Happy Easter Ladybirds 🐣🐞😊

Massive well done Ladybirds for doing fantastic searching for our coloured Easter eggs 🐣🀩

We discussed colour whilst we searched for the eggs, some children were able to point out the different colours, others matched two of the same and all the children enjoyed tasting the lovely chocolate 🍫

We practiced our fine motor skills when attempting to manipulate our crafts to add onto our Easter hats and cards. We also spent time touching the textures, with feathers, baby chicks and foam eggs.

We present you with our Easter hat parade πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ£πŸ£πŸ£ We are so proud of all the wonderful designs that you have created πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ

Goldilocks and the three bears🐻

The children have been doing fantastic engaging with our story theme β€œGoldilocks and the three bears”. We have searched for footprints of bears in our forest school, role played being bears in physical well being and matched key parts to our story. The children listen each morning to our story song and we are now sharing a book together each day too πŸ˜ƒπŸ». Some children act out the key parts, this is just wonderful 🀩 we love the bit where Goldilocks brakes poor baby bears chair πŸ‘ some great imaginative skills.
We have explored porridge oats with our senses, touching, tasting and smelling. We have added different flavours, colours and explored this dry and mixed with milk. We loved getting messy and some children enjoyed feeding our three little bears the porridge.

Red Nose Day

Fantastic dressing up and engaging with all things red today Ladybirds πŸ”΄πŸ˜ŠπŸž

The children loved to explore the different textures whilst adding collage materials to our big art attack. Fabulous fine motor skills when manipulating the small materials 😊

We are so proud 🀩🐞❀️

All children have settled back into school routines so well this week, we are so proud of you ladybirds .😊 The children have shown wonderful new skills and knowledge that they have developed during lock down, it is clear that parents have really supported all targets and progress. A massive thank you for you’re continued support πŸ€—

We have remembered all the key parts to our day, with children sitting and listening during registration and story song, just fantastic 🀩

We have developed our cooking skills this week, mixing, stirring and weighing out ingredients that link with our story β€œGoldilocks and the three bears”.

The children showed great interest and engagement during music time this week, manipulating small musical instruments as well using our hands to play the large drums. πŸͺ˜ πŸ₯

Toy Story Book Week !

“There’s a snake in my boots “

We have had a really amazing book week with lots of activities based on Toy Story ; making Jessie hat biscuits , cars for a drive in movie with popcorn , sensory play , dressing up is just a selection of the fun we have had . Lots of you have had a “Rooting , tooting time ” at home dressing up and making characters from the Toy Story movies .

We are so excited to see all our friends again next week , we have missed you all so much .

Challenge Time 🐞😁🀩

Let’s get crafty and follow our Toy Story theme 😁🀩

Have a go at creating one of these lovely alien crafts or perhaps you would prefer to dress up and dance around, β€œbleep bleep ,bleep bleep”.

Please send any photos or videos , have fun 🀩🐞❀️

Toy Story Book Week

β€œTo Infinity and Beyond !”

This week we are bringing Toy Story to life in our bubbles for book week .

We will be doing lots of activities and you can join in at home .

We have put some ideas below for you to try , have a rooting tooting time !