Jungle adventure! ⭐️🦁

We have had a lovely week in Hedgehog class. 🦔 We have explored our topic of “animal kingdom”. We have been learning about the jungle.

We have loved our story “animal boogie” we have boogied our way through the week. ☺️ We use our animal boogie props to guess what animal is next. Well done Hedgehogs! ⭐️

We have enjoyed our phonics sessions, we are learning the letter and sound “S”. Tricky Troll showed us the sound bag, and we made some lovely art around the letter “S”. We have had lots of fun. ⭐️

We had lots of fun with our maths activity. We made a snake using squares. We did lots of counting. ☺️

We got very messy with paint this week! We have been creating the world for our animal kingdom display. I can’t wait to see all our lovely work up on display! Well done! 🎨🌟

What a lovely week we have had Hedgehogs, full of lots of fun. Have a lovely weekend! ⭐️

“Walking in the jungle walking in the jungle” 🎶🎵🐵🐘🦁

We have had a fantastic week in Hedgehog class! We have been exploring our topic “Animal Kingdom” first stop the jungle! 🦁🐵🐘 We have enjoyed singing along to “walking in the jungle” and “animal boogie”.

We have been very busy creating the animals from “animal boogie”. We will use these creations when reading and singing along to the story. We will show you our amazing animal boogie display very soon! 🦁🐵🐘🐻🐍

We have loved engaging in phonics sessions, we are learning about letter “S”. We have all sat beautifully for the session, and we have all completed some tracing of the letter “S”. We have even created art around the letter “S”. We have worked really hard. ⭐️

Well done Hedgehogs, we have had a fantastic week full of lots of fun. We are looking forward to another super week with you! 🦔⭐️

Welcome back Hedgehogs! 🦔⭐️

Wow, what a wonderful week we have had. It’s been very busy, full of lots of fun. We started our new topic “Animal Kingdom”, first we are learning about the jungle!

Our focus story is called “Animal Boogie” we have loved singing along and dancing to this story! 🐵🐻🐆🐘🦜🐍

Here are some pictures of us making some jungle art! We got very messy, but had lots of fun and giggles! ☺️It is lovely to paint together! ⭐️

Hedgehogs have enjoyed playing outside on the pirate ship! It is lovely to see you playing games together! ⭐️

Hedgehogs had amen amazing swimming session on Tuesday, it was so much fun. Hedgehogs enjoyed pouring water over Ellen and Emily! They made lots of splashes. ☺️💦🐬

On Friday, Hedgehogs engaged in “Fine Motor Friday”. We had lots of fun and participated in activities that strengthen our fine motor skills. We played with play dough, used tweezers and did some threading too. Well done Hedgehogs you were brilliant! ⭐️😁

Well done Hedgehogs, what a fantastic week we had. Have a lovely weekend, we will see you on Monday! ⭐️🦔