Happy Easter 🐣 🐰

Happy Easter Hedgehogs! 🦔 🐣

We have had a fantastic last week of term this week with lots of Easter crafts, games, cooking and of course our wonderful Easter bonnet parade on Wednesday!

We have worked so hard over this last term and have dealt with all the changes that have been thrown our way. We are so very proud of how everyone has dealt with the changes and we are looking forward to a brighter and sunnier 🤞 summer term.

When we come back to school on Monday 19th April we will be starting our new topic “Hooray! Let’s Go On Holiday!” Which will provide us with lots of lovely sensory experiences to help us learn – we may not be able to holiday as normal this year but at school the children will learn all about travelling, going to the beach, camping and lots more!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter bunny visits all the wonderful Hedgehogs and their families.

Take care and stay safe 💙

The Easter Story 📚

This week we have been reading our Easter Story and have learnt about why we celebrate Easter. We read a short story before engaging in some Easter crafts. We were able to retain lots of information that we heard in the story which was fantastic!

We made some stained glass crosses for our classroom windows and they look really effective, especially now the sun is starting to shine more regularly. In our cooking session we made the dough to make hot cross buns, weighing and mixing all of the ingredients until we had formed a perfect dough. We then made them into buns and placed them on a baking tray. Rhian then brought out some perfect hot cross buns which we enjoyed tasting afterwards.

We are so pleased to see my sunshine this week! The weather is getting warmer and we have loved playing outside, playing games and exploring our pirate ship.

Next week is a short week as we finish on Thursday. We will be doing lots of lovely Easter crafts and egg hunts next week to finish off a very different, but lovely term.

Where’s My Teddy? 🧸

This week in Hedgehog Class we have been reading our story “Where’s My Teddy?” We listened to the rhyming phrases in the story and worked hard to guess where teddy was. In our groups we focussed on our “w” sound and spellings and we all showed brilliant participation.

In our maths sessions we have been looking at “big” and “small” linked to our story. We explored big bears and small bears and we were able to place them on the right symbol with some support from our adults. We did so well with this that we introduced “biggest” and “smallest” and compared our own heights to the teddy bears from the story. Well done Hedgehogs, we have worked so hard!

We also looked at old and new toys. We watched some videos of old toys and we were shocked as we had never seen toys quite like them (well the children hadn’t – the adults remember them well!) we then sorted the toys into “old” and “new” which was quite tricky but we tried really hard. Then came the best bit – play time! We were able to explore the different toys in the classroom and those we had used in our lesson.

On Thursday we had a teddy bears picnic! We each received a very special invitation to attend a special picnic with the teddy bears. We made our sandwiches in our cooking session and took them with us. We also had some delicious Pom bear crisps and Barney Bear cakes – we had a fantastic time!

We were really pleased that the rain stayed away and we were able to visit the forest this week – its a good job as our teddy bears were hiding there! We rescued all of the teddies and brought them safely back to class, phew! The forest looks much different from the last time we were able to visit and there are now no leaves at all! We did spot some new buds growing on the trees so we hope that they will be green again soon.

We had a fantastic time for Comic Relief today! We danced and made our own red noses and put them together to make a giant red nose!

We are almost at the end of the Spring Term and it is now time to start exploring our Easter activities. Next week we will start by reading the Easter story and carrying out some activities linked to the story.

Have a lovely weekend Hedgehogs! 🦔 💙

Welcome Back 👋🎉

Welcome back Hedgehogs 👋🦔

It has been so lovely to welcome you all back and see all your lovely faces this week! 😊 We have really missed being all together as a group and it has been fantastic to see friends reunited and join in with group activities.

This week we have been carrying on with our “Toy Story” activities. We have been reading the story “Toy Story – Welcome e to Andy’s Room and Beyond!” and we have loved exploring all the different rooms in the book, looking hard to see if we can find all of the characters on each page. We have spent time looking at the different characters from the story, can you guess which ones we have been looking at this week? I’ll give you a clue – you might need a rocket to take you to infinity and beyond! We have also enjoyed exploring activities linked to the Little Green Men and Forky. We got messy exploring our green slime and used our painted hands to make our own aliens.

It is a very special day on Sunday for our mummies! We have been busy making some lovely cards and crafts this week and the children loved making you these special things. They have all promised to be good and to bring you breakfast in bed!

