Social Interaction

This week during creative we repeated our world book week activities by bringing back the duck pond and what a success it was. Last week we saw children sharing the space together but this week we saw further developments in this activity by the children looking at each other, vocalising towards each other and all three children placing their hands into the water at the same time. It was fantastic to see these three children playing happily in the water. At the higher level water table we saw standing balance exercises taking place whilst exploring the water and the objects present. In addition we observed children reaching out for the pouring water. We are aiming to do more water play soon and we are going to keep it as a regular activity in the summer term.

During music this week two pupils had some one to one interaction. Sometimes during music the volume of sound can become too loud for some children but we are lucky in Nightingales that we have a lovely space outside our classroom where we can take children to do some quieter engagement.

The Nightingales are continuing their exploration of the stories ’Roaring Rockets’ and ‘How to catch a star’. Both stories give the children the opportunity to stretch their arms to reach for stimuli and then moving on to fine motor skills to grasp and manipulate. We have been seeing lots of anticipation as we count down for the rocket to take off in the story ’roaring rockets’.

The Nightingales enjoyed their wellbeing session this week.

Nightingales stars of the week are Joshua, Tom and Imogen. The three children have engaged and shared an activity together. They all enjoyed each others company. We are so proud of them. Well done!

Nightingales would like to say a big thank you to Ellie who has been with us to gain experience in special needs education. Ellie has been amazing with the children and fitted into team like she had always been here. Ellie has been wonderful by understanding the children’s needs, interacting with the children and sharing her caring nature and smile. Ellie is going to make an amazing teacher (Especially a special needs teacher!) and we wish her all the luck with her PGCE. Thank you for the card and gifts you presented to the children and staff.

Have a lovely weekend – The Nightingales Team.

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