Hardworking Nightingales

This week we started to explore our story for the spring term ‘Roaring Rockets’. The story has been brought to life with interesting stimuli for the children to explore. The children encountered rockets, space helmets, sounds of counting down to take off and the vibration of the space ships. We will continue to explore ‘Roaring Rockets’ over the spring term building awareness of the stimuli and observing how the children respond.

The Nightingales children have also been exploring the nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ this week. We observed some fantastic responses from the star canopy. The children showed interest by reaching for the stars and grasping them to pull them down. We also heard some pupils attempt to verbally say the word ‘star’ which is fantastic.

The Nightingales have done super following their physiotherapy management plans this week. Physiotherapy exercises are very important for the Nightingale children and it’s something we ensure is done daily. To see developments occur, such as starting to take a few independent steps or being able to crawl across the room has been amazing to see! Well done to all our Nightingales this week! They are all amazing.

Stars of the Week!

Nightingales have two stars of the week! Our first star of the week is Imogen. Imogen has started to take more independent steps in the classroom. This is amazing progress. Imogen has loved exploring the story ‘roaring rockets ‘ this week. Imogen visually tracked the rockets, laughing when the familiar adult made the rocket sounds and loved the space buggy which vibrated! Giggling when it was placed on to her body. Well done Imogen!

Our second superstar of the week is Tom. Tom has done fantastic in his physiotherapy activities this week! Walking with support from familiar adults in and out of the classroom. Tom has been crawling to the different environments in the classroom and practicing his sitting balance. Tom you are doing amazing – well done!

Have a lovely weekend – The Nightingales Team

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