Schools Out For Summer ☀️

Well what a year! We have made it to the end of the school year where everything has been so different and we have gotten through it together.

We are so proud of how far all the children have come and how well they have coped with all of the changes this year! We have had a lovely week having parties, eating ice cream and celebrating our progress.

We would like to say a huge “Good Luck” to our wonderful leaver Alfie who leaves us today to go to his new big school! He has been a character in class that everyone has loved and we wish him all the best! Goodbye Alfie! Check out our wonderful PowerPoint celebrating our Year 6 Leavers 🎉

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful cards and gifts we have received this week! We hope you have a fantastic Summer and can’t wait to welcome you back to Oakwood in September 💙

Summer Fest’

We have had a fantastic week this week, finished off with our wonderful Summer Fest performance.
It was so lovely to see everyone’s hard work on the live Summer Fest streaming on YouTube last night and we are all so proud of the children. The full version can be seen below, we all worked so hard on this and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Our Satellite Superstar this week is Hassan! 🌟 Hassan has had a fantastic week and shown brilliant listening as well as being a great friend and help around the classroom. Well done Hassan!

Next week is our final week before we break up for the six weeks holiday! We have had a brilliant year and will end it with lots of fun and laughter next week. Don’t forget our party day on Tuesday! 🎉 🎈 🎂

Summer Fun 🏖☀️

What a fun filled week we have had!

At the beginning of the week we finished off our camping activities linked to our story, Herman’s Holiday. We designed our own tents ⛺️ and even had a tent building competition. We used blankets, sheets and our classroom furniture to create our tents and Ruth very kindly came in and judged our creations. Which one is your favourite?

On Wednesday we got active and enjoyed our sports day. Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic we were u able to do our sports day in the usual way however we still had so much fun exploring all of our different stations on the playground.

Today we had our Summer Fun Day ☀️to celebrate all our hard work over the year and to celebrate our wonderful Year 6 Leavers who move on to their new schools in September. The weather was perfect and we brought the beach to us! We explored lots of sand and water activities on our playground and loved getting stuck in with our giant bubble wands! We had a brilliant bouncing time on our bouncy castle and we loved bouncing up and down and from side to side.

We were lucky enough to be visited by not one, but two super special cars! 🚗 We all LOVED seeing the cars and we even got to sit in them which was fantastic! As you can see by their smiles, the children had a wonderful time. Our day was finished off with a visit from an ice cream van which was perfect to cool us down after our busy day.

In Hedgehogs, our wonderful Alfie will be leaving us in July. He has had a fantastic day with his friends, celebrating all he has achieved during his time at Oakwood 🌟

We look forward to seeing you all on Monday for our final two weeks in school, having fun and making lots of memories 🏆

Happy Campers 🏕

This week we started a new book “Herman’s Holiday”. In our story Herman goes camping with his friend Henry and they have a great time (well Herman does!). The children have really enjoyed reading this story and have loved setting up camp in the classroom, pitching the tent and getting cosy in the sleeping bag. We “toasted” marshmallows over our campfire on Tuesday and made some delicious hot dogs in cooking on Thursday.

During our forest session on Wednesday we set up our camp underneath the trees 🌳 we listened brilliantly to the story and built our own campfire 🔥 in the fire pit area.

We have a very busy fun filled week next week with lots of fun summer activities and some sports day activities ⚽️ 🏖 which we are really looking forward to.

This weeks Satellite Superstar is Mason! 🌟 Mason has had a brilliant week this week and has done some fantastic work during our reading session. Showing fantastic concentration and engagement with the task. Well Done Mason!

Happy Father’s Day! 👔

We have really enjoyed wrapping up our trip to the seaside this week and are looking forward to a new story next week.

We have been very busy this week making some very special things for the very special men in our lives and we hope you like our creations. The children loved that they were making things for their dads and took great pride in their work. We hope you like the superhero song below as you are all superhero’s to us.

We made the most of the shade of the forest on Wednesday and loved exploring the sounds, smells a textures that surrounded us. It was so lovely to get out of the heat and explore the forest with our friends.

Next week we will be going camping! We will be going on holiday with Herman in our new book Herman’s Holiday. We can’t wait to pitch our tent and toast our marshmallows.

Our Satellite Superstar this week is Alfie! Alfie has been fantastic this week and has been a very positive member of the class. He has contributed brilliantly to every aspect of the school day and has been a lovely friend.

Welcome Back 🎉

We hope you have had a fantastic half term and managed to make the most of the glorious sunshine ☀️ we are so happy to welcome you back for the final half term of the school year and what a year it has been!

We are carrying on with our Let’s Go on Holiday topic and we have loved visiting the beach so much we have carried it on this week.
We have been very lucky to have lovely weather this week and on Monday we were able to get outside and explore the water and bubbles. We played beautifully with our friends and showed our adults lots of fantastic language and communication.

