Remote learning ☃️❄️

Hello Hedgehogs! 🦔
How are you all?
Have a look at the snow outside, it is very cold! ❄️
This is the view outside my house this morning! ❄️☃️

Here are some activity ideas for you and your families to choose from.
You could use some shaving foam to mark-make and write you name like we have been doing in class!

Here are some ideas for snack time! It is lovely to have some nice food when it is cold! 🍉🍌🍎

Here are some ideas for sensory play! Lots of you love getting messy especially with foam! 😄⭐️

Here is the link to our story for the term “Whatever Next”, you have been engaging in this story since September, and have even started to act it out, which is fantastic! Have a listen to the story! 📚⭐️ After you have read the story, have a look for 5 things that you would take to the moon with you! Please send your pictures into 🌟 and we will put them on our “Whatever Next” display!

Story link-

Christmas is soon approaching. ☃️✨🧤🎄Our classroom will be decorated with lots of tinsel soon! If you could have a think about what you would like Father Christmas to bring you that would be fantastic! Could parents please write this on the home diaries, and I will make an ALD for children to use at school so we can create letters to Father Christmas! 🎅🏻

Have a fantastic day Hedgehogs. Enjoy the snow and time with your families. ⭐️☃️Be safe, see you soon! ❄️💫🌟

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