Have a lovely Easter

Nightingales and Owls have joined together this week. Unfortunately we have had some poorly Owls and Nightingales this week. We all hope you feel better soon! Nightingales may also appear in the Owl blog so make sure you take a look.

We have enjoyed Easter exploration and hunting for the easter eggs. Eggs were hidden in boxes, containers , the tuff tray amongst the straw and under material. Lots of problem solving skills was required when hunting for the eggs. The children loved the straw and were seen manipulating, raising their arms, to then releasing it and then watching it fall.

The switch was a favourite in the tuff tray – we saw awareness of the sound because of the switch being brought to the ear and pressing the switch when the sound disappeared. We saw some fantastic reaching at the Easter pendulum and cause and effect skills took place at the rabbit tray by pressing the switch and making the rabbit move and sound.

We hope you have a lovely half term – The Nightingales Team.

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