Swimming – Physiotherapy & Social Interaction

Ben,Oakwood’s physiotherapist, has been joining the pupils in the pool. Being in the pool is a vital part of our pupils physical development. Ben is able to spend time with individual pupils promoting movements of their joints and working on their physical management plans. Importantly the warm water helps our pupils muscle tone to relax and decrease spasticity.

In swimming we have also been joining our sessions with Rabbits which allows us to promote social interaction. We have missed being able to interact with other classes so being about to bring pupils together is brilliant.

Nightingales love their swimming sessions and enjoy the calming environment in which we promote. We use stimuli to promote fine motor skills such as passing the ball and use songs such as ‘I’m a little tea pot’ to promote communication. Nightingales have carried out intensive interaction in the pool this week so when the child splashes we splash back and the pupils show great joy to this play activity.

The Sensory Room – Body Awareness and Creative Movement

Nightingales have been exploring body awareness and creative movement whilst in the sensory room. Pupils explore a range of stimuli which encourages their bodies to move for example reaching for the shakers or catching the bubbles and for body awareness we use cold and tapping of the body. During the session Nightingales have access to the interactive floor which lets us see how pupils track moving stimuli e.g. the fish but the interactive floor will also respond when the pupil touches the floor by the water rippling as contact is made. We have been observing this week whether pupils are of aware that their actions are causing effects.

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