Welcome back lovely Ladybirds 🐞❤️

We have had a fabulous first week back at school, the children have continued to engage and explore our wonderful activities.
We celebrated pancake day together with mixing, stirring, adding, sprinkling , tasting and feeling our ingredients. Lots of children were able to pour and add ingredients independently as well as enjoying all the sensory aspects of this session. We even tasted our pancake toppings, lemon and sugar 😋🍋, the children showed some great facial expressions and responses. We created paper pancakes with mark making and sugar , adding symbols of the ingredients, reinforcing names and images of all items. The children were encouraged to cut and stick the symbols independently. To finish our wonderful pancake celebrations we had a go at flipping pancakes, small pancakes in pans and pretend pancakes with bats. The children developed many skills within this session, strengthening fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, communication and language skills as well as working alongside peers for our personal, social and emotional development. Well done children 🤩🥞

We are so very proud of how our children are developing their attention and concentration during attention autism sessions (bucket time). The children have all worked very hard since September on good sitting, listening and waiting whilst we share wonderful cause and effect objects/toys in stage one of our attention autism. We have moved onto stage two now which is just fantastic 🤩 well done ladybirds. During this part of the session we share a visually stimulating activity which aims to sustain our children’s attention for prolonged periods. Ladybirds are showing great reactions, anticipation, concentration and attention , it is just fantastic to watch and these skills are developing each week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Take care

Lisa, Paula and the ladybird team 🐞❤️

Happy Lunar New Year

and Happy Valentine’s Day too.

What a lovely way to end the half term; continuing our Chinese New Year fun and Valentine’s Day.
Ladybirds enjoyed more dancing, music and sensory fun.

A highlight of the week had to be our Chow Mien making. This activity really demonstrated how far the children have come in terms of their motor skills. They have all become quite able to use tweezers (and training chopsticks) to select and pick up small items. The children used these tools to gather together noodles and a selection of vegetables to add to their plate. They did so well. Fingers were of course, the preferred tool for eating and we did use spoons for those children willing to have a go at a few different sauces. The focus and engagement observed during this session was fabulous.

We enjoyed watching friends from Rushall performing a dragon dance for us, which was beautiful and we had fun dancing in our own dragon which we are sure you will agree is amazing. We danced with our friends from Caterpillar Class and we made our dragon puppets from last week dance to the traditional music.

We got messy making hand drums from paper plates with pasta shapes for beads. You play these by twirling them around so that he pasta beats against the body of the drum.

Of course, we couldn’t forget Valentine’s Day.

Have a wonderful week everyone.
Much Love from Paula, Lisa and the 🐞Team.

Chinese New Year Celebrations Begin

Around the World, people will be welcoming in the year of the dragon. We have begun to experience elements of the culture surrounding this festival.
We have experienced sounds and music relating to Chinese New Year and watched videos of Dragon dancing. In the coming week, Ladybirds will explore and experience much more and will have great fun enjoying sights, sounds, smells and tastes as we continue to understand more about the world. We will even be watching a performance by pupils from Rushall.
We will also celebrate elements of Valentine’s Day next week. It promises to be a busy and fun week to lead us into the half term break so make sure you come back and see what we have been doing.

To start off our preparations, we have made some dragons. We worked our fingers to help create a concertina for our dragon’s body before adding a colourful head and sticks to make it into a dancing puppet. We had to fold, push down with our fingers to create the folds and flip the paper over. We were amazed at how quickly the children picked up aspects of this skill supported by our adults.
Bev brought some beautiful instruments in to share with us and gave us a real feel for Chinese musical culture. We have also painted a box together which will be a part of our class dragon.

Wishing you all a happy weekend,

Paula, Lisa and the Ladybird team.
🐞 🐞

Beep, beep! 🚦🚗 🛻 🚂 ✈️🚣‍♀️⛵️

We have had another fabulous week in ladybird class, the children continue to show great interest in our transport topic. We have been developing our listening skills making the noises and movements of different transportation. The adults model sounds and encourage our children to join in, we have used animations on the interactive white board, loud transport sounds without a visual, transport resources and we have made the sounds ourselves too. The children have showed some lovely responses, great eye contact with visuals, following the sound and some children beginning to make the sound’s themselves. We have also transferred these skills and added movements during physical well being sessions. The children show great attempts to copy movements and role play the different vehicles.

