Welcome to the Spring Term

The spring term welcomes a new topic for our Nightingales. The Nightingales children will be exploring ‘Space’. The topic will be covered in creative, communication and physical movements.

  • Creative – The children will be exploring sensory stimuli in creative which enables them to experience different textural objects and allowing them to carrying fine motor skills exercises.
  • Communication – The literacy focus will be the books ‘ Roaring Rockets’ and ‘On the Moon’. Both stories are delivered to give the children a sensory experience by using relevant objects to bring the stories to life.
  • Within physical movements the Nightingales will experience body awareness and movement whilst in the sensory room. There will be bubbles demonstrating the planets, reaching for ribbons which refer to spaceships roaring into space, heat objects for the sun, swaying of the body as a space man floats in space and the smell of returning to earth by using scents.

Space in the Sensory Room

The children enjoyed their first space experience in the sensory room this week. The children explored the interactive floor visually tracking the movements of the stars and reaching to touch the interactive mat which in turn creates more stars to appear. When exploring heat the children were given foil blankets and heated blankets. The foil blankets were a favourite because of the noise they made as the children moved but also a fantastic reflection they gave from the space images which are projected on to the interactive floor/wall.


During creative the children explored the ‘on the moon’ tuff tray where moon rocks were collected, space buggies were driven through the moon sand and space boots and helmet were explored.

During creative this week the children also explored play dough and moon rocks. Showing preferences of textures for example the soft dark play dough or the shiny silver moon rock. There was also puffy paint which the children used to create planets for the classroom display.

There was some dry but chilly weather this week but we wrapped up warm and got some fresh air. Some children also worked on their gross motor skills.

Have a lovely weekend.
The Nightingales Team

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