Celebrating the Queens Jubilee

This week the Nightingales have been exploring the Queens Jubilee. There was tea making by exploring the smells of biscuit tea and peppermint tea , reaching for the cups and tea pots and noticing the water pour from the teapot. The peppermint tea was not a favourite but the biscuit flavoured tea was! The tuff tray then turned into tea water play as all the water was released from the teapots. We will be continuing this activity for a number of weeks to enable us to see further responses and how the children engage with the activity as it becomes familiar to them.

Nightingales also had the exciting task of looking for the Queens jewels. The jewels could be found hanging on the pendulum either insight or the children had to use their problems solving skills to see what was in the bags. We also had a Queens tuff tray on the floor for our children that like to crawl to different environments.

Some of our children were shown the Queens Jewells on adults fingers where we saw Zahra reach for the ring, grasp the ring and then removing it from the adults finger. Zahra concentrated very hard on doing this so well done Zahra!

At the pendulum were also switches which had the national anthem song which could be activated when the children pressed the switch. The switch was a big hit with Tom! The switch would be brought to his ear to listen closely and he would press the switch when the song had finished. !

We had a lovely music session this week where we saw pupils requesting ’more’ by banging the drum, pupils noticing the sounds and turning towards them and we saw some fantastic reaching for musical instruments.

Nightingales star of the week is Elliot! Elliot has done amazing at attempting to eat his snacks and lunch this week. The staff are so proud of you today when you had two plates of chips and cake! This is amazing progress and from the Nightingales team WELL DONE! Keep it up Elliot!

Thank you Nightingales children and staff for your hard work once again this week.
Have a lovely weekend.

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