New Class Chairs

Its been an exciting week for the Nightingales with the arrival of three brand new class chairs. Postural care for our Nightingales children is so important because not being comfortable can have a big impact on the children’s engagement. Three of the Nightingales children were measured for new chairs in February and with some delays due to parts being unable to arrive from Poland they finally arrived in school.

Tony from RMS came in to class with OT Jack and fitted the children into their new chairs. We are so proud of the children who allowed Tony to make changes where required to ensure their chairs were right for them. The Nightingales children and staff would like to thank Tony from RMS for fitting the chairs and OT Jack who has worked so hard with our class to ensure they get the right postural seating.

The children look fabulous in their new chairs and its giving them the correct postural position they require and they have a tray which allows them to have the correct access to activities and eating and drinking.

This week OT Jack has also come in to support with upper body exercises for some of our Nightingales children. Physical Development is a key component of our curriculum and working with Occupational therapists enables us to provide the children with the correct support.

Nightingales continued to explore the Queens Jubilee this week. The children have loved exploring tea again. The big tea pot was a favourite because the children were able to place their hands inside the tea pot. We saw some lovely visual awareness as the water was poured and the children would reach for the pouring water. This in turned also supported their physical skills by stretching their arms up into the air. Some children liked taking the lid off the tea pot and dropping it on the floor and enjoying the loud sound it made.

The first week back after half term the school will be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee. On Friday 10th June in the afternoon the children will be having a tea party so the children are welcome to wear their party clothes.

Have a lovely half term and thank you to the Nightingales children and staff for their hard work.

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