Tiptoe! Tiptoe!

Hello Ladybirds 🐞

Happy Wednesday everyone,

So on this dark and gloomy day let’s go on our bear hunt, be careful, Tiptoe! Tiptoe! into the dark cave 🐻

Let’s get creative, build your very own cave or den, can you turn the light off and use torches to see inside? Maybe you could even hide a teddy bear in there too !🐻😊

Squelch Squelch 🐻

Good morning ladybirds 🐞 and let’s start fun Tuesday off with our “ Going on a bear hunt story” . Can you guess which part of the story will be our focus today? It’s cold and it’s wet and when we go through it in our wellies it goes “Squelch,squelch!”???

Yes you got it !😊 let’s get muddy

If you prefer the comfort of your warm and cozy lounge then maybe make your own muddy path out of cushions and blankets, walk bare foot and feel the textures and bumps on your toes. If you love the outdoors then go into the garden, find some muddy areas , maybe you can make mud cakes or mud castles? Or you could even walk through the mud bare foot, I wonder what it feels like?. Perhaps you could explore messy mud play inside with some edible mud made from chocolate mousse or angle delight, add jelly worms for extra textures.

Here are some more ideas for our going on a bear hunt muddy day, have fun everyone 😊

Learning at home 🏡

It is so wonderful to hear and see photos of all the lovely the things that you are doing at home ladybirds🐞

Massive well done to you all for the lovely looking and listening and engaging in your home activities, you all have superhero mommy’s and daddy’s.

Snowstorm ⛄️

Good morning Ladybirds 🐞 Happy Monday to you all. What a beautiful frosty sunny morning it is 😊⛄️🍂

Which got me thinking 🤔 I was imagining Going on a bear hunt with you all today, with focus on going into the Snowstorm 🌨

Maybe you can wrap up warm and explore the garden, you might see some frosty leaves or beautiful spider webs glistening in the Sunshine🌞 or maybe you might prefer to make your own pretend snow.

These are some more snowstorm themed ideas that you might like to try, white glitter play dough could also be fun to make a snow scene. Freeze some natural resources and tomorrow you can look at the changes , use your senses to explore.
Please send photos of the fun 😊

Take and speak soon 🐞❤️

Exploring our Outdoor Classroom

We use our outdoor classroom whenever we can , working outside provides lots of benefits including ; improved motor skills , improved overall health , greater self awareness, appreciation for the environment , improved peer to peer relationships and an opportunity for hands on learning .
Children also have the freedom , time and space to learn and demonstrate independence. Children learn best through activities that engage all the senses, the outdoors can provide more freedom and space to engage in creative activities – such as music , dance , rhymes and songs – that also support language development .
We hope you have a good weekend and are all safe and well , we will have lots of interaction again next week 🐞😘.
The children are encouraged to join in with “Ready , Steady , Go , Stop ’ to understand the cause / effect of the command .
We use this throughout the day during activities/ Speech and Language.
The children all enjoy joining in with the activity and run up the hill again when we get to the bottom . They work together as they hold hands and wait or join in with ‘Ready , Steady , Go ’.
The children have lots of fun working with a parachute , they are working as a team to make the parachute move up and down .We use lots of language and communication as we play ; ‘up’ , ‘down’, ‘fast’, ‘slow’. We added leaves while we were in the forest , the children watched as the wind made the leaves fly away.
You could do this at home with a piece of material or a sheet.

When our play was finished we use the opportunity to wash our hands again with warm soapy water to clean the mud away !

Washing hands

Morning everyone we hope you are all well and keeping safe , last week we talked to the children about germs spreading .
We filled our tuff pit with glitter which represents the germs and together we explored what happens when you put your hands in the pit and your hands get covered in glitter and then touch things around the classroom . The glitter is really visual so the children can see ‘germs’ spreading .

Tomorrow we will put pictures on of the children in the forest outdoor classroom.

Nursery Rhyme Week

This week is Nursery Rhyme Week , to celebrate we are going to add some of the children’s favourite rhymes for you to sing with you child , the videos are by ‘Singing Hands’ who have an amazing collection on YouTube for you to practice and sing along to. They sing using Makaton signs helping develop communication through music and songs. We also use Makaton throughout the day to support and build on your child’s communication.
Makaton signs and symbols enable communication , it supports the development of essential communication skills such as attention , listening , comprehension, memory and expressive speech and language .
Here is just a few examples of rhymes you can find lots more on YouTube , also dvds are available to purchase .
Have fun !!!!

Physical well being session

Morning everyone, we hope your week is going well so far , today we are adding the video’s of the songs we use in our warm up before our PE session .
We use these to encourage the children to warm up their bodies , movement and following actions from a leader that links with their latest target . We hope you enjoy taking part in the songs and movements with your child .
Most of all have fun !!

Divwali 🎇

Wishing you all a very Happy Divwali 🎇

May our wonderful festival of light bring us happiness in new beginnings, triumph good over evil and light over darkness.
Above are some exciting expressive arts and design ideas to have a go at.
Send photos of the beautiful things that you create and have fun celebrating 🎇😊

Take care 🐞❤️

Going on a bear hunt 🐻

Listen to our story and song and then have a go at creating your own bear hunt, on paper, in the garden, making dens or using sensory materials.
Have fun and send me photos !😊

Take care and speak soon 🐞❤️