Happy Graduation Hedgehogs! 🎉

Wow Hedgehogs, I can’t believe our academic year has finished, I am so proud of all of you, you are all amazing! ☺️ It has been beautiful to see you grow, we have had an incredible year.

We had a special graduation party and photo shoot in our classroom! Look at all our special pictures! ☺️🎉

Here are some group photos! ☺️

We enjoyed having a party! We listened to some party songs and ate lots of yummy food! 🎉

We also celebrated two birthdays! We hope you had a great time! 🎉🥳🎁🎈🎊

We had a lovely session with Bev! We had a sensory train ride, it was amazing and we all had so much fun! Take a look at all our happy faces! 😁

Well done Hedgehogs, what a wonderful year we have had. You are all amazing and we are so proud of you all. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach you, I am very lucky to be working with you! ☺️It has been a very special journey with you all, you have all reached for the stars and have grown to be the best version of yourselves. Thank you to all the amazing parents for all the support and kindness you have shown. Congratulations to the class of 2021-2022, have a fantastic summer. ☀️

Farmers for a day! 🧑‍🌾👩‍🌾🐰🐔🐮🐷🐴

It has been very warm this week! We were very lucky to have the ice cream van pop by! Look at all our happy faces with our ice creams! What a treat! 🍦⭐️

We have had a wonderful week in Hedgehog Class. We had lots of fun activities! We made some butterfly snacks and we did some apple printing! ☺️

We had the most amazing time at the farm! We are so proud of everyone for doing so well on our trip. It was a very special experience that we loved sharing with you all. ☺️ We met lots of lovely animals! We even met a piglet who was born a few days ago. 🐷 Thank you Hedgehog Class for such a special and exciting day! ☀️😁

Wow! What an incredible trip we had, it was a pleasure to take you all to the farm! Well done Hedgehogs! We are so very proud of you all! ⭐️

A fantastic week! ⭐️

We have had a super week in Hedgehog Class, we have had lots of fun and made some incredible acheivements! ☺️⭐️

Alfie and Seth had a lovely moment together, they held hands and were laughing with eachother, it has been amazing to see their friendship blossom this week! ☺️⭐️

We had fun in our cooking session this week! We made ladybirds with tomatoes, googly eyes, cheese spread, crackers and black icing! We all had lots of fun. ☺️🧑‍🍳

We made some amazing caterpillar art with cupcake cases! We completed some lovely mark-making too! ☺️✏️

We had a fantastic time exploring the forest! It was a lovely sunny day too! Take a look at these beautiful pictures of us having lots of fun! What an adventure we had! 🦔☀️

We have enjoyed learning about insects this week, we are getting very good at naming different insects which is fantastic! Here are some pictures of our activities this week! Everyone enjoyed the food tuff tray! 🙈😁

Jacob did a fantastic job and volunteered himself to tidy up the bookcase! Ellen said “thank you” to Jacob and he replied ”you’re welcome”, super talking Jacob. We are so proud of you. 😁

On Friday we had our very special well-being day. It was a fantastic day, we had the opportunity to explore a different playground which we enjoyed very much! 😁 Here are some pictures of us having the best time! ☀️🎉

We enjoyed ”Fine Motor Friday”, our skills are progressing very well! ⭐️

We also had some ”Golden Time” this week! ⭐️ We used our music choosing book to choose what song we would like on the board. We were very good at turn-taking and had lots of fun dancing and singing to our favourite songs! 🎶🎵

What a wonderful week we have had! Look back next week for more adventures! Well done Hedgehogs, we are so proud of you all. ⭐️
Next week we have our trip to the farm! We are so excited! ☺️🐷🐴🐔🐮🚜🐰👩‍🌾🧑‍🌾

Happy Hedgehogs 🦔⭐️

We have had a fantastic week in Hedgehogs! It has been full of so much fun and happiness!

We have continued to explore our topic of ”Insects”, we have enjoyed story time and we have loved exploring tuff trays. Take a look at us enjoying our topic and activities. ☺️

We absolutely loved our sports day, we had so much fun. It was amazing to see our lovely families. Thank you so much for coming ☺️ It was very special day to share with our incredible families, look at all our beautiful photos! ⭐️

Well done Hedgehogs! We have had lots of fun this week. Have a lovely weekend, we can’t wait to see you next week for more adventures and fun! ⭐️🎉

A super week! ☺️⭐️

What a wonderful week we have had! We have had lots of amazing moments this week.
We have enjoyed playing in the sand this week. We built some lovely sandcastles, and we enjoyed exploring! ☺️🏖☀️

Jacob enjoyed his speech and language session, he did lots of beautiful talking! ☺️

We had an adventure in the forest, it was so much fun! It was lovely to see everyone exploring nature!

We have loved making insect crafts this week! Look at all our amazing pictures of us working hard! ☺️⭐️

Our super star this week is Luke, for always working hard and for being kind. ☺️⭐️ Well donr Luke! We are so proud of you! 😁

Fun in the sun! ☺️☀️🍦

We have had a fantastic week in Hedgehogs!

