26th – 30th June

We practised turn-taking by watching each other come up to the front and walk along the golden sand! We waited for our turn when our name was called and enjoyed seeing how shiny it was!

19th – 23rd June

We had a busy day on Thursday as we went swimming, had our school photographs taken and then finished the day with a fun bouncy castle!

We have had lots of sensory experiences this week, including water when the weather has been hot!

We have sun cream in school but if you would like us to use yours from home, please send it in 🙂

Next week, we will be revisiting all the letters that we have learned so far: m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p. We’ll be mark-making in different materials and identifying the sounds.

12th – 16th June

We have continued to practise floating using different equipment in the pool. We are all building up our confidence when swimming!

We learned a new song in music about sandcastles on the beach. It had boats on the water, and seagulls and clouds in the sky. Bubbles represented the clouds and we loved popping them! We had a go at using instruments to join in.

5th – 9th June

Some of us have been practising our cutting skills using scissors. We have different types of scissors in school to support us! We will continue practising closing them with paper in between.

This half term, we will go swimming on Thursday mornings. This week, we had equipment in the pool to play with. We’ve been practising floating and using our arms and legs to move around.

Next week, we will learn about what to take to the seaside. We will focus on the Makaton sign ‘sun’.

22nd-26th May

We chose our favourite colours to paint half of a paper plate. We stuck eyes in the middle and then glued strips of tissue paper on with a glue stick to create… a jellyfish!

We have experienced lots of different seaside-related sensory tuff trays including play dough, water and sand. We have been developing our fine motor skills by practicing different movements such as squeezing, pouring, and mark-making.

15th-19th May

We have had lots of opportunities to get creative! We have painted using different brushes and sponges and we have also practiced gluing and sticking to develop our fine motor skills.

We have been looking after a flower pot at school. We have taken out the weeds, planted new flowers and watered them!

1st – 5th May 👑

We took part in a range of activities to celebrate the King’s coronation including: making crown collages and hand prints, creating blue, white and red paper chains and beating a drum to the rhythm in our music lesson!

We enjoyed our party food and listened to music while wearing crowns!

We all helped to decorate a cake for the cake competition by each putting a flag on it. We also explored a new outdoor area at school with a trampoline and bubbles!

24th – 28th April

We went on a treasure hunt around the school! We started with clue number 1 and made a note of the letter on it. Then, the picture told us where the next clue would be. At the end, all the clues spelt ‘King Charles’. We found the envelope with the prize inside in the sensory room!

We were shown a picture of King Charles during bucket time and found out that he likes gardening and nature. We each planted a sunflower seed and will see how much they grow!

On Friday, we wore green to celebrate our environment week! We had music in the hall where we explored the sounds that some of our junk percussion made. We made sounds through tubes and followed a beat by drumming different materials.

17th – 21st April

Our new topic is ‘Oh I do like tone beside the seaside’. We each made a seaside collage using sand! We practised spreading the glue with a glue stick and feeling the different materials.

This week, we’ve enjoyed bubbles on the playground and water play in the classroom. We have listened to the story ‘Peppa at the beach’ and ‘The snail and the whale’ to link to our new topic.

We are beginning to identify the sounds for the first Read Write Inc. letters (m a s d t i n).