Next week we will be looking for our class teddy as part of our new book “Where’s My Teddy?” We will be looking at “big” and “small”, touching upon some non standard units of measure as we return to our normal routines next week.

Book Week Fun! 📚

There’s a snake in my boot! 🐍 🥾

We have had a great week this week, celebrating World Book Day linked to one of our all time favourite stories “Toy Story”. We have been busy bees this week exploring the different characters from the story and all of the different films. We have made some fantastic aliens using our green paint and did you know? They have three eyes! 👀 we designed some new boots for Woody as he has a snake in his and we thought they needed jazzing up a bit.

On Monday we had a very special visitor at the satellite….Rex! 🦖 Rex went round the building and outside all of the classrooms, he was even on the grass at the front of the satellite dancing away! We loved seeing him and hope he comes back soon!

It was great to see everyone dressed up today and we had a fantastic end to our fun filled week! Well done everyone 👏 👏

We can’t wait to see you all next week, back together again to carry on with our Toy Story activities for one more week 💙

World Book Week Toy Story Style 📖

To Infinity and Beyond!

This week is our World Book Week and our theme this year is Toy Story. Our satellite has been transformed and we are ready to start our fun filled themed week and we can’t wait to get started!

Take a look below at some activity ideas that you can do at home to join in with our special week. On Friday, we will be dressing up as a school and we would love it if you could join in at home by getting your party clothes on and enjoying some singing and dancing 🕺

Story Time with Harry and his dinosaurs 🦕🦖 👦

At the beginning of the week we started by making some pancakes 🥞 we mixed our ingredients together and chose which toppings we wanted. We then used our frying pan to flip the pancakes in the air, seeing if we could catch them on their way down.

We have been carrying on with our story Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs this week and we have had a special delivery in class! A very special dinosaur egg was delivered and we have loved watching it to see if it hatches. We put it in some water in Harry’s bucket and we are patiently awaiting a hatch. Take a look at what we have been up to this week and don’t forget to send us some pictures of what you have been up to at home.

I have put a video of our story below for you to join in at home and we can’t wait to see you all soon.

Home Learning 🏡

Hello Hedgehogs 🦔

We hope you have had a lovely half term break and managed to do some lovely things with your families.

This week at school we will be continuing our Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs story. We will be reading the story and using our props to act out each part. We will also be looking at capacity this week and filling and emptying containers. You can get involved with this at home too. Get some tubs, bowls, pots and pans and fill them with different materials such as water, rice or pasta and practice pouring the contents from one to another. Are they full yet? What happens when all the contents are gone? Don’t forget to send us some pictures of your fantastic work so we can share them with all the other Hedgehogs 🦔👍🏻

Felix has been busy at home with his paints! He has painted a brilliant picture of Godzilla – take a look below!

Chinese New Year 🧧

This week we have loved celebrating Chinese New Year in class and we hope that you have been able to engage in some of our activities at home. We have made some beautiful dragon puppets and lanterns and of course we have tasted some lovely Chinese food. We practiced our fine motor skills using the chopsticks to explore the foods, trying to pick them up and bring them to our mouths. We’ve made some firework pictures and re-enacted the Big Race story about how the years are named. Who do you think won?

I hope you have enjoyed watching the Chinese New Year videos above and learnt some more about the celebrations.

Today we have been busy making some lovely things for our loved ones for Valentine’s Day. Remember it is important to be kind to those we love at all times but in the 14th February we can be extra kind.

We hope you have a fantastic half term and can’t wait to hear all about what you have been up to during the week. On Tuesday the 16th February it is Pancake Day so why not get involved in cooking the pancakes and of course eating them! Don’t forget to send us some pictures 📸

Take care everyone and stay safe 💙

We Wear Yellow 💛🍋🌻☀️

To celebrate Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week we wore yellow! We had a fantastic day at school completing lots of lovely yellow themed activities. We’ve made some bright sunshine’s and daffodils which definitely brought some happiness to our day! We hope you were able to join in with the fun at home as well.

Next week we are celebrating Chinese New Year. We will be learning all things lanterns, dragon puppets, dragon and lion dances and, of course, some Chinese food tasting. You can join in at home as well, how about watching some videos of some traditional lion and dragon dances and see if you can recreate them at home? This year is the Year of the Ox and in your learning packs there is an activity linked to this to make an ox puppet. There should also be a shape dragon activity in your packs for you to have a look at.

Don’t forget to send us some pictures in! Stay safe everyone 💙