Remote learning ☃️❄️

Hello Hedgehogs! 🦔
How are you all?
Have a look at the snow outside, it is very cold! ❄️
This is the view outside my house this morning! ❄️☃️

Here are some activity ideas for you and your families to choose from.
You could use some shaving foam to mark-make and write you name like we have been doing in class!

Here are some ideas for snack time! It is lovely to have some nice food when it is cold! 🍉🍌🍎

Here are some ideas for sensory play! Lots of you love getting messy especially with foam! 😄⭐️

Here is the link to our story for the term “Whatever Next”, you have been engaging in this story since September, and have even started to act it out, which is fantastic! Have a listen to the story! 📚⭐️ After you have read the story, have a look for 5 things that you would take to the moon with you! Please send your pictures into 🌟 and we will put them on our “Whatever Next” display!

Story link-

Christmas is soon approaching. ☃️✨🧤🎄Our classroom will be decorated with lots of tinsel soon! If you could have a think about what you would like Father Christmas to bring you that would be fantastic! Could parents please write this on the home diaries, and I will make an ALD for children to use at school so we can create letters to Father Christmas! 🎅🏻

Have a fantastic day Hedgehogs. Enjoy the snow and time with your families. ⭐️☃️Be safe, see you soon! ❄️💫🌟

A fantastic week in Hedgehog Class! 🦔☺️

Wow, what a super week we have had. Hedgehogs amazed us with so many achievements this week. We are so proud of you all! 😊

We had an adventure in the forest on Tuesday. We climbed trees and got lots of exercise! We love getting our wellies on and going to the forest. Hedgehogs have enjoyed the fresh air and they love exploring outside. 🌳🍄🍁

We had lots of fun making an astronaut in Hedgehog class! We worked as a team to create the astronaut. Next week we are going to decorate it and add lots of glitter! Hedgehogs have enjoyed our topic of “Earth, Space, Day and Night”. We have been listening to the planet song. We are fantastic at singing about our planets! 🪐💫🌎 We also made some beautiful glitter stars! 🌟

Our super star this week is Matilda! Matilda has grown in confidence and always tries her best, she has been doing lots of lovely talking, which is amazing. ☺️ Well done Matilda. We are so proud of you. ⭐️💫✨🌟

Hedgehogs update 🦔☺️

Hedgehogs had a lovely week, full of lots of fun. Hedgehogs engaged in our story for the term “Whatever Next”. We had so much fun acting the story out! 💫

On Tuesday we had a fantastic adventure in the forest. We explored the environment, and found lots of interesting leaves. We even found some insects! 🐞🕷🐛Hedgehogs had so much fun exploring, and did some lovely talking! Well done Hedgehogs, we can’t wait to go back to the forest with you. ☺️😁

Last week we celebrated “Children in Need Day”. 🐻⭐️Thank you for all your donations! 💫

Webmade a beautiful Pudsey Bear as a team. It looks amazing and we have put in on display in our classroom! Here are some pictures of us creating our Pudsey Bear master piece! ⭐️

On Friday we had a teddy bears picnic. It was so fun! 😁 We made our own jam sandwiches, all by ourselves! 🍓Hedgehogs showed lots of independence when making their sandwiches which is fantastic! ⭐️ We are so proud of you Hedgehogs! 🦔⭐️

We showed off our amazing fine motor skills, in a Pudsey Bear themed activity. We used our fine motor skills to pick up the pom poms. We did lots of lovely counting too! ⭐️

We enjoyed our Pudsey activities. Here are some photos of our activities! We had lots of fun. ⭐️☺️💫

We also made some Pudsey Bear head bands! 🐻💫

We had a fantastic week in Hedgehog class! We are so proud of you all. ⭐️ Well done Hedgehogs! ☺️⭐️

Here is a photo of our beautiful poppy display that we created as a team. ❤️

Our super star this week is Alfie. Alfie has been using his social story very well. Well done Alfie we are very proud of you! 💫🌟

A lovely week for Hedgehogs! ☺️🦔

We have had a lovely week full of fun. Well done Hedgehogs. You’re all amazing.

We learnt about Remembrance Day. We made a big beautiful poppy to remember all the soldiers that fought in the war.

At 11 o’clock, on the 11th day, of the 11th Month, we placed the beautiful poppies together that we had made.

We created some lovely poppies, we are so proud of them. We have made a beautiful display in our classroom, so that we can remember all those that helped in the war.

We had so much fun with spaghetti, we made a purple poppy, to remember the animals that helped in the war.

We had a fantastic time in the forest this week. It was very fun, we explored everywhere, and climbed lots of trees! 🌳🍁

After we went to the forest, we made wands with the leaves we collected. We really enjoyed this and used our fine motor skills! 🍁🍂

Our Superstar this week is Hiba! Hiba has been doing lots of lovely talking and asking for help. Well done Hiba! ⭐️🦔

A wonderful week for Hedgehogs! 🦔🍁

We had a fantastic week full of fun! 😁

We had an amazing adventure in the forest, it was beautiful. We climbed trees, played in the mud kitchen and found lots of interesting leaves and twigs. We had so much fun, there was lots of lovely smiles on everyone’s faces. We can wait to go back for more adventures! 🌲🌳🍁

We also learnt about Diwali on Thursday, the festival of light! We made some beautiful candles, we made some lovely Diwali Mehndi patterns. We had a great time. ✨

