Week 5 in Kingfishers! 🍂☔️❄️🌨

Welcome back to another week in Kingfishers, we have had a very busy week doing lots of craft activities.

We had a great time using Amanda’s trampoline this week. The children loved sharing it and took turns with each other so everyone had their own bounce. The children loved singing 5 little monkey’s as they jumped, it really made the children tired after using up all their extra energy.

We have also enjoyed lots of sensory play and crafts. Jeremiah danced with his mom’s scarf and he enjoyed watching videos of him singing and dancing.

In cooking we did one of our favourite snacks 😋😋 We melted milk and white chocolate and spread it on pancakes and enjoyed them for our afternoon snack! It was a lovely treat and we enjoyed it so much!

Next week I have planned so many exciting craft activities for the children to complete. Don’t forget we have our Christmas Jumper day on Friday 10th December and we are having our school dinner too so it will be a really festive Friday! 🎄🎅❄️☃️

Take care everyone! 😁

Monday 29th November- Home Learning! ❄️❄️❄️❄️

Good morning Kingfishers, I hope you are all ok and have enjoyed a weekend playing in the snow! I would love you to email me any pictures of you playing in and exploring the snow for our class display!

On a Monday we usually have a Phonics lesson, PE and then we access the sensory room together whilst the other children have time making free choice in the classroom. I am going to share our Phonics sound for the day for you to practise, some super fun PE videos for you to dance along to at home and some sensory activities you could try replicating at home.

Phonics- Daily Sound ‘k’

The Phonics scheme we use is called ‘Story Time Phonics’ and the lady reads us a story linked to our daily sound called ‘Do You Like Ketchup on Your Cornflakes?’, this story makes us laugh in class and we always like to watch a song we know that is very similar. We hope you enjoy watching it at home, do you like broccoli ice cream?

PE- Let’s Get Moving!

We know being out in the snow will make you cold, so join in with these videos for you to warm your bodies up and get that blood flowing!

Our warm up song today is one of our favourite songs ‘Dance Monkey’. Follow along with the dance actions!

Now your bodies are nice and warm, lets go into doing some ‘Jump Start Johnny’. We listen to these each week and even the staff join in with the actions.

Now you are all warm, we are going to do our cool down. Turn all the lights off, if you have bubbles we blow bubbles for the children and they enjoy this whilst listening to some calm music!

Sensory Play ideas

I have found lots of fun and engaging sensory play activities online that use minimal resources! The first image all you need is a tray/ washing up bowl/ mixing bowl, lots of kitchen utensils and food colouring/paint. Let the children explore painting the snow, mixing it, and even touching it with their hands!

Depending on how much snow you have in your garden you could even go out and paint that! Putting water, food colouring or paint in a spray bottle is also a good exercise for children who want to see different patterns in the snow.

If the snow is too cold, or sparse by you, I have found a recipe of how to make your very own DIY snow. I will attach the images now, the children may enjoy manipulating the snow into different shapes. You could also use the kitchen utensils, ice cube trays, cups, cookie cutters to help make different shapes!

Finally, I hope you enjoy the time today with your children enjoying these activities and exploring the different things we do on our Mondays! Please don’t forget to email me pictures of the children doing their home learning, or even of anything extra they have been doing! Have a lovely day ☃️☃️❄️❄️🛷❄️

Week 3 in Kingfishers ☺️

This week our very own Christmas elf has visited (Sue) and started decorating our classroom for Christmas. The children really love our very festive reading corner, and Kyle even said ‘wow! Magic!’ When Sue turned on the fairy lights on the tree. We can’t wait to continue decorating our classroom for the festive period!

We also spent time celebrating BBC children in need on Friday and we had time making jam sandwiches and decorating cakes to make them spotty like Pudsey! The children reallly enjoyed watching a children in need song from 2009 and we looked to see if we could see our favourite tv characters!

We spent some time this week exploring new problem solving activities and the activities helped us identify different sizes, colours and name the fruit too. The children really enjoyed taking part in these activities and many of them were able to show off their independence skills and do them alone.

Week 2 in Kingfishers ☺️

We have had a great, creative week in Kingfishers this week. We have loved celebrating Remembrance Day together doing lots of crafts. We made poppies for our window, paper plate poppies for the whole school display and enjoyed some sensory activities with our shaving foam poppy! The children have really enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day and we even tried to have a 2 minute silence!

The children loved the sensory play, William and Kyle played alongside each other laughing so much at their game. William laughed so much he even fell off his chair! 😂 It was lovely to see the children playing together with the game they made!

This week has also been really exciting for us because we have been able to start back with our swimming sessions 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏊 the children absolutely loved going swimming again and we had lots of smiles and laughter through our session. Well done kingfishers, I’m so proud of you all!

