Welcome to Spring Term 2 & World Book Week 2022

A busy first week back with lots of fantastic engagement taking place. For two weeks Nightingales will have Ellie join our staffing team. Ellie is currently undertaking her PGCE at University College Birmingham and has come to Oakwood to gain experience in Special Needs education. Our Nightingales children have loved Ellie in class this week and have given her a lovely welcome into our classroom.

At the start of the week the Nightingales loved their wellbeing session with massage, foot spa and how to take care of themselves by exploring teeth brushing, hair care ( using a hair brush or a hair dryer) and looking at their reflections in a mirror. The well being session is a favourite with our Nightingales.

We had some dry days so was able to do some walking practice up and down slopes. Accessing outside gives the Nightingales children more area to practice their walking but being outside is great for mental wellbeing.

In the cause and effect session we are seeing the children explore the switches to activate the toys, lights or fans. Lots of smiles when stimuli (toys, lights or fan) was activated. We will continue to work on cause and effect sessions weekly for the children to develop the connection that they are controlling the stimuli.

We had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Week. It was lovely to see some of the children dressed up ,so thank you to our Nightingale parents.

During World Book Week the Nightingales children took part in activities that related to the book ’oh dear’. There was a duck pond to explore, a milking cow station, finding the hidden eggs in the wooden boxes and exploring the animals stuck in the mud with a switch that activated the song ’Old McDonald’. We observed some lovely sharing and social interaction taking place at the duck pond between some of the Nightingales children.

We celebrated a birthday this week! We would like to say a big Happy 21st Birthday to one of our Nightingales teaching assistants – Brodie! The children had birthday cake and we had party songs with the parachute to celebrate.

Well done Nightingales for always working hard. All our Nightingales were stars this week so they all went home with a small gift or sweet treat.

Have a restful weekend – The Nightingales Team

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