Week 6 in Kingfishers 😊

Wow! What a fun week we have had. We have enjoyed cooking with Pam again, this week we had pancakes with melted chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream. It really was a lovely treat for us.

We have also been playing along with Bev in our music sessions, we signed the song ‘Thank you God for the Harvest’ all together for our Harvest assembly.

During the week we have done lots of art activities linked to spooky pumpkins, we thought you would like to see the pumpkins we have made in class. We even tried to do our best spooky, scary face for our picture!

we hope you enjoyed following our fun filled week, next Thursday we will be completing our walkathon so please send your child in dressed up on that day! Have a restful weekend Kingfishers! 😁

Week 5 in Kingfishers ⭐️

We have had such a lovely week together this week! We made pizza bowls with Pam.

We also went to the forest to collect leaves, we then made these into autumn butterflies which will be displayed in class.

In computing we got the remote control cars and walkie talkies to play with. We enjoyed sharing them with each other and racing them round the class.

We have also been given a small soft play to use in class, the children have absolutely loved having this in our reading corner and it’s been enjoyed by many of them to climb, share stories and play alongside each other.

We hope you enjoy seeing everything we get up to in our classroom. 😁😁

Week 4 in Kingfishers 😁

We have really enjoyed doing lots of problem solving and creative learning this week. We have had jigsaws, stacking cups and arts and crafts activities. We are really working on our independence and have really enjoyed showing off our creative sides!

We have also been on a mini beast hunt in the forest, this was a very short visit as the rain decided to come down and we had to quickly get back in the warmth! ☔️☔️ Don’t forget to send your child’s wellies as the weather is getting wetter.

Pam came into class on Tuesday and we loved seeing her and cooking (and eating 😋😋) some chocolate rice cripsie cakes.

Finally, to finish off our lovely week Bev joined us to do a music session. We have been learning the song ‘Thank you God for the Harvest’ ready for Harvest Festival, and we really enjoyed following the music and Bev to play the drums!

Thank you for you continuous support, and we look forward to what is happening next week in our classroom! 😁⭐️

We’ve had so much fun this week!

This week in Kingfishers we have really had a lovely week! Now we are more settled in our new classroom we have started to really enjoy following the routine of the day. We start the day with a phonics session, exploring the objects linked to our sound and listening to a story!

We have also enjoyed some free time to explore different toys such as jigsaw and matching cards.

For our topic work we had a ‘star’ day where we sang ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and listened to the story the ‘The Happy Star’. You can watch it below with your child.

Finally, we love to end our day with some choosing of favourite songs😁

Week 2 in Kingfishers

We have such a busy week in Kingfishers this week! We have enjoyed doing lots of activities linked to the sounds we have been learning ‘a’ and ‘t’ and have been practising saying them with our friends. On Tuesday we made pizzas in class, some of us even had a go at cutting up the tomatoes to put on top of our chosen ingredients. Yum yum 😋

We also visited the forest this week on Wednesday, and it was so much fun exploring with our friends. We climbed up trees, made mud pies and even sat around the base and shared the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt!’ The children love this story and did lots of actions when saying the words. We will be going to the forest every Wednesday, so please don’t forget those coats and wellies! ☔️🧥

We have had so much fun this week, and we can’t wait for next week! 😁

Welcome back to school Kingfishers!

Welcome back to school Kingfishers, and welcome to our class blog. I hope you will enjoy looking through all the activities and fun experiences we share together this year 😁

This week we have really enjoyed getting to know our new classroom, children and staff. Charlotte, Tammy, Catherine, Jade and Sue have been sharing lots of activities with the children, and we have really loved seeing your children exploring all the new toys!

We hope you enjoy seeing a few pictures from our first week back in Kingfishers!