Finally our star of the week was Jeremiah for fantastic listening at swimming this week! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Welcome back to school!

Welcome back to school Kingfishers! We really have had the best few days settling back into school. The children have all come back really happily and settled back into routine quickly. For our very first ‘Oakwood Superstar’ we chose Casey-Jo!⭐️⭐️ She is always ready to work, and is a great role model to others so well done from all of us Casey-Jo!

For our lessons this week we have had a great time enjoying activities linked to Diwali. Firstly we used different coloured shapes to make rangoli patterns on plates, the children enjoyed looking at the shapes and identifying them and their colour too!

In our celebrations topic we have also watched videos about bonfire night, we were inspired by this and created our own firework pictures. They looked amazing and the children loved this activity as they could do it independently and were able to choose the glitter the put on their fireworks. We also had sensory play making fireworks with powder paint and shaving foam, and even edible fireworks with sprinkles, jelly and whipped cream! Yum yum 😋😋

Bev also joined us on Thursday and we learnt songs about bonfire night, we used our instruments to make different sounds and create our own firework sound.

And finally we finished our busy week making some flapjacks, this was so much fun stirring together all the ingredients and we shared it at snack time together! The children love sampling their own cooking!😋😋

Happy half term! 🎃🍂🎇🎆

Happy half term Kingfishers! We have had such a lovely week this week, celebrating lots of events happening in school. On Thursday we had our very special ‘Pumpkin Party’ and ‘Walk-a-thon’. The children really enjoyed having an opportunity to show off their best outfits and spooky faces!

We shared all the party food and did lots of dancing in the classroom. It really was lots of fun, and something that sent all the children home with big smiles on their faces 😁 before our party we prepared our pumpkin treats, make spooky ghost handprint pictures and decorated our class pumpkin!

We did extra cooking this week, decorating some biscuits and sharing them at snack time. We love snack time in Kingfishers, and the children love the opportunity to sit alongside the staff and their friends and talk about what we have been learning, things they have been doing in their free time and share some jokes and fun! 😁

We hope you enjoyed looking at everything we have done this week. It has been such a lovely half term for us all getting to know each other, settling into our classroom and getting to know our daily routines. Thank you all for your support too, helping us work together to have the best first half term! Enjoy your week at home Kingfishers ☺️⭐️

Week 6 in Kingfishers 😊

Wow! What a fun week we have had. We have enjoyed cooking with Pam again, this week we had pancakes with melted chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream. It really was a lovely treat for us.

We have also been playing along with Bev in our music sessions, we signed the song ‘Thank you God for the Harvest’ all together for our Harvest assembly.

During the week we have done lots of art activities linked to spooky pumpkins, we thought you would like to see the pumpkins we have made in class. We even tried to do our best spooky, scary face for our picture!

we hope you enjoyed following our fun filled week, next Thursday we will be completing our walkathon so please send your child in dressed up on that day! Have a restful weekend Kingfishers! 😁

Week 5 in Kingfishers ⭐️

We have had such a lovely week together this week! We made pizza bowls with Pam.

We also went to the forest to collect leaves, we then made these into autumn butterflies which will be displayed in class.

In computing we got the remote control cars and walkie talkies to play with. We enjoyed sharing them with each other and racing them round the class.

We have also been given a small soft play to use in class, the children have absolutely loved having this in our reading corner and it’s been enjoyed by many of them to climb, share stories and play alongside each other.

We hope you enjoy seeing everything we get up to in our classroom. 😁😁

Week 4 in Kingfishers 😁

We have really enjoyed doing lots of problem solving and creative learning this week. We have had jigsaws, stacking cups and arts and crafts activities. We are really working on our independence and have really enjoyed showing off our creative sides!

We have also been on a mini beast hunt in the forest, this was a very short visit as the rain decided to come down and we had to quickly get back in the warmth! ☔️☔️ Don’t forget to send your child’s wellies as the weather is getting wetter.

Pam came into class on Tuesday and we loved seeing her and cooking (and eating 😋😋) some chocolate rice cripsie cakes.

Finally, to finish off our lovely week Bev joined us to do a music session. We have been learning the song ‘Thank you God for the Harvest’ ready for Harvest Festival, and we really enjoyed following the music and Bev to play the drums!

Thank you for you continuous support, and we look forward to what is happening next week in our classroom! 😁⭐️

We’ve had so much fun this week!

This week in Kingfishers we have really had a lovely week! Now we are more settled in our new classroom we have started to really enjoy following the routine of the day. We start the day with a phonics session, exploring the objects linked to our sound and listening to a story!

We have also enjoyed some free time to explore different toys such as jigsaw and matching cards.

For our topic work we had a ‘star’ day where we sang ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and listened to the story the ‘The Happy Star’. You can watch it below with your child.

Finally, we love to end our day with some choosing of favourite songs😁