Recycling Week

Nightingales have been recycling milk cartons this week to use as plant pots. We explored stimuli that had different textural properties for decorating -glitter, tissue paper and paint. During the exploration activity we worked on communication by choosing what they would like on the plant pot. Learners were able to develop fine motor skills by being supported to grasp a paint brush and use it purposefully or use a pincer grasp to pick up the tissue paper to stick on to the carton.

Once the pots were decorated we moved on to planting our daffodils. Learners were able to explore the texture of the soil using their hands with many investigating by smelling or rubbing the soil between their fingers. Learners were given the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills through the use of the spade and the watering can.

Nightingales have some excellent gardeners! They are superstars – well done!

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