We had a fantastic time doing messy play with spaghetti! It was so funny! Hedgehogs used their fine motor skills to twirl the spaghetti round their fingers! Well done! ⭐️☺️

On Friday we made some firework art! We are so proud of our work, it looks amazing and it has been put up on display for everyone to see. 😁🎆🎇

Well done Hedgehogs. We are so proud of you all. Super work ☺️⭐️

Pumpkin Party and Walkathon! 🍁🍂🦔🎉

We had a fantastic week full of fun! 😁

We did our walkathon in fancy dress! Everyone walked beautifully. ☺️ Thank you for your sponsor money! What a lovely autumn walk we had.🍂🍁

We had a wonderful pumpkin party! We had so much fun. Hedgehogs certainly know how to party! 🦔😁 Everyone had some lovely fancy dress costumes!

We loved messy play with jelly! It was so much fun, we got the jelly everywhere! Oops 😁

Trick or treat! We had a lovely time searching for treats around the classroom! Hedgehogs were encouraged to communicate using verbalisations or signing. Everyone did a fantastic job! We heard lots of lovely words and witnessed beautiful signing of “thank you” and “please”. We are so proud of you Hedgehogs! 🦔😁

We had an Oakwood pumpkin competition! We made our pumpkin into a bat! 😁 We are so proud! ⭐️

To finish of our fantastic pumpkin party we decorated ginger biscuits and made some yummy cakes! Hedgehogs had a great time, what a lovely way to end our half-term! Happy half-term everyone, have lots of fun. 😁 We are excited for a new term with you. ☺️⭐️🦔 You are all super stars! ⭐️

Next term we are going to our onsite forest! How exciting! 🦔🍂🌲🌳🍁This will be every Tuesday, instead of swimming. Please bring a warm coat and suitable foot wear. 🥾🧣🧤We can’t wait to go on an adventure with you! We will begin this on Tuesday 2nd November. 😁

Hedgehog’s update 🦔🍁

We had a lovely week in Hedgehogs class. We did lots of space and autumn activities!

We celebrated Harvest festival! We had a lovely music session with Bev and we sang some songs beautifully! We played the musical instruments and made lots of noise! 😁

We also did some apple printing, to celebrate Harvest festival. We made a beautiful garland to hang up in the classroom. 🍎

We also explored different foods such as mushrooms, limes, apples and onions. We touched and smelt them and the painted with them. The onions were smelly! 🧅😁

We are amazing at writing in Hedgehog Class! Everyone tried their best, which is amazing. Super fine motor skills everyone! ✏️⭐️

We have been learning about space! We made some funny alien headbands! We looked in the mirror and we giggled! 😁

Well done Hedgehogs! 🦔
On Friday 22nd October, we have a Pumpkin Party! We are so excited!
Children are welcome to wear fancy dress or whatever they feel comfortable in. ☺️
We are also doing our Walkathon on Friday! Thank you so much for all your sponsor money. Hedgehogs are going to do a fantastic Walkathon! 🍁😁⭐️

Wow Hedgehogs! What a fantastic week! 🦔⭐️

We certainly blasted off into space this week! We made astronauts! We used lots of glitter and got very messy! Well done everyone! 🪐⭐️💫✨🌙

We also did some painting with broccoli! We made some beautiful autumn trees. 🍂🍁

We used our fine motor skills to paint hedgehogs with forks! We learnt how to hold our forks correctly. Super work Hedgehogs! 🦔⭐️

Well done Hedgehogs! 🦔We are so proud of you all for doing fantastic work! You reached for the stars, and showed us how amazing you all are. What a super week Hedgehogs! ⭐️ Have a fantastic weekend! ☺️

A super week for Hedgehogs! 🦔☺️

Hedgehogs have had a wonderful week. We are so proud of you all.
We had our last week on Elmer the elephant before we go onto our new topic, which is “Earth, Space, Day and Night”. 🌍🪐⭐️☄️🌙🌞We are so excited to learn about space, we will blast off into space and reach for the stars! 💫⭐️✨

Today we had a lovely day decorating cakes for Macmillan. I think we have a chance in the Great British Bake Off, we made a beautiful cake. 🍰🧁🎂 Well done Hedgehogs we are excited to welcome you back on Monday for another fantastic week! 🦔☺️

Happy Hedgehogs! 🦔⭐️

This week we have done lots of activities!
Hedgehogs are brilliant artists!

We made mirror’s and decorated them beautifully with lots of sequins! Hedgehogs used their amazing fine motor skills to pick up the sequins! Hedgehogs have been looking in mirrors to develop their self awareness. Well done! 🦔✨

Hedgehogs made a beautiful rainbow that we are going to put up in our classroom. Great team work!🦔🤚🏻

This week, Hedgehogs have been learning about recycling and how we can look after our wonderful planet! 🌏♻️ Hedgehogs enjoyed the sensation of paint on their feet! 🦶We had lots of giggles! 😁

We have been listening to the story of Elmer, Hedgehogs have made some beautiful Elmer art. Hedgehogs learnt about shapes too! Super maths skills! 🟦🟣🔺 Elmer teaches us that we are all unique ⭐️☺️, we have loved learning about Elmer.

Well done Hedgehogs what a wonderful week we have had. 😁