Buzzing in and flying out! 🐝

Hello everyone
This is just a note to say have a lovely school break and we hope to see most of you in September. Don’t forget to look out for school notices on our website and also the app (School Jotter) about any changes in arrangements for returning after the holiday.

We have to say “good luck and goodbye” to two of our bumblebees; Morgan who is leaving Oakwood, and Andre, who is excited about starting at the Oakwood satellite. We do have four new bumblebees for September, and hopefully we will be hearing from them through the Blog later on in the year.
We have to say goodbye to our lady bumblebee Cathy, who is also going over to the satellite. A big thank you for spending time in our hive! We will be joined by a lovely team of teaching assistants, and they will be adding to our Blogs also when we return. Below are some reminders of what we got up to this year. Have a lovely summer 😊🌞☔️🌼

Janet and Gwen x

Rainy Days!

Hello Bumblebees!

This week the lovely sunshine has been replaced with lots of showers. But never mind, it means lots of brilliant puddles to splash in!

Here are some ideas of mucky activities you could do in the garden, or if you can’t get outside you could recreate some mud with flour and water. Make sure you help clean up afterwards!

It’s been so nice to see some of you in school, everyone has grown so much. It won’t be long before we’re all back in school again, enjoying all the familiar activities we enjoy so much.

See you soon Bumblebees,

Janet, Cathy & Gwen xx

Bumblebees’ in and out of school!

Hello everyone 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

By now some of you will have had at least a day in school 🏫 , and some of you are remaining at home until September. It has been a very different school year, but we all hope things will be much better very soon. Don’t forget that you can get in touch by email if you need anything at all to keep you and your family happy. We have people who can deliver work packs if you request something.

Two important events have occurred this weekend. One is the summer solstice – some of you early risers may have watched the sunrise 🌄 at around 4.15am on Saturday. We have celebrated the changing seasons for thousands of years and now we are officially in Summer. It also marks the longest day in the year. We hope you like the photograph below and it might inspire some of you to send a picture of your own. Look at the lovely colours – not just yellow. How many can you see?

The other celebration today, is Fathers’ Day, when we say thank you to our daddies for all they do. We hope that each daddy gets spoiled today with gifts and cards, and that everyone has a great day. Here are some examples of cards and gifts which have been popular over the years. Perhaps you could send in photographs of you and your cards or gifts which you gave to your daddy today?

Remember, stay safe, sign in to Charