberries, raisins and banana and she even brought some pancake and fruit loaf for us to taste.

Remembrance Day

On Monday we celebrated Remembrance Day. We took time to think about things that make us happy and remember important people in our lives. We spoke about being grateful for what we have and why we wear poppies at this time of year. The children took part in a 2 minute silence whilst watching a video on CBeebies with about a family of rabbits in a field of poppies. We then made our own poppies using a variety of different resources such as paint and tissue paper. 

Autumn is here! 🍁

Autumn has definitely arrived and we are loving the changes that have come with the season. We have been out exploring our school grounds this week and have collected lots of autumn materials. We found leaves of different colours, conkers and sticks. We even found some bark that had fallen off the tree. We took these materials back to class and explored them further, looking to see if we could tick anything off our autumn checklist!

The Phonics Fairy has been to visit!

Each week the Phonics Fairy comes to visit us and she brings a new sound with her each time. This week she brought the “f” sound and a book to go with it. The book was “The Foggy Foggy Forest” and we learnt a new action to help us remember the sound. We have been making feather fans, fishing for fish and “f”sounds and finding words beginning with our “f” sound. Take a look at some of the things we have been up to. 

Let’s Get Cooking!

During our cooking session this week we made some biscuits which we decorated to represent faces. We used the scales to measure out the ingredients before mixing them together. We practiced pouring and stirring the ingredients and then used our hands to make the dough flat ready to be cooked. We decorated them using edible eyes and a smartie for a nose! We tried really hard to steady our hands enough to draw a smile using red icing which we all managed brilliantly.