Exploring Chinese New Year!

This week in ‘Creative’ the Nightingales have started to explore Chinese New Year. To explore Chinese New Year, the children have had an opportunity to experience activities which covered the range of senses. The children enjoyed:

# the sounds of Chinese music by pressing the Big Mac switch

# the tastes of China by trying Lychees, Mandarins, fortune cookies and prawn crackers during snack time

#the visual experiences of red and gold through Chinese New Year decorations

# reaching hanging decorations which made a noise as they are moved

#the touch of the wet Noodles in the wok

#the placing of gold coins into the traditional red envelopes given at new year.

The Nightingales children loved exploring Chinese New Year and we will continue to explore this for the next two weeks in ‘Creative’ looking for anticipation and awareness of the objects. The children were not too keen on the Lychees but we will try them again next week! The Prawn Crackers were a hit with the children and were the favourite out of all the Chinese food experiences.

Excellent reaching and working together with peers! The children loved the sounds of the beads as they fell into their trays!

Excellent walking with support! Was brilliant to see reaching and letting go of the adults hand to access the hanging objects. Well done!

Nightingales Star of the Week

Well done to Elliot! Elliot is Nightingales star of the week! Elliot has shown excellent engagement and motivation during activities across the week. Elliot has shown awareness of different stimuli showing likes of the gold coins and dislikes of the wet noodles. We have had lots of smiles and laughs this week!

Have a lovely weekend – The Nightingales Team

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