The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 👑

This week we have started our celebrations for The Queen’s Jubilee, we look forward to continuing our activities after the holidays . As you can see we have used our fine motor skills during our focus activities to produce some beautiful things for our celebrations.

Decorating cakes

Ladybirds played their instruments to God Save The Queen with Makaton from Singing Hands & the Makaton Choir.

We would like to thank the PSA for their kind gift of a Jubilee teddy for the children , we look forward to receiving your Jubilee Celebration photographs.

Ladybirds are so excited to see how our caterpillars have developed , they are busy making their cocoons . We wonder if they will be butterflies by the time we go back to school. Watch this space ! 🐛🦋

You will have received your pot and seeds for our sunflower competition , we are looking forward to see pictures and measurements of how they are growing. 🌻

Our Superstar this week is Hepzibah she has been very helpful and kind to her adults and friends by holding the door open when we went out to play .

Thank you Hepzibah 💕

After the holidays we will be starting an exciting new story and song linked to our ’Flowers and Insects ’ topic. We hope you enjoy a sneak peek below , we have enjoyed playing instruments and dancing to it today.

We hope you enjoy the holiday and your Jubilee Celebrations . 🐞

The Very Hungry Caterpillar 🐛🦋

This week we have concentrated on ‘The Life Cycle of a Butterfly’ , our focus activities have included painting splodges on one side of our paper then folding and pressing them when the children opened them it was a whole butterfly which showed symmetry . We began the week with an edible tuff tray using crumble mix , crushed biscuits , herbs , tomatoes and coco pops . We added our insects for the children to manipulate and explore. It was extremely popular as you can see.

Hephzibah and Ollie were so excited to look at our caterpillars to see if they had grown , they then shared the book ‘The Sleepy Little Caterpillar’ with an adult.

Making caterpillars using unifix bricks.

The children were excited to see who had made the longest caterpillar, Jasper decided to make his own version of his favourite characters from Numberblocks. This activity gave the children lots of opportunity to develop their fine motor skills as they manipulated the bricks .

This week we have also watched ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ , this is a firm favourite with the children and they then had the opportunity to explore our story sack resources as well as the book.

Today the children made butterflies using waffles cut in half to make a butterfly topped with blueberries – yummy !

You may have spotted our attendance bear in some of our pictures , she took part in lots of our activities. Ladybirds have done so well and have been awarded it for next week as well.

Great attendance Ladybirds 🐞 !

As the weather was so beautiful we used the opportunity to develop our gross motor skills and balance using bikes, scooters , cars and the balancing blocks .Hepzibah also played the drums as her friends enjoyed the sunshine, Ollie could not resist joining in.

Our Superstar this week is Ollie he has become engrossed this week in our activities for ‘The Life Cycle of a Butterfly ‘ . He has shown us his total awe and wonder and amazement during his work – well done Ollie 🦋.

Caterpillars 🐛 and Butterflies 🦋

Ladybirds have had a fun filled week full of insects , flowers, sunshine and laughter .We began the week making handprint butterflies , the children are so much better at getting their hands messy to create their masterpiece’s. Next we looked at the life cycle of a butterfly, the children listened to instructions and completed their work sheet.

We have had some new resources for our topic , the children were engaged and excited to investigate the insect jigsaws and toys.

Finding hidden insects in cereal

Making Dough Caterpillars


The children investigate flowers using their fine motor skills , sense of smell and touch .

Today the children found some new visitors had come to visit Ladybirds , they are excited to see the caterpillars grow and develop – watch this space !!!

Look how much fun the children had in todays beautiful weather , it gave us the chance to use our gross motor and balance skills.

Our Superstar this week is Alex for signing the ’hello’ song .
Well Done Alex !!

This week Ladybirds have been awarded the Attendance Bear for 100% attendance this week . Look out for our pictures of the bear joining in with our activities next week .

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend , see if you can find some flowers and insects while you enjoy the sunshine . 🐛🐞🕷🪲🌸🌻🌼🥀

Eid Mubarak 🌙

This week we have been learning about the Muslim festival of Eid.

Eid al-Fitr is a very happy occasion for Muslims around the world, it is celebrated when Ramadan , the month of fasting , finishes. When the new moon is seen the next day is Eid – ul – Fitr. After the Eid Prayer everyone greets each other , children accept gifts and eidi in the form of money from adults. Everyone wears new clothes and go to meet their relatives for food and celebrations .

To signify the new moon we completed a moon and star card , a mobile and using pieces of coloured paper a mosque, we also looked at some Islamic artefacts that Maryam from Caterpillars kindly let us borrow to explore and find out about.

During our music session Ladybirds had lots of fun following instructions to ’stop, go , loud , quiet , fast and slow.’ The children are really using their listening skills while exploring a collection of different instruments.

This week we have investigated some new sensory light equipment , lights are a fantastic source of visual sensory input. Our ladybirds were fascinated with our new light shaker beads and can be seen exploring and investigating them .

Today we have continued our insects topic work by decorating mini caterpillars 🐛 adding eyes , mouth and legs. Using their fine motor skills the children squeezed the icing out to make the features and legs , this activity helps with co- ordination and helps to strengthen the muscles in the children’s hands while having fun watching the icing squirt out.

