Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak to our families! We have been sent some lovely photos of one of our Nightingales children celebrating Eid this week with their family. Zahra you look beautiful!

In class the children continued to explore Ramadan and Eid by accessing the pendulum to reach and manipulate the bottles and cups to make gold and yellow markings on the black paper on the floor.

We saw some excellent physical development skills being put in to action during the Eid sessions. Pupils accessing different environments by walking and also standing when using the tuff tray.

The swimming pool has been fixed and Nightingales had their weekly swimming session. Physio Ben was present alongside Jack who is an OT for Walsall. We saw lots of whole body movements, reaching for stimuli in the water and splashing!

During music this week we have added a music pendulum to enable some of our children to access drums or tambourines suitable to their current physical ability but also offering a challenge to develop their physical skills. It was a big hit! we even saw some children who were accessing the drum session come over independently to explore.

We saw children in the drumming group explore by reaching for the drum and banging. Others enjoyed the sound of the drum from a distance and showed their enjoyment by moving their body and vocalising.

Nightingales star of the week is Joshua! Joshua was fantastic during music this week. Joshua requested more drumming by placing his hand on the drum. When the drum was not sounded Joshua would start to vocalise towards the familiar adult. Well done Joshua , we are seeing some lovely moments of communication development.

Have a lovely weekend – The Nightingales Team.

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