Problem Solving and Caring for Self and Others

Problem Solving – Cause and Effect

In Nightingales the children are always encouraged to use problem solving skills in many of the class activities but this term we are focusing in on cause and effect. Specifically stimuli that is activated using a switch or buttons. We are looking for the children to connect when the switch is pressed that something will happen. But also are the children aware they are in control of what is happening. The children enjoyed exploring many of the different objects and toys which gave the children tactile, auditory and visual experiences. The children experienced the wind of the fan on their body, the visual flashing disco lights, a vibrating pillow under their head and the moving sounding toys. The horse was a big favourite for some children!

Caring for Self & Others

Nightingales looked at their well being in the autumn term exploring teeth brushing, brushing their hair , washing hands/face and massage. These important activities will continue in the spring term but we have also added looking after others to well being. For looking after others the children are exploring a baby doll and helping support washing and dressing. It has been a lovely activity for the children where adults saw beaming smiles from the children and brilliant engagement as they cared for the baby.

Nightingales Star of the Week

Our star of the week is Joshua! Joshua has worked so hard this week. Joshua is increasing his engagement time and this is fantastic! We have had lots of smiles and it’s amazing to see him respond to new and familiar activities. Well done Joshua! We are all very proud of you.

Have a lovely weekend – The Nightingales Team

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