Sensory Halloween

Nightingales have enjoyed the start of our sensory Halloween activities! On arrival into class on Monday morning, pupils were able to explore the Halloween sensory den. Pupils were able to use their gross motor skills by reaching up for the hanging stimuli and then use their fine motor skills to swipe, grasp or manipulate. The sensory den has also enabled pupils to show visual awareness through noticing the stimuli. There were torches in the sensory den which helped support learners visual awareness by making stimuli more prominent but also directing the pupils vision towards stimuli.

Tactile Halloween

Nightingales has been exploring stimuli which offer varying properties for the pupils to experience. The Nightingales got very messy during our explorations! In one lesson we explored spaghetti worms which offered different visual colours and an opportunity to seek out the spiders hidden within the spaghetti. The contrast experience was slime in which divided opinions. Many learners used a finger in isolation to examine this stimuli when others went in with their whole hands. Those that used a finger in isolation were very unsure about this stimuli.

Continuing with exploring the varying properties of stimuli, the Nightingales got creative using ice paint and paint gloves. The gloves were filled with paint and contained holes so this enabled learners to build awareness of cause and effect e.g. if I squeeze this object something will happen. Like the slime , the ice divided opinions. We observed learners liked the effect of the paint squirting out of the glove and being able to spread the paint across the table. During the ice experience we noted learners didn’t like to pick up the ice but to swipe it across the tray or table.

Nightingales will be revisiting our tactile experiences to build awareness of varying tactile stimuli but also observing whether learners anticipate the stimuli they are going to explore.

It’s been a lovely messy week Nightingales and we look forward to doing it again next week!

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