Queens Jubilee Celebrations

A short week this week for our Nightingales but the children have been busy getting back into routine of using their equipment and following their physiotherapy plans. This week we have been exploring the Queens Jubilee through creative art. We had vertical painting on the wall which is fantastic for the children’s physical development because it uses the midline section of their body by reaching forward to the paper. Also because the paper is in front of them rather than below on a tray table, it helps to maintain their visual attention as the paper is closer to their eyes. During this activity we didn’t just use brushes and rollers we used balls. The balls we used not only for a fun but it encourages the children to grasp and then release. The aim is then for the children to notice the marks they make with the ball. The ball also makes a sound when it hits the papers so we can look for auditory awareness. Vertical painting will be an activity that we will continue as we see it encourages some lovely stretches with the children’s arms and for some of our Nightingales they need to become familiar with the activity before we start to see further engagement. In creative Nightingales also had pendulum painting with lots of glitter and jewels to explore. The jewels made a lovely sound in the bowls as the children explored the bowls with their hands. Some children took the jewels from the bowls and dropped them to the paper and we saw them visually track where the jewels had gone as the jewels made a sound as they hit the floor.

This week we have also had student teacher Megan in class who has been learning about how we engage our Nightingale children in school. Megan has been a great help this week and we have all enjoyed having her in class. Thank you for visiting Megan!

On Friday afternoon Nightingales had Jubilee celebrations outside. It was very windy! There were crisps and paper plates flying away! The children enjoyed the music being played and the cakes and sandwiches.

Have a lovely weekend!

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