Celebration Time!

Nightingales have settled back into the familiar routines and have been engaging in lots of activities. This week we have been celebrating Diwali through creative arts. The pupils were given the opportunity to use gross and fine motor skills to explore the stimuli on the painting pendulum activity. Visual tracking was seen by pupils as the paint and glitter fell making marks on the paper below. We used the art to create diva lights which we displayed on the classroom window and the rockets for fireworks in the sensory tent. The pendulum art was a lovely reflection for the festival of colour, Diwali but also a great opportunity for the pupils to use a range of skills to support their development.

Pupils enjoyed the sensory tent for Diwali which was created to allow pupils to enjoy the sensory experience of Diwali. In the tent pupils experienced the smell of cardamom which hung from above , the reflection of lights that bounced off the foil blanket, the sounds of crackles by manipulating the foil blanket, the pops of fireworks as they walked into the tent as their feet touched the bubble wrap and the colourful scarfs for the colourful clothes worn in celebration.

As well as celebrating Diwali , Nightingales also continued their familiar routines. This week in music Thursday, we saw pupils who previously showed little reaction to the music became engaged and even sat on the drum! This is fantastic progress and shows that having a consistent routine and repetition for our pupils is key to their development.

Nightingale pupils also showed fantastic developments when following their physiotherapy management plans this week. One pupil was able to walk further than before half term and tackled an incline walk up the ramp and decline walk down the ramp. We also saw some independent sitting and balancing taking place ,so well done to you all Nightingales!

Star of the Week!

Well done to our star of the week ‘Joshua’! Joshua became engaged in the music session and responded by sitting on the drum, moving his feet across the surface , vocalising and moving his arms. This is a fantastic development and it was lovely to see Joshua so happy with the activity taking place.

Well done to all our Nightingales this week! All the team are super proud of their developments this week!

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