An amazing week! ☺️⭐️

Hello everyone!

We have had such a wonderful week back! Its been full of lots of fun, giggles and beautiful smiles! 😁

We missed eachother in Hedgehog Class over the break. Look at these incredible pictures of Luke and Jacob having a big hug! Luke and Jacob have created a lovely friendship this week! This moment was magical and such a celebration! ☺️⭐️

We have started our new topic ”Flowers and Insects”. We have loved it! Our story song is ”Rooftop Garden”. 🌸🌻🌼🌹🌺🌷 Here are some pictures of what we have created this week! ☺️

We planted some sunflower seeds! We cant wait to watch them grow. We will make sure we look after them! ☺️🌻

Seth helped Jo collect some blossom for our tuff tray activities! Seth loved shaking it off the trees! Look at these lovely photos! 🌸☺️

We have had lots of fun in our gardening tuff trays, we love exploring these. 🌻

We have loved our story time! We have listened to the story ”Rooftop garden”. We love singing along and playing our musical instruments. ☺️

Here is Alfie playing the musical instruments beautifully. Super singing Alfie! 🎹🎶☺️

Here is Jacob modelling his flower sunglasses! Wow Jacob! 🌼😁

We love “Fine Motor” Friday! We engaged in Dough Disco, we all love this! ☺️⭐️

We have made lots of beautiful flowers for our classroom! Take a look at us enjoying our art activities! ☺️

On Friday we had our ”Golden Time”, we have worked so hard this week. We played with sensory lights and had some I-Pad time! ☺️

Well done everyone, what a fantastic week. Have a lovely weekend! ☀️

Easter fun! ☺️🐣🐰

Wow! What a lovely week we have had. It has been full of Easter craft!

We finished our ”animal kingdom” topic, and created some under the sea art! We have enjoyed this topic and we have done lots of beautiful singing! Well done everyone!

We made some delicious Easter nest cakes! How yummy! 🧁🐥🐣 We love baking in Hedgehog Class! ☺️

Look at all our wonderful art work! We made some beautiful Easter bunnies! Look at our fantastic drawing skills, very creative! ⭐️

We loved our Easter craft this week, it was so much fun. We are very proud of our creations! 🐣🐰🐥⭐️

We made some Easter cards for our lovely families! We hope you like them! 🐰🐣🐥☺️

We played a lovely Easter game together! It was so lovely to see everyone getting involved! ☺️⭐️

We made some beautiful easter hats, we used lots of lovely craft materials, we are so impressed with all our creations. ☺️⭐️

What a wonderful term we have had in Hedgehog Class. We have had so many amazing achievements , we are so excited to see what our new half term brings! We are so proud of you all Hedgehogs! ⭐️✨🌟💫

We would like to wish all our children and their families a very Happy Easter. Have lots of fun! We are looking forward to welcoming you back after the Easter break.

Happy Easter! 🐥🐰🐣

Under the sea 🎶🐬🌊🐠

We have had a fantastic week. We have dived into the under the sea world! 🌊 We have had lots of fun.
Our story is ”A hole in the bottom of the sea”. We have been singing along and playing the musical instruments. 🎶🎹🥁

We made some beautiful under the sea art this week. We are loving this part of the animal kingdom! ☺️

Luke and his Mummy have been busy making some lovely cupcakes for autism awareness. Thank you so much! Hedgehogs loved eating the beautiful cupcakes. 🧁

We explored fruits this week, we made a fruit octopus! We enjoyed exploring the different textures and tastes! 🐙🍐🍌

On Friday we celebrated Holi the festival of colour. We had face painting, we decorated biscuits with lots of yummy colourful treats. We also made a colour wheel! 🌈

We went fishing we found lots of different sea creatures. We love water play! 🌊🐬

We enjoyed our mark making session! We celebrated our pencil control skills which are really improving! Well done everyone. ⭐️

We had a lovely time on our adventure to the forest, we love exploring nature. ☺️

We have started to prepare for Easter! Look at our beautiful art work! ⭐️🐣

Our super star this week is Lukiee! Well done Lukiee! We are so proud of you. ☺️

Well done Hedgehogs, what a wonderful week we have had! We are so proud of you all. ⭐️☺️