We Wish You a Merry Christmas !

We have reached the end of 2021 and completed the first half of the academic year. The Nightingales team are so proud of our Nightingales children. The developments we have observed since September have been lovely to see but also hearing some children saying single words and using them in context has been amazing.

The autumn term saw us explore the animal kingdom whereby the children engaged in sensory stories for ‘dear zoo’, ‘oh dear’ and ‘we’re roaming in the rainforest’. We celebrated a range of events through sensory experiences such as Diwali, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Remembrance and Christmas by exploring music, special clothing, smells, tastes and objects.

The children have loved creative Wednesday mornings where we have got very messy with glitter and paint through many creative ways such as using baubles, bells and balls to create marks. The children also planted daffodils. And they are starting to grow!

Physiotherapy is a big part of our daily routine in Nightingales and is key to the children’s development. The consistent routine has allowed the children to become familiar with the equipment and the exercises that are required in their plan. Swimming is the children’s favourite part of the week and we see lots smiles and laughing in this session.

Stars of the Week

We want to celebrate all our Nightingales! They are amazing children and deserve a huge clap for all their hard work!

Christmas Celebrations

As we end this term the Nightingales have enjoyed a visit from Santa who delivered presents with his elf. Nightingales also enjoyed a Christmas party breakfast where we enjoyed croissants, pancakes, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

The Nightingales team would like to thank you for the cards and gifts received and we all wish you a safe and merry Christmas.

Clare, Denise, Amanda, Lauren , Brodie

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