Cakes – Exploring the Forest and Looking For Tigers 🧁🌳 🐯

We began our week by decorating cakes to take on our forest trip on Tuesday. The children used their fine motor and hand /eye coordination skills to spread the icing and sprinkle the decorations . Some of the children needed a little support to decorate their cupcake , some children even ate their cake before the tiger could get it.

On Tuesday we had a trip to the forest , we hid tigers for the children to find and took drinks and the cakes we had decorated. The children explored the forest looking for tigers and some even climbed the trees just in case one was hiding there .When we found all the tigers we had our drinks , biscuits and cakes which was enjoyed by all.

Later in the week we used our fine motor skills to cut or rip paper stripes , the children negotiated using scissors and they all did so well , only needing a little help in some cases. When we had cut or ripped our stripes we stuck them to a plate to make our tiger faces.

This week we have started a new activity which we are engaging in daily, we are so proud of how the children are participating in this activity and are looking forward and excited to see how it develops.

The activity is a learning approach created by speech and language therapist Gina Davies, it aims to develop natural and spontaneous communication skills through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities.

The first stage is the bucket to focus attention:

We put visually engaging items in the bucket that the children have not seen designed to help the children to focus their attention. The activity is lead by an adult leader who makes simple comments about each item/toy to help introduce them to the children and expand their vocabulary.
The aim is to build up to 3-4 minutes of engaged attention.

The first stage is where we are at the moment and we are so proud of how the children have began to engage throughout the week.

To finish our week we had our Superstar Assembly- this week our superstar is Ollie for excellent sound blending , making and reading words.
Well Done Ollie , we are so very proud of you !

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