Incredible Insects …

Did you know?

  • caterpillars have 12 eyes 👀
  • butterflies taste with their feet 👣

Kingfishers have been busy buzzing around their classroom this week. They have enjoyed trying to catch all the butterflies in their nets as they floated in the air.

Singing our rhyme and acting out the lines with our props We have also been using pincers and scoops to pick up the spiders from the sticky tape web.

Amanda has recorded a lovely story by Eric Carle – please take a look – you will be able to watch it from the Oakwood School School website. Find it under Classes and Oakwood at Home:

Pouring and mixing to make slime – we then had to rescue the slimy bugs!
Using cornflour and hot chocolate to make sloppy mud for our minibeasts
Playing chosen instruments along to our story Creepy Crawly Calypso

Using our Aided Language Display to converse our wants to make a sandwich of our choice. If we forgot our knife or bread we had to remember as we travelled over to the table.

Bug hunting!

This week, we have also learned that insects hatch from eggs, just like birds. We enjoyed hunting for the bugs that were hiding in the eggs.

We continued to work on our colour mixing skills this week, and enjoyed mixing paint and shaving foam together to make bubbly paint for our leaves.

We also enjoyed creating some insects to display in our classroom.

During our music session this week, we chose an instrument and developed our musical skill of listening and playing on the beat.

During our Friday cooking session we worked as a team to bake fairy cakes, then decorated them individually to allow us to practise our mixing and spreading skills, and our pincer grip to sprinkle.

Our cupcakes were very tasty.

This week we have also really enjoyed exploring the things we can do in our classroom when we are not taking part in a structured activity. Kingfishers have lots of fun!

Our vocabulary this week has continued to focus on minibeasts, and we have enjoyed a new song about a cheeky spider.

Happy Eid …

This week Kingfishers have explored and joined in celebrating the festival of Eid after the fasting month of Ramadan.

We began the week listening to a Powerpoint of information of why Muslims fast and celebrate Eid and why the stars and moon symbols are of Islam.

We enjoyed spooning out marshmallow fluff and mixing it with rice pops – we listened to the snap, crackle and pop sounds and chose which cutter we wanted to use to made a treat.

Afterwards we used stampers to press into play-doh to make the moon and star symbols.

We talked about what happens at Eid and that it is a family time of celebrations – we practised signing and saying family names. We added star stickers to a star shape.

Also this week to depict the festival atmosphere we danced with materials and learned an Eid clapping rhyme – it was very energetic and warmed us up!

We decorated an outline of a hand with a Mehndi pattern.
Maryam very kindly gave all the children a treat to wish them Happy Eid – thank you so so much
We either enjoyed serving, smelling or touching Eid celebratory food – vegetable curry, roti, poppadoms, dahl and lassi to drink.
Early morning play and chill

Later in the week, we continued our learning about Eid. We watched a video showing how children may celebrate Eid, by going to the mosque, wearing special outfits, having their hands decorated with Mehndi designs and eating special food. These things inspired our craft activities this week.

We created some beautiful stained glass mosques to decorate our windows.

We enjoyed making and decorating biscuits, cutting them in to star and moon shapes then decorating them with colourful icing, chocolate stars and golden sprinkles. We weren’t quick enough to get a photo of the finished product, but some have gone home for families to enjoy too!

Our vocabulary for this week focused on the moon and stars.

We have also spent time this week practising our singing and dancing for Summerfest…there are no spoilers yet though.

keep checking to see our wonderful performance!

Well done to our Superstar for taking part in everything we do so enthusiastically and always trying your best!

Welcome back -we are looking forward to a busy term …

On the school buzz!

This week we have enjoyed spending time with our friends and exploring the classroom after two weeks away. We have also loved going outside in the warmer weather on the shipwreck playground and pedalling on the trikes and scooting on the scooters on the track.

To reveal our new topic ’Flowers and Insects’ we played a pass the parcel game – practising sharing and teamwork – unwrapping props, instruments and our book.

We made a paper case and pipe cleaner butterfly
Jigsaw skills, finding matching bugs to numbers and dice dots.

We joined in singing ’Incy Wincy Spider’ and acted it out with with pipes, a spider and water.

Also this week we have practised our spreading skills on toast. We had to spread the butter and the jam in a thin layer with a good knife position.

Enjoying mirror work, identifying, matching, naming photographs and reading names for our ’New Me’ work at the beginning of term.

This week’s Superstar for going to the lunch counter and politely asking for what he wants – well done

Towards the end of the week we started investigating another story about insects, The Very Hungry Caterpiller.

