Exploring Chinese New Year!

This week in ‘Creative’ the Nightingales have started to explore Chinese New Year. To explore Chinese New Year, the children have had an opportunity to experience activities which covered the range of senses. The children enjoyed:

# the sounds of Chinese music by pressing the Big Mac switch

# the tastes of China by trying Lychees, Mandarins, fortune cookies and prawn crackers during snack time

#the visual experiences of red and gold through Chinese New Year decorations

# reaching hanging decorations which made a noise as they are moved

#the touch of the wet Noodles in the wok

#the placing of gold coins into the traditional red envelopes given at new year.

The Nightingales children loved exploring Chinese New Year and we will continue to explore this for the next two weeks in ‘Creative’ looking for anticipation and awareness of the objects. The children were not too keen on the Lychees but we will try them again next week! The Prawn Crackers were a hit with the children and were the favourite out of all the Chinese food experiences.

Excellent reaching and working together with peers! The children loved the sounds of the beads as they fell into their trays!

Excellent walking with support! Was brilliant to see reaching and letting go of the adults hand to access the hanging objects. Well done!

Nightingales Star of the Week

Well done to Elliot! Elliot is Nightingales star of the week! Elliot has shown excellent engagement and motivation during activities across the week. Elliot has shown awareness of different stimuli showing likes of the gold coins and dislikes of the wet noodles. We have had lots of smiles and laughs this week!

Have a lovely weekend – The Nightingales Team

Problem Solving and Caring for Self and Others

Problem Solving – Cause and Effect

In Nightingales the children are always encouraged to use problem solving skills in many of the class activities but this term we are focusing in on cause and effect. Specifically stimuli that is activated using a switch or buttons. We are looking for the children to connect when the switch is pressed that something will happen. But also are the children aware they are in control of what is happening. The children enjoyed exploring many of the different objects and toys which gave the children tactile, auditory and visual experiences. The children experienced the wind of the fan on their body, the visual flashing disco lights, a vibrating pillow under their head and the moving sounding toys. The horse was a big favourite for some children!

Caring for Self & Others

Nightingales looked at their well being in the autumn term exploring teeth brushing, brushing their hair , washing hands/face and massage. These important activities will continue in the spring term but we have also added looking after others to well being. For looking after others the children are exploring a baby doll and helping support washing and dressing. It has been a lovely activity for the children where adults saw beaming smiles from the children and brilliant engagement as they cared for the baby.

Nightingales Star of the Week

Our star of the week is Joshua! Joshua has worked so hard this week. Joshua is increasing his engagement time and this is fantastic! We have had lots of smiles and it’s amazing to see him respond to new and familiar activities. Well done Joshua! We are all very proud of you.

Have a lovely weekend – The Nightingales Team

Hardworking Nightingales

This week we started to explore our story for the spring term ‘Roaring Rockets’. The story has been brought to life with interesting stimuli for the children to explore. The children encountered rockets, space helmets, sounds of counting down to take off and the vibration of the space ships. We will continue to explore ‘Roaring Rockets’ over the spring term building awareness of the stimuli and observing how the children respond.

The Nightingales children have also been exploring the nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ this week. We observed some fantastic responses from the star canopy. The children showed interest by reaching for the stars and grasping them to pull them down. We also heard some pupils attempt to verbally say the word ‘star’ which is fantastic.

The Nightingales have done super following their physiotherapy management plans this week. Physiotherapy exercises are very important for the Nightingale children and it’s something we ensure is done daily. To see developments occur, such as starting to take a few independent steps or being able to crawl across the room has been amazing to see! Well done to all our Nightingales this week! They are all amazing.

Stars of the Week!

Nightingales have two stars of the week! Our first star of the week is Imogen. Imogen has started to take more independent steps in the classroom. This is amazing progress. Imogen has loved exploring the story ‘roaring rockets ‘ this week. Imogen visually tracked the rockets, laughing when the familiar adult made the rocket sounds and loved the space buggy which vibrated! Giggling when it was placed on to her body. Well done Imogen!

Our second superstar of the week is Tom. Tom has done fantastic in his physiotherapy activities this week! Walking with support from familiar adults in and out of the classroom. Tom has been crawling to the different environments in the classroom and practicing his sitting balance. Tom you are doing amazing – well done!

Have a lovely weekend – The Nightingales Team

Welcome to the Spring Term

The spring term welcomes a new topic for our Nightingales. The Nightingales children will be exploring ‘Space’. The topic will be covered in creative, communication and physical movements.

  • Creative – The children will be exploring sensory stimuli in creative which enables them to experience different textural objects and allowing them to carrying fine motor skills exercises.
  • Communication – The literacy focus will be the books ‘ Roaring Rockets’ and ‘On the Moon’. Both stories are delivered to give the children a sensory experience by using relevant objects to bring the stories to life.
  • Within physical movements the Nightingales will experience body awareness and movement whilst in the sensory room. There will be bubbles demonstrating the planets, reaching for ribbons which refer to spaceships roaring into space, heat objects for the sun, swaying of the body as a space man floats in space and the smell of returning to earth by using scents.

Space in the Sensory Room

The children enjoyed their first space experience in the sensory room this week. The children explored the interactive floor visually tracking the movements of the stars and reaching to touch the interactive mat which in turn creates more stars to appear. When exploring heat the children were given foil blankets and heated blankets. The foil blankets were a favourite because of the noise they made as the children moved but also a fantastic reflection they gave from the space images which are projected on to the interactive floor/wall.


During creative the children explored the ‘on the moon’ tuff tray where moon rocks were collected, space buggies were driven through the moon sand and space boots and helmet were explored.

During creative this week the children also explored play dough and moon rocks. Showing preferences of textures for example the soft dark play dough or the shiny silver moon rock. There was also puffy paint which the children used to create planets for the classroom display.

There was some dry but chilly weather this week but we wrapped up warm and got some fresh air. Some children also worked on their gross motor skills.

Have a lovely weekend.
The Nightingales Team

We Wish You a Merry Christmas !

We have reached the end of 2021 and completed the first half of the academic year. The Nightingales team are so proud of our Nightingales children. The developments we have observed since September have been lovely to see but also hearing some children saying single words and using them in context has been amazing.

The autumn term saw us explore the animal kingdom whereby the children engaged in sensory stories for ‘dear zoo’, ‘oh dear’ and ‘we’re roaming in the rainforest’. We celebrated a range of events through sensory experiences such as Diwali, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Remembrance and Christmas by exploring music, special clothing, smells, tastes and objects.

The children have loved creative Wednesday mornings where we have got very messy with glitter and paint through many creative ways such as using baubles, bells and balls to create marks. The children also planted daffodils. And they are starting to grow!

Physiotherapy is a big part of our daily routine in Nightingales and is key to the children’s development. The consistent routine has allowed the children to become familiar with the equipment and the exercises that are required in their plan. Swimming is the children’s favourite part of the week and we see lots smiles and laughing in this session.

Stars of the Week

We want to celebrate all our Nightingales! They are amazing children and deserve a huge clap for all their hard work!

Christmas Celebrations

As we end this term the Nightingales have enjoyed a visit from Santa who delivered presents with his elf. Nightingales also enjoyed a Christmas party breakfast where we enjoyed croissants, pancakes, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

The Nightingales team would like to thank you for the cards and gifts received and we all wish you a safe and merry Christmas.

Clare, Denise, Amanda, Lauren , Brodie