Star of the Week ⭐️✨💫

This week we have 2 stars of the week who have worked and interacted together exhibiting amazing team work. Charlie and Hepzibah have joined in a game together while singing one of our number songs ’10 green bottles’. They worked as a team to line the bottles up , sing the song and collect the bottles at the end. They both correctly counted the numbers down from 10 to no green bottles at the end . Later on in the morning they both played the game individually .
Well Done to you both 😊

Welcome Back Ladybirds 🐞

Welcome back , we hope you enjoyed time with you families and are looking forward to starting our final term of the year. We are beginning a new topic called ’ Flowers and Insects’. We will be using our senses, fine motor and investigation skills as we look at bugs and flowers , you will see the lovely activities we do over the next few weeks on our blog.
The children made butterfly cakes which they all enjoyed remembering the skills they had learned during our previous cooking activities.

We began the week by smelling and exploring bluebells and cherry blossom , some children also used the blossom to make a picture during a focus craft activity, also we are exploring Summer activities and have stared with our new book ’ The Train Ride ’ which we bought to life looking at the resources to use alongside the story.

It is also our turn for Forest school so we have taken the opportunity to see how much the forest has changed since our last visit , we always like a chance for a photo opportunity to show you our little ladybirds !

We will be celebrating Ramadan \ Eid next week and are excited to learn all about it with the children. Later this term we will also join in with the festivities for the Queens’s Jubilee so watch this space to see what the children do !

Star Of the Week ⭐️

Our star of the week this week was Joel , we are so proud of him for trying so hard with his drinks this week , he has finished so much more this week – keep it going Joel 😊.

Enjoy the long weekend we hope you manage to get out and explore the environment.


Happy Easter 🐣⛪️

Ladybirds have had an exciting and fun filled week , we have celebrated Easter taking part in lots of focus activities. We have made Easter nests, cards and using our fine motor skills bonnets ready for our parade later in the week. Our tuff trays have included sensory, colourful and edible treats and a ’That’s not my bunny ’ book with bunnies , eggs , sheep and the colours of Spring. Towards the end of the week we had a Easter egg hunt , everyone found an egg hidden around the classroom, unfortunately we were not able to get pictures of the bonnet parade as the children were to fast !!! Our highlight of the week was a special visit from the Easter Bunny , the children were so excited to meet him , it was so lovely to see the expression on their faces . Later on we found lots of footprints left around school by the bunny. All the children were also so lucky to receive a chocolate egg donated by Brownhills Rotary club , we are so thankful for your kindness.

This week our Superstar goes to all the children in Ladybirds🐞- we are so proud of all their achievements this term and are excited to see what the next term brings.

We would like to wish you all an amazing Easter break with your families 🐣.

Holi Celebrations 🎨

Holi is a Hindu festival that marks the arrival of Spring, known widely as the Festival of Colour. It takes place over two days and is a celebration of colour , love and a triumph of good versus evil.

The children have enjoyed a week of activities filled with colour, friendship and music . Everyone dressed in bright colours on Friday and we all joined in with a celebration assembly .

The children also had a task this week to make a house for the bears from our story of Goldilocks, they worked together as they completed it .They carefully placed Goldilocks and the Three Bears inside checking that they were still there.
We were so proud of their teamwork and design of their house with only a tiny bit of verbal input from an adult .

Superstar of the Week

Our Superstar of the week is Conrad who has been communicating so well , when it was our bucket focus session he went to the cupboard where we keep the bucket and showed the member of staff where it was . He then said ” bucket time” , well done Conrad you are trying so hard to communicate.

‘Bucket Time ’

Swimming – Sunshine and Sensory Play 🤿😎

Ladybirds have had a really busy week using their fine and gross motor skills . We used lots of energy during our swimming session , the children are doing so well , we are so proud of their continued progress and increased confidence.

When the children arrived on Wednesday they were intrigued to find an edible farm in the tuff tray , using their fine motor skills they sampled and investigated curly kale , crushed digestives , bread sticks , weetabix , lettuce and carrots.

We also took advantage of the beautiful weather and used all our body to explore and play on our amazing playground. The children are balancing , taking calculated risks and using their physical skills to move around .

We ended the week with a picnic and music to celebrate our wonderful week before our Superstar assembley.

Jasper-Lea was our Superstar this week – he received his award for being adventurous , taking risks and trying out new methods and ideas using his gross motor skills.

Celebrations ☘️🔴

This week the children have been immersed in colours as we celebrated St. Patricks and Red Nose Day, the children have explored and investigated colour through a variety of activities.

We see colour everyday and its a big part of our world, we have looked at the names of colours , mixed and matched colours using paint , ice and icing sugar for our cakes . On St. Patricks Day we used sponges to make shamrocks had green coloured sponge cakes with green icing for our snack . During our P.E focus activity we played a freeze game where the children had to freeze when instructed , this was really funny.
On Friday we had lots of exciting activities for Comic relief, the children and staff dressed in red , thank you to you all for your support. For music session involved we listened to Riverdance , the children enjoyed playing instruments and moving to the music.

In our cooking focus activity we decorated cakes with red icing sugar noses and made faces using red dough.

We rounded off a busy week with our Superstar assembly and enjoying the sunshine in our playground.

Our Superstar of the week was Archie for independently decorating his red nose cake , well done Archie ⭐️

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week Ladybirds have been learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

On Monday, we took the hand puppets outside to re tell the story. We used our gross motor skills and fine motor skills to bring the characters to life. It was great fun!
Later in the week we made paper finger puppets and we all tried really hard with our scissor skills -such fun!

During our Problem Solving lesson we found lots of number 3s and we built towers of 3 cubes – some children continued to build towers up to 10. We matched pictures of the Three Bears to the pictures of the porridge bowls to develop 1 to 1 correspondence.

Hephzibah is our Superstar this week because she asked for more iced ring biscuits and she asked for more bubbles. It was lovely to hear her little voice in class this week!