Welcome to Summer Term

We have started our summer term and the topic is ’Summer Holidays!’. We have started to explore summer holidays this week and the children have loved playing in the sand!

This term the children will be exploring the following summer related activities –

Stories – there will be two stories for learners to explore and they are ’Ernest and I’ written by Joanna Grace and ’Look what I found at the seaside’ by Moira Butterfield. Both stories give the children an opportunity to explore objects with different tactile properties and sounds which are common with the beach and ocean. We aim to bring both books to life and bring the ocean and beach into the classroom. Here are some of the moments we captured during the first session of the stories being told this week >

Celebrations – we will be celebrating Ramadan\Eid and the Queens Jubilee this term. This week we started to explore Ramadan. The children used their problem solving skills and fine motors skills at the tuff tray and the pendulum. The children also explored the tastes of Ramadan by trying Dates and Chapatis.

Going on Holiday – the children will be exploring the experiences of a holiday in Italy. There will be a beach, the smells of garlic, lemon, coffee or herbs, the colours of red, white and green, the sounds of music , the weather (warm or windy), the attractions (Leaning Tower of Pisa) and the items we may take on holiday with us. Here are some moments we captured this week >

Sensory Holiday – in the sensory room for the children’s body awareness and movement session the children will experience and explore music related to countries which will be supplemented by smells (Jasmine for Greece), reaching (Flying a kite by reaching for ribbons), movement (shaking the foil blanket to imitate the waves of the ocean), feel (the small fan and feeling the wind on their face) and movements which is encouraged throughout the session as the children explore the different stimuli.

The Nightingales will also have familiar routines and sessions such as wellbeing, music, physical activity and free play. The children have loved exploring the start of summer this week and we look forward to seeing more happy smiles.

Have a lovely long weekend – The Nightingales Team.

Have a lovely Easter

Nightingales and Owls have joined together this week. Unfortunately we have had some poorly Owls and Nightingales this week. We all hope you feel better soon! Nightingales may also appear in the Owl blog so make sure you take a look.

We have enjoyed Easter exploration and hunting for the easter eggs. Eggs were hidden in boxes, containers , the tuff tray amongst the straw and under material. Lots of problem solving skills was required when hunting for the eggs. The children loved the straw and were seen manipulating, raising their arms, to then releasing it and then watching it fall.

The switch was a favourite in the tuff tray – we saw awareness of the sound because of the switch being brought to the ear and pressing the switch when the sound disappeared. We saw some fantastic reaching at the Easter pendulum and cause and effect skills took place at the rabbit tray by pressing the switch and making the rabbit move and sound.

We hope you have a lovely half term – The Nightingales Team.

Easter & Holi

This week the weather decided to return to winter but Nightingales are preparing for Mr Sun mans return and have been preparing our herb garden by planting seeds into pots. We have lots more seeds to SOW so we will be continuing this.

Nightingales have started exploring Easter. There was an Easter tuff tray with straw, different sized eggs with some opening hiding a surprise and little chickens were scattered hidden in the straw. The Easter pendulum had different sized eggs that could open for a surprise, shake for noise or pull and spring back. We have seen excellent use of problem solving and fine motor skills.

There is a new swing in the green room and Nightingales have been testing it out. We saw some excellent communication whereby we saw the request for ‘more’ through Makaton signing.

Nightingales have been exploring the Holi festival for the past couple of weeks. As you have seen in a previous blog the children had the opportunity to explore the holi coloured powder used in the festival celebration. We also had colourful balloons and we released the air so the children experienced the rush of air on their skin. We saw excellent body awareness where the children would laugh and smile at the sensation. To complete our Holi celebration there was face painting and decorating biscuits with colourful decorations.

We celebrated a birthday in Nightingales and we would like to say a Happy Birthday to Tom. A big thank you to Toms Mum and Dad for the birthday cake and chocolate buttons which was shared with his friends. Have a lovely birthday weekend Tom!

Have a lovely weekend – The Nightingales Team.