We started by focusing on the beginning of the book, thinking about the moon and the sun. We created our own suns and moons by investigating different ways to mix colours and print, and through collage with different materials.

Investigating the light up toys was fun. The building blocks were a favourite.

It was our first visit of the summer term to the woods this week. We enjoyed exploring, as the woods looks very different now to how it did in February. What changes can you spot?

So many lovely green leaves on the trees.
We enjoyed using the equipment for a PE session in the classroom.

Our focus vocabulary has been all about minibeasts. Which signs can you remember?

And we really enjoyed singing this song about one of our favourite minibeasts.

Well done to this superstar for doing fantastic listening and responding to instructions.

Wishing you a basketful of blessings this Easter

Finding the hard or soft eggs!
Decorating a creme egg – yum!
Songs we have sung this week
An Easter hunt

Kingfishers class have had a wonderful time celebrating Easter this week. Look at all of the wonderful things we have been up to.

Spreading bunny crumpets
Easter crafts
Making chick biscuits
Sensory play

We had a very special visitor…so exciting!

And we had a fantastic time at our Easter bonnet parade!

Our signs and vocabulary for this week have all been about Easter….

and we have enjoyed these songs.

Wishing you all an egg-citing and restful Easter break, from all of Kingfishers class!!

Life is good on the farm 🐮🐷🐴🐔

This is the last week of Kingfishers have spent their last week on the farm for their Animals topic. Over the weeks we have learned to sing along to the rhyme, point to the words as we say them and to turn the pages in the book. We have also taken it in turns to wear the farmer’s cap, visor and to be trusted with his steering wheel to drive his tractor.

Exploring lentils, pulses and beans grown on the farm with scoops and funnels. Water painting books revealed animals hiding on the page.

Revealing farm animals hiding under cups and tracking them as they moved around the table.

We enjoyed making a rice cake pig face. We used an Aided Language board to prompt us to ask for a plate, knife and cracker. We then followed symbol sentences to make a pink pig face and practised asking for strawberry ears, a banana nose and raisin eyes.

Fine motor skills
Playing with grains
This week’s Superstar

It was also our last week focusing on “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”. Over the last few weeks we have explored the different areas in the story, and this week we thought about the woods and the animals that live there.

We investigated different aspects of the woods and used our fine motor skills to make hedgehogs out of clay.

Our language focus has been on Woodland Animals and we found a new favourite song all about owls that helps us with our counting.

We have enjoyed lots of sensory and problem solving play this week. Could you match the shapes and the colours?

We also had a surprise this week – Our very own whirling, twirling snowstorm to experience. was very chilly!!

On Friday, we joined in with the whole school celebration of Holi. We had a very colourful day, enjoying face painting, colourful cloud painting, decorating (and eating) biscuits and taking part in a Holi assembly.

Watching this video helped us to understand why and how different people around the world celebrate the festival of Holi.

To talk about our activities, we had to use lots of colour words and signs. How many do you know?

A big well done to our superstar!

Surprise Surprise …

This week Kingfisher’s have been in their workshop busily painting, sticking, threading, choosing, mixing, placing and scooping for the one they love at home. We are keeping our photos a secret so that you can be surprised on Sunday…

We wish you a fab day – your children love you
very very much xXx

On Monday we joined in Odd Sock Day for Down Syndrome Day – here we are sorting our odd socks out.

Making fences for our escaped animals from our story.

We have enjoyed some different sensory experiences this week. We enjoyed exploring the coloured rice, spring themed tuff-tray and had a messy time making edible mud so that we could squelch and squerch through it, just like in our story, “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.”

Kingfishers practised playing our instruments on the beat and stopping and starting at the right time. during our music session this week. Choosing a favourite instrument was tough!

We had a wonderful time swimming this week. There were lots of skills to learn, getting into the water safely and enjoying ourselves were the most important ones.

Our vocabulary and signing focus this week has been on words to do with family, to help us talk about a very special day which is happening on Sunday!

A very big well done to our star of the week, who did a fantastic job of changing himself independently for swimming this week.

A vibrant and happy Holi time …

Kingfisher’s have immersed themselves in the Hindu ‘Festival of Colour’ this week. We pulled party poppers and fired confetti cannons, floated colourful scarves, wafted our giant parachute and enjoyed a festive time as we celebrated the arrival of spring. We talked about it being a time to be with others, to play and laugh.

