Bumblebees bug hunt

We looked at what Autumn and the changes it brings means to our bug friends. We gathered some autumnal foliage and explored the wildlife within.  It was great creepy crawly fun and all our Bumblebees found something of interest.

Using our fingers!

This week the Bumblebees have been exercising their fingers and hands, in tasks such as squeezing, rolling and cutting malleable textures, threading cotton reels, and finger rhymes. The photos selected feature us making iced flowers.  It is so lovely to see everyone engaged at this group task.

Have a lovely weekend 🐝

Children’s interests

The Bumblebees have all had some choosing time to follow their own interests this week.  Here is a selection of activities for you to see what they have been up to.

Bumble Bees 🐝 busy times

Here is a selection of activities which the Bumble Bees have been up to so far.  We are very proud that they have all settled down well and are learning new skills.  We would be delighted if you could comment on our blogs so that we can read them out to the children.