During this weeks cooking session we made some ice cream for when we are at the beach. We all took it in turns to use our electric whisk which was very exciting! We have put the ice cream in the freezer to set and we can’t wait to try it next week.

We have really enjoyed our yoga sessions as part of our PE lesson recently and we are all joining in as a group now. We have been stretching, bending and twisting as part of our sessions and we have been fantastic at this.

This week our Satellite Superstar is Cameron! 🌟 Cameron has been a fantastic friend and is doing some really good listening at home which we are all very proud of him for. He also did some brilliant handwriting during our handwriting session this morning. Well Done Cameron! 🎉

Happy Half Term 🎉

Happy half term Hedgehogs! 🦔

What a busy half term this has been! We’ve really been enjoying our holiday topic this half term and we can’t wait to continue after our holiday.

The weather was finally on our side this week and we were able to visit the forest. We were amazed at how much it had changed since we last visited and how green and full the trees were. We enjoyed building dens and exploring the mud kitchen area as well as sitting very quietly and listening to all the birds we could hear.

We have also been busy recording our Summer Fest performance this week and we can’t wait for you to see us in it after the half term.

This weeks Satellite Superstar is Bella 🌟 Bella has had a fantastic week and has been extra kind to her friends – a very big Well Done to Bella!

We hope you have a fantastic half term break in the sunshine! We can’t wait to welcome you back on Monday 7th June.

What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside 🌊 🏖 🐞

This week we started a new book! We have started reading “What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside”. We have explored the animals in the story and we remembered our repetitive phrase “The ladybird said never a word” which featured in our book last week.

We decided that we would like to visit the seaside as well and we packed our bags and off we went. We thought about the items we would need on our beach holiday and packed them into our suitcase. We then pulled our suitcase along ready to board our aeroplane and set off on our holiday 🧳
We loved taking our seats and waiting for the pilot to announce it was time to take off. We could see lots of lights and lovely scenery from the cockpit of our aeroplane as we started our journey ✈️

Of course, when it is hot we all enjoy an ice lolly to keep us cool and in cooking we made some delicious fruit lollies. We practice our cutting and pouring skills when making these and we can’t wait until they come out of the freezer for us to taste 😋

Next week we will be continuing our ladybird story and we will be looking at what we see when we are at the beach. We will explore the sand and water and complete some artwork for our seaside classroom display. Take a look at the video of our story below 👇

Our Satellite Superstar this week is Andre! 🌟 Andre has been fantastic at school this week and has been watching an adult carefully and copying all of the signs to our song – “I’m Walking On Sunshine” ☀️ he really enjoyed our holiday topic and has taken Rhian on a trip around the world using Google Maps, stopping at lots of different countries and naming them all. Well Done Andre!

Off We Go On Holiday 🏝

We have been very busy Hedgehogs this week! We have enjoyed looking through our holiday brochures and finding our where we would like to go on holiday. We then cut out our favourite places and made a collage with them. We explored different countries around the world and looked at our world map interactive game.

We have been working on our number and addition skills this week and we have made fantastic progress with this. We enjoyed adding one more spot to our ladybirds and finding different ways of making 10.

We celebrated Eid this week and made some beautiful stained glass lanterns. In our cooking session we made some biscuits and used apple and banana to make the moon and the star. We watched a video about Ramadan and Eid before making Eid cards. ☪️

Next week we will be going to the seaside with the ladybird as we loved the story so much this week. Our story will be “What The Ladybird Heard at the Beach” and we are looking forward to lots of sensory activities linked to this book.

This weeks Satellite Superstar is Tommie! He has done some fantastic singing and signing of song for the Summer Fest and has a really positive attitude all week! Well done Tommie! 🌟

Hooray! We’re on Holiday! ☀️ 🏖

This week in Hedgehogs class we have really loved carrying on with our story “What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday” 🐞

We are getting really good at remembering what happens in the story and we join in with the repeated phrases all by ourselves now. This week we have been on a ladybird hunt around our classroom as the weather had other plans for our forest visit this week! 🌧 We used our magnifying glasses to search for the ladybirds and collected them all before counting how many we had hiding in our classroom.

During our cooking session this week we made some sandwiches and made them into lions from our story by putting Doritos around the outside to resemble the lions mane 🦁 of course some of us needed to sample our cooking and enjoyed tasting our sandwiches afterwards.

We have been tasked with a very important task this week! Our very clever Oakwood children are taking part in Royal Mail’s stamp competition. We listened to our Prime Minister Boris Johnson who told us all about what our task was and we got to work designing some stamps for our Coronavirus Heroes. We are very pleased with the outcomes.

Each week we will be nominating a child from each class be the Satellite Superstars, this will be a different child each week and will be as a result of them doing something fantastic whilst at school. Every child will get the opportunity to be our Satellite Superstar and wear the very special cape and hat! This week our superstar is Samuel 🌟 for fantastic sharing with his friends. Well Done Samuel! 👍🏻 I wonder who will be our superstar next week?