Busy Nightingales

Our Nightingales have been busy developing lots of skills this week. At the start of the week we had Amy from SALT come in for communication development. The children enjoyed Amy’s letter box game, cars and bubbles.

The children have been working hard towards their physical development targets. We are seeing lots of rolling, tummy time , crawling and walking happening. Our Nightingales work very hard towards their physical development skills on a daily basis and we couldn’t be prouder of them. Here are some of our highlights from physical development.

Nightingales have also been outside riding the bikes and enjoying the swing at playtime. We have a new bike in the playground and some of our Nightingales had go on it.

The children have loved exploring the Italian sensory holiday. Water, sand, boats, shells , garlic, Italian music and sun glasses were explored this week.

We had one Nightingale go to a football match this week! Elliots Mum has shared some photos of Elliot enjoying the Villa match. Elliot enjoyed going on the train and we heard Elliot loved it when a goal was scored and everyone cheered! Elliot you look like you enjoyed your evening out at the football.

Our star of the week is BS. BS has been eating his lunch well and trying new cutlery in the process. Well done!

Thank you to our hard working Nightingales children and staff this week. Everyone enjoy the weather and have a lovely weekend.

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