Hard Working Nightingales

Nightingales have worked very hard at developing communication, physical and cognitive skills this week. Intensive interaction is always an integral part of our week in the Nightingales Class and this week we are starting to see pupils fully engage in the process. Having our consistent routine in class has enabled the pupils to develop an awareness and anticipation of the activities and build tolerance to the use of physio equipment or physio exercises. Importantly it enables staff to see the pupils developmental progress by seeing the changes over time.

This week Nightingales have started to explore upcoming celebrations in ‘What’s in the box’. It’s important for our pupils that we give them time to explore stimuli and we allow them to do the activity more than once over a period of time. Our current ‘what’s in the box’ celebration is ‘Diwali’. A range of senses are used to explore ‘Diwali’. We used our noses to smell the spices, our ears to listen to the sound of the bangles as they moved on our wrists, the touch of the sarees with the amazing embroidery but also using our eyes to look at the bright colours of the beautiful sarees.
The Nightingales class would like to say a big thank you to Tina Mistry who kindly donated the beautiful sarees and bangles for the pupils to explore for our ‘Diwali’ exploration.

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