May life always be filled with the colours of joy and happiness.

We even had a go at tie-dying and have made our own colourful t-shirts to wear at school. They look amazing. Well done our superstar this week for being super helpful and super responsible around the classroom.

We also tasted some food that people eat to celebrate Holi this week. We investigated and tasted Pani Puri, Chat Papadi, dates, julabi, and coconut Gulab Jaman.

Keeping with our theme this weeks, our signing and language learning has focused on colours and the season of Spring.

Fun things happen on Kingfisher’s Farm …

.. take a peek 👀 inside the classroom barn …

This week we made up a class story – as we worked together to place felt animals and features onto our plot of land a story was created. We then used our fine motor skills to use water pens to mark make on a mat or to reveal the animals hidden in the habitat scene.

Kingfisher’s used rubber ducks to act out the rhyme ’5 little ducks went swimming one day’. We liked using a big rubber beak to say ’Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack’. Afterwards we followed guidance on feeding the ducks – making sure out pieces weren’t too big and practised throwing it next to the ducks.

Our animals had fun playing in the mud x we had to wash them to help get them clean.

We have also explored farm resources and had a go at threading – some of us got very long lines of laced pasta. Somehow we ended up with less cheerios in our bowls than when we started! 🥣

Well done our Superstar week – always listening, following instructions and working hard to do thing for himself.

We’ve had a wild one!

Kingfishers have had a fantastic week celebrating all things book related. We started the week with joining in reading ‘Dear Zoo’. We helped lift the flaps and say the revealed animal. Afterwards we added paper plate animals behind zoo bars but all weren’t quite right until we were offered a dog as a pet – he was just perfect!

Please take a look at a recording of ’Dear Zoo’ we have shared this week. It can be found by clicking on ’Menu’, ’Classes’, ’Oakwood at Home’, ’Story Time’ and scroll to find Dear Zoo. If you have extra time please enjoy a selection of other stories.

Lots of the animals were sent back to the zoo as they weren’t quite right to live in a house
Animal Antics
Our Zoo animals have escaped and we became zookeepers and searched for them all around school.
Sharing the pleasure of reading. Nicole read ’We’re going on a bear hunt’ to us – it was brilliant. We also listened to Nicole reading a book about a Koala at home at the weekend.
Making a zoo cage for my chosen animal
A biscuit, cream cheese, animal biscuit and strawberry laces zoo animal in a cage
Cracking an egg
Adding flour
Pancake play
Eating pancake
Pancake counting how many we have flipped
Our superstar this week – extremely well done 👏

On Thursday, we enjoyed dressing up and sharing our favourite stories for World Book Day. We had so much fun.

We have been working on our fine motor skills this week too, cutting, and collaging to get our hands moving.

We also kept our hands very busy by making some of the animals from the story “Dear Zoo” using play doh.

Some of us really enjoyed the sensory play trays this week, using the animals stomp, crush and grind the lentils and oats. We also did a little bit of problem solving by trying to match the animal halves together.

Our signs for the week have all been to do with animals. We learned how to sign the names of wild animals.

We also learned to sign the names of animals that we might keep as a pet. What animal would you like to receive from the zoo?

We also had a lovely time singing and signing along to a song all about going to the zoo. What animals can you see? Do you know how to sign the names?

A big well done to our Friday star of the week – we are all so proud of you!!!

Love is in the air…….

We have had another very busy week in Kingfishers class this week. We have been thinking all about Valentine’s Day and continuing our work on We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.

We have thought about the colours associated with Valentine’s day this week, and have had lots of fun finding out that we can make different shades of pink by mixing different amounts of red and white paint together.

We had lots of fun going on a bear hunt this week. We watched the story – and are getting very good at joining in. Then we enjoyed a sensory exploration of the story – we investigated the long, wavy grass and the whirling, twirling snowstorm.

We also practised our cutting skills by making our own bears.

Our time outside has been disrupted by the weather this week, so we have had to keep active in the classroom instead.

Friday was all about the Valentine’s Day disco to celebrate a fantastic half term at school. We all had fun dancing and exploring the lights and decorations.

Afterwards, we enjoyed some tasty party food, including some delicious rocky road we had made ourselves. We had a great time cooking.

The vocabulary we have been learning this week has been all about the days of the week. You can learn the signs by watching this singing hands video.

We also enjoy joining in with this video as part of our morning routine at school.

A massive well done to our star of the week this week, we are all very proud of you!!!

Have a fantastic half term everybody, and a well earned break with the people you love.