We have had fun with boats this week too. We made plasticine and dough boats to build our fine motor and early writing skills through kneading , moulding and shaping with our fingers. We also made sails for them and for some plastic box boats. We looked at and talked about the colours , shapes and sizes of the sails. It was such fun to float them and race them on the water, using straws to create the wind to push the boats around.

We have enjoyed some boat number songs as well and we worked together to ‘Row, Row, Row’ our boats. Links to the songs are below if you would like to enjoy them with your children.

We also continue to develop our cooking skills, fantastic exploration of flour, sugar, icing and cinnamon this week. We added ingredients, mixed them using different utensils, we used scales to show different amounts and number and even developed our fine motor skills with transferring cake mixture into the cake cases and trays. We used pretend foods and plastic knives to focus on our cutting skills. Some wonderful attention and concentration during these focus sessions.

We wish everyone a wonderful weekend.
Love from Paula, Lisa and the Ladybird team.

🐞 🐞🐞

Ready, steady, go! 🚦🐞🤩

We have had another fabulous week, the children are showing wonderful signs that they are enjoying our new topic “Transport”. We offer many opportunities to explore different types of transport, visuals and songs , using cars to make marks with tracks in paint and pens attached to cars. The children are engaging, giving great eye contact and sometimes smiling and giggling during our activities.

In particular this week we received great responses to our introduction to traffic lights 🚦. The children focussed this week on red for STOP and green for GO , we watched a song on the interactive board introducing our colours, we then used red and green signs during a running session around the classroom. The adults modelled running fast when the green sign is shown and to stop when the red appears. The children were just fantastic, great concentration and attention, lots of giggles as we waited for the different signs. We followed this activity with traffic light printing with paint, discussing the colours, making a choice and going over red for stop and green for go. We will continue to develop these skills over the coming weeks.

Keeping with the traffic light, stop and go, Ladybirds are enjoying a new Parachute Time Dance song where we have to walk and run and listen to the instruction to ‘stop!’ We are getting very good at it.
We linked the idea to our Early writing session. We warm up our muscles dancing and making big movements to The Wheels on the Bus and stopping when we see the sign.
We then begin making smaller moves with our fingers enjoying a Dough Disco and creating patterns with pipe cleaners and dough.

Also this week, we have worked hard to build on our self help and independence skills. The children are encouraged to take off their own coats when they arrive each day and hang their coats on the pegs. We have been attempting to take off and put on our own shoes and trying out the Dip and Flip method for putting our coats on. Some children have begun to try this out for themselves.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.
Lisa, Paula and the Ladybird team


Happy New Year Ladybirds 🐞🤩❤️

We have jumped into 2024 with a fabulous first week back at school. Our children have settled straight back into school routines , with some fantastic attention and concentration.
Our new topic is Transport and People that help us , this term we are focussing on the story song “ We all go travelling by”. The children have already shown great interest in this story song so far 😍. We have lots of engaging and motivating story related resources to encourage and support understanding of the story.
See below the link to our story song:

This week we have been focusing on one to one activities, encouraging attention and concentration for prolonged periods. We have also modelled turn taking with adult led play. Building a tower with blocks, your turn , my turn, adding one block each, the children are learning waiting skills and understanding that we can create great things together. This week we also enjoyed colour sorting together , the children matched the same colour transportation to the colour splats.

Have a wonderful weekend Ladybird families

Take care

Lisa, Paula and the ladybird team🐞❤️🤩

Merry Christmas Ladybirds 🎅🐞

We would like to wish all our wonderful families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
We have had another fabulous half term with our children and we continue to be so very proud of the progress we are all making.
Our last week has been lovely, we have been enjoying lots of Christmas themed activities. On Monday we jumped on board our polar express sensory train ride, the children made golden tickets , we rang bells and experienced different stations including our snowstorm. The children also watched little clips from the famous film.
We had a fabulous party afternoon with dancing , party food and sensory exploration. Then we had a visit from Father Christmas, the children responded so well and we enjoyed Christmas songs together.
We have continued to enjoy Christmas crafts, we made flour snow men in the forest. Adding eyes, nose and mouth using carrots, oranges and natural resources.

