Children in Need

For creative this week we have been exploring splashes of colour to create Pudsey’s eye patch. Pupils were given the opportunity to use a range of fine motor skills during these activities. Pupils had access to a tuff tray which had small puddles of paint and two different textural balls. Some pupils reached and swiped their hands through the wet paint when others reached in for the balls. It gave an opportunity to observe pupils visual awareness but also preference of textures. We observed some pupils disliked the spiky ball and would always seek out the smooth ball. In addition to reaching into the tuff tray, pupils would push the balls, grasp and manipulate by throwing or rolling them around in the tray. Not only were some pupils using fine motor skills we had pupils developing their standing balance. Using the tuff tray at a height enables the pupil to stand at the tray and for some of our learners a standing balance is a key part of their physiotherapy management plan.

The use of fine motor skills created some wonderful patterns in the tuff tray which was then cut out into small circles by the Nightingales team. The pupils then used their fingers to pick up the small circles and with the support by the Nightingales team, stick them to Pudsey’s ears. Our Nightingales did fabulous !

As well as being creative with paint the Nightingales explored the ingredients to decorate cupcakes. The ingredients explored were the icing sugar in dry and wet form, sprinkles, rolled icing and the cupcakes. We themed our activity for Children in Need so we had yellow runny icing and colourful rolled icing balls. By exploring the different textures we are able to observe pupils preferences by the choices they make by showing likes and dislikes of textures.

Nightingales have also been doing some fantastic developments in their Well-being and Physical lessons this week. Following their physiotherapy management plans and increasing the time on their individual exercises to independently holding a toothbrush and tolerating having their hair brushed have been observed this week. Well done Nightingales!

Star of the Week!

Well done to Zahra for being Nightingales star of the week! Zahra has showed some fantastic engagement in activities this week. Zahra shows great termination when working on her independent sitting and will always try again if she loses her balance. Well done Zahra! You are a superstar princess!

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