A rainbow without rain!

Bumblebees class went outside last Thursday when the playground was empty.  We noticed a beautiful rainbow appear in the sky, even though it was not raining.  The sun started to come out though.  We thought you might like to see the photographs we took outside, and perhaps offer your explanation for the appearance of the rainbow.

Food For Life Award

The school is intending to apply for the Bronze Award run by the above scheme.  Bumblebees have contributed by planting some beans into pots, and by collecting all of the leftovers from fruit or vegetables eaten during the day.   We had a selection of vegetables to eat and explore colours and textures. We were all very excited to visit the new compost bin, throw our leftovers in and to give it all a bit of a shakeup!

There will be more news about our endeavours over the next few months.

Bumblebees at work 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

Lots of activities to do about Circus 🎪 particularly physical skills.  We have also had a visitor who has shown us how to pick up litter 🚮 and we had a special Stomp music session with Bev.

Splashing around!

This week we are publishing photographs of the Bumblebees in the water 💦.  As you can see,  they all love their weekly swimming sessions.  Over time , they have learned how to get into the pool safely, as well as floating and to use their limbs in the water.  We hope you agree that they are also having lots of fun!


The Circus Has Come To Bumblebees Class!

The children have all worked well during their first week back from the Christmas break.  They have painted and collaged  clown faces, dressed up in circus clothing and had a go with the juggling balls.  Our classroom door has been decorated, too.  Hope you like it.  P.S.  Do you recognise our resident juggler?

Surprise Visitor!

A  somewhat depleted Bumblebees class had a lovely surprise when they ventured back to the Early Years playground on Thursday afternoon.  Santa and his elf had taken over the gazebo and made a beautiful grotto with presents 😊.




Making bread

We had an exciting time on Tuesday when the ‘Warburtons’ lady came to visit.  We borrowed the older children’s classroom where we explored dough and ingredients to make a fruit loaf.  The adults then took them home to bake;  hope you like their creations 😊


Visit to Lichfield

Bumblebees class had a lovely day out today.  We went on the school minibus to explore Lichfield and its cathedral.  The Christmas Tree exhibition had opened, and we spent some time looking at each one.

After a lovely walk to the Town Centre, we had our lunch in McDonalds, and then it was back to school!




Very busy bumblebees 🐝

The children have been working really well as a group,  painting and sprinkling glitter!  What were they making?  All will be revealed in due course ………😊

Exploring and Making

Bumblebees have been very busy mixing, dyeing and creating their own arrangements in connection with our Diwali celebrations.  Here are a few photographs showing increasing expertise and concentration.