End of Spring Term 1

Lovely end to our first spring term with the valentines disco! The children enjoyed the music and party food.

The Nightingales children have had a busy term engaging in a range activities covering the topics of space, chinese new year and valentines. We have seen some lovely responses in sessions over the term and seeing the children start to anticipate whats happening next is fantastic. It reinforces a consistent routine for our children works and gives the children the opportunity to build awareness and anticipation.

Some lovely moments that were captured :

Have a lovely half term! – The Nightingales Team

Love & Care

This week our Nightingales have been exploring Valentines in creative. We carried over our red theme from Chinese new year to valentines. There was a central tuff tray where resources could be taken for the children to explore. There was a big mac switch which when pressed played a love song, roses in a jar where we saw a child give them to nurse Sue when she visited our room, strawberry scented play dough for fine motor skill exercises and shaking jars to create noise.

The Nightingales used the painting pendulum to create valentines art. Reaching for the bottles of red paint and the white tubs which contained red glitter and red hearts. As the children reach , swipe or grasp marks are created on the white paper below. We saw children visually notice the marks created with some moving their hands through the paint.

Nightingales explored Valentines through a number of different activities such as catching the heart confetti as it fell, collecting the hearts and placing them into a jar , reaching for the hanging objects on the A-Frame where two objects were springy and the children loved it as they bounced back as they pulled.

Its children’s mental health week. The mental wellbeing for our Nightingales is always a weekly focus through consistent routines, massage sessions, movement opportunities and experiencing music. The children respond so well to the weekly massage sessions where we are seeing communication development by asking for ’more’ or ’finished’ by signing using Makaton, verbal or gestures.

Using bubbles is another great way of celebrating mental wellbeing in Nightingales. The smiles we see are lovely when the bubble machine is out.

Star of the Week!

Our star of the week is BS. BS has shown some excellent independent eating by holding his fork, loading the fork and bringing it to his mouth. BS has shown perseverance and great determination. Well Done!

We have a second star of the week and thats Elliot! Elliot has done amazing at eating! From refusing to eat to now eating yoghurt, mousse, wotsits and mash potato. We are all so proud of Elliot! Well done!

It was also Elliots birthday this week and we celebrated with a cake that Elliots mum kindly brought into school. Happy Birthday Elliot! And thank you to Elliots Mum.

Have a lovely weekend – The Nightingales Team.

Highlights of the Week

Our Nightingales have been busy following their daily routines and enjoyed the introduction of the foot spa to Tuesdays well being session! We have introduced the foot spa to give the the learner an experience of vibration and bubbles which in turn allows our Nightingales to show preferences by seeing how the children respond when its turn on or off. The children loved the foot spa and they were all eager to have go.

The Nightingales showed some lovely responses in music by reaching and sharing with their friends at the A Frame.

The Nightingales continued their exploration of Chinese New Year this week. Some of the children loved the Mandarins this week when they wasn’t to keen last week.

The Nightingales are showing some lovely responses in the sensory room as we explore body awareness and movement.

Nightingales Star of the Week

The Nightingales star of the week is Tom. Tom showed excellent engagement in music this week. Tom concentrated on the beats made on the drum and noticed the staff were copying the number of taps he made on the drum by stopping and looking at the staff. Tom then continued again as did the staff copying him. Tom looked at the staff with interest. Music is a favourite lesson for Tom as it is for all our Nightingales children.

Have a lovely weekend – The Nightingales Team