Have a great Christmas break and we look forward to our 2024 together!
Love Lisa, Paula and the ladybird team 😍🤩🐞🎅❤️

More Festive Fun

The Christmas fun has continued this week in Ladybirds. This week saw us completing some more Christmas crafts which we will send home for you to enjoy. The children have created some lovely pieces and developed so many skills including, focus, engagement and working and integrating together. We are seeing such tremendous growth in these areas; it is thrilling. On Friday, as part of Well Being Day, Foxes class supported our little ladybirds on our Welly Walk. It was a lovely mild and dry day which was just perfect to allow the children to spend some time making new friends, building their confidence meeting new people and getting some exercise. We managed several laps of the field.Thank you to the staff and children of Foxes for their help and support. You were amazing.

It was Christmas dinner day on Friday too. We printed festive shapes to make our own place mats. What a busy day!

Thank you to all the parents and families that joined us this week in our Parent workshop. The children were just fantastic yet again, engaging with new Christmas themed activities, joining in with music and movement and meeting our special guest in our outside grotto. We enjoyed it so much and we hope you did too.

Have a lovely weekend. We hope to see everyone fit and well next week.
Take care.

Love, Paula, Lisa and the Ladybird team.🐞🐞

Working together 🐞❤️

Ladybirds have had another lovely week, we have sprinkled a little Christmas across our ladybird classroom and the children have adapted incredibly well. We have enjoyed stepping into the festive season with lots of Christmas themed crafts, sensory options and Christmas songs.

We decided to create an indoor forest school this week due to all the rain, ladybird and caterpillar classes came together to create dens, hide in tents and teepees. This was such a fantastic activity, the adults modelled how to use materials, blankets, cushions and pegs to make fortresses and dens. Some children loved to crawl underneath, exploring the dark small spaces. Others enjoyed observing from the perimeters, feeling different textures and playing with our parachute. It was so wonderful to see how both classes were able to work closely alongside each other, enjoying new experiences together. Well done early years, we are so proud of you 🤩👏❤️.

We continue to develop our cooking skills, with more stirring, grating, cutting, whisking, adding ingredients and exploration of different foods and textures. We explored different cooking utensils, allowing the children to problem solve and be independent where possible. The children spent prolonged periods engaging with bowls, spoons, whisks, scales and some children attempted cutting oranges and apples making pretend pies for the oven. We used lots of wonderful communication and language skills during this time too, labelling food items, making a choice out of two objects, gesturally prompting and simple verbal prompts. We also were able to count the ingredients together, adding different amounts to different bowls.

As part of our learning in ‘Understanding the World’, we enjoy explorations and discoveries to support our understanding of different cultures and religions of the world. This week is the important festival of Hanukkah. Linking to out work in Maths, we made lolly stick triangles which we then overlapped to create Stars of David. We looked at images of the Menorrah and used handprints to create our own as we listened to some Jewish children’s songs.

We hope everyone has a warm and happy weekend and hope to see lots of you at our Christmas Parent Workshop on Monday.
love from Paula,
Lisa and the Ladybird team. 🐞🐞

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Our story this half term is the classic story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr. Linked below is the story and two videos that we enjoy daily as part of our routine.
We have also enjoyed several tiger related activities this week.

We enjoyed mark making, colouring and painting using mark making materials of choice. Later, the children ripped tissue to collage the jungle and hide their tiger.

We worked on a number of skills to make some Tiger cakes with orange coloured and scented batter. We poured, mixed and stirred, counted out the cake cases and spooned in the mixture. They looked fabulous with orange icing and black stripes.

Problem solving supports the children in identifying and analysing issues, builds confidence and resilience and of course builds on the development of thinking skills. This week we used some fine motor skills to help us put together body parts of a tiger to create the whole. It also supported vocabulary building for body parts. It was a fun and engaging task and we were really pleased with the level of focus we observed in the children. We even saw some children observing closely and repositioning pieces until they were happy with their own efforts.

In number work, we again reassembled a tiger but we encouraged the recognition and sequencing of numerals to support this problem. For some , the shapes of the pieces provided support.

The link below is for a fun Robbie Williams song called ‘Hey Tiger’ which the children really do love. My apologies but it wouldn’t embed


Hope you enjoy.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Stay warm and safe.

Love Paula, Lisa and the Ladybird team. 🐞🐞