We explored our topic of ”Insects” and we made some beautiful butterflies. 🦋 We all worked very hard! What a great team we are. ☺️

We have enjoyed our new story song ”Creepy Crawly Calpso”, we loved playing our instruments! 🎶🎵🎹🎸🥁

We had so much fun on the playground this week, we enjoyed the sun, but we made sure we had suncream on! ☀️ We played with Squirrels Class which was lovely, to meet some new friends! ☺️

We enjoyed our new bubble machine! It was so much fun! 🫧

We went swimming! We had a fantastic time, we made lots of splashes! We have made so much progress with our swimming skills! ☺️

We had a lovely time caring for our baby dolls, we were so gentle and caring to our dolls it was amazing to see so much compassion and kindness. ☺️

We made some wonderful gifts for Father’s Day, to say thank you to the special men in our lives. We made some lovely cards and rainbow cookies! ☺️🎁🍪

We had lots of fun outside this week playing in the sand and water tray. We had a lovely time together and showed some good sharing skills. ☺️⭐️

We had lots of summer fun! We had ice lollies and ice creams which were very yummy! 🍦☀️ Look at us having fun in the sun! ☺️

Well done Hedgehogs, another fantastic week. We are so proud of you all. Have a lovely weekend! ☺️☀️

A super week for Hedgehogs 🦔⭐️

Well done Hedgehogs, what a wonderful 3 days we had! Our 3 days were packed full of fun!

We have started our new story ”Creepy Crawly Calypso”, as we are now learning about insects! 🐛🐝🦋🐞🪲 Here are some lovely pictures of us enjoying our story time! ☺️

We made some beautiful butterfly art! Everyone tried very hard and created amazing pieces of work! ☺️

We had so much fun playing with the sand outside, we built sandcastles! ☺️ Jacob and Seth worked very well together and made friends with one another which was lovely to see! Well done! ☺️

We continued our jubilee celerations! Look at all our amazing photos. We know how to party in Hedgehog class! 🥳🎉🎊

We had a very special visit from the Queen! Seth greeted the Queen and did some beautiful talking and Hiba learnt how to curtsy! 👑

Take a look at all our wonderful photos of us celebrating! ☺️ We had lots of fun! We had a tea party, made jam sandwhiches, had a visit from the Queen and we also decorated a cake for Oakwood’s competition! 🎉👑🎉

Well done Hedgehogs, what a fantastic week we have had! ☺️🦔

Happy Royal Jubiliee love from Hedgehogs 🎊🎉🦔

Wow, what a wonderful week we have had. We all had a fantastic time together. ☺️

We began to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee this week. We have created some amazing art to celebrate. We made some crowns too. We have engaged with a jubilee song and have been waving our flags and singing along! We will be continuing our celebrations after half term! 🇬🇧👑

We have enjoyed our time on the playground this week and we especially enjoyed the sun on Friday! We rode our bikes and scooters, were are getting very good at this! Hiba did some lovely dancing to the songs that were played at playtime. Super dancing Hiba! ⭐️

We have had lots of fun caring for our plants! We have made sure we have watered them and have placed them in the sun. We have been very caring towards our plants. We made grass hedgehogs and caterpillars which are fantastic! ⭐️ We hope you enjoy your plants at home! 🦔🐛🪴🌻

We enjoyed our cinema experience on Thursday! We are using ALD’s to communicate which is wonderful! ☺️⭐️

We have loved our phonics session, this half term we have been learning about the letter ”t”, tricky troll showed us his sound bag and we are all engaging beautifully!

Here is our flower display, look at all our hard work! ☺️ Next half term we will be learning about insects! We can’t wait to add to our display!

Well done Hedgehogs! What an incredible time we have had. We are so proud of you all! ☺️⭐️ Have a lovely holiday, and we cant wait to welcome you back to school after the break. ☀️

Happy Hedgehogs 🦔☺️

What a lovely week we had in Hedgehogs! We had lots of fun and engaged in lots of activities! ☺️

We have been enjoying our topic of ”flowers” we have been exploring lots of beautiful flowers. 🌸🌼

We went swimming on Tuesday. We had an amazing time! We love our swimming sessions! Our swimming skills and water confidence are improving each week! 🌊🐬🐠

We enjoyed our fruit activity this week! We explored strawberries! We practiced our cutting skills and explored the textures. 🍓

We have been busy making decorations for Oakwood’s 50th birthday! We are so excited to celebrate 50 years of our wonderful school. Look at our lovely display, there is lots more to come! 🎉🥳🎊🎈🎁

We enjoyed our fine motor Friday! We have been practicing lots of different skills. We are making lots of progress! ☺️⭐️

Our super star this week is Matilda for being very creative! Well done Matilda! We are so proud of you. ☺️⭐️

Happiness in Hedgehogs ☺️

We have had a fantastic week in Hedgehogs. We are loving our topic of flowers! ☺️🌸🌼

Look at our beautiful pictures of our story time! 📚🌸

We have made some beautiful flower creations this week! We are so proud of our amazing work! We will put in on our displays to celebrate our hard work. ⭐️

We had a wonderful time swimming! We were so excited to go we had lots of happy faces! 😁

We had lots of fun in our fruit activity! We explored oranges, raisins, apples, blueberries and pineapple! 🍎🍍🫐

Alfie painted us a lovely hedgehog for our classroom. He wanted a yellow hedgehog! ☀️🦔

Here are some lovely photos of us enjoying our flower resources. 🌸🌼🌷🌻

On Thursday we had an amazing cinema experience in the classroom! We made sure we had our tickets ready to watch the film. We used ALD boards to request popcorn, fruit and drinks! We had a wonderful time and enjoyed watching a film together. ☺️🎬🎥🍿

We enjoyed our playdough activity, look at us all sharing beautifully and sitting together! How wonderful! Well done Hedgehogs. ☺️⭐️

Well done Hedgehogs! What an incredible week we have had. We are so proud of all your achievements! Keep reaching for the stars! ⭐️✨💫

Have a lovely weekend! ☺️