Recycling Week

Nightingales have been recycling milk cartons this week to use as plant pots. We explored stimuli that had different textural properties for decorating -glitter, tissue paper and paint. During the exploration activity we worked on communication by choosing what they would like on the plant pot. Learners were able to develop fine motor skills by being supported to grasp a paint brush and use it purposefully or use a pincer grasp to pick up the tissue paper to stick on to the carton.

Once the pots were decorated we moved on to planting our daffodils. Learners were able to explore the texture of the soil using their hands with many investigating by smelling or rubbing the soil between their fingers. Learners were given the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills through the use of the spade and the watering can.

Nightingales have some excellent gardeners! They are superstars – well done!

Swimming is back!

Pupils this week went swimming for the first time since before COVID. Understandably some pupils were nervous about getting into the water but after a few minutes there was plenty of smiles and splashing! It was a lovely experience for pupils but also for staff to see the joy from the pupils faces. Here’s to plenty more swimming sessions for our pupils!

A Busy Week of Exploring

This week Nightingales have been exploring Cosmo and the Soundbeam. This fantastic technology will build upon many aspects of the children’s development by the use of their fine motors skills to working on communication. We have been giving the pupils an opportunity to explore the technology so they become familiar with how the stimuli works.

Music Thursdays

In the Nightingales class we celebrate all things musical on Thursdays. This week staff and pupils enjoyed exploring the big drums! Feeling the vibration and showing awareness of the loud bangs to the quiet bangs. There was also turn taking being seen.

Well done Nightingales! You have all worked very hard this week!

Welcome to Nightingales

Firstly I would like to start with how proud we are with how well pupils have managed the start of the new academic year. Entering a new classroom, meeting new staff and new peers the learners have made a smooth transition and have started to take on their new routine in the Nightingales classroom.

During the first week we have been starting to learn our ‘hello’ song for morning and afternoon registration. It was amazing to see at the end of the week pupils starting to become aware of when their name was going to be called.

Pupils were able to enjoy the lovely weather at the start of the week meeting familiar faces of staff and peers whilst being able to access the playground and using their walkers.

In class pupils have started to cover life skills through learning to brush hair and brushing teeth. Through weekly repetition we are working towards pupils becoming independent in the process of bringing the tooth brush to their mouth or being able to grasp a hair brush and begin to brush their own hair.

We have had some lovely intensive interaction activity taking place this week. Intensive interaction is an important part of communicating with our learners and will be a daily activity seen in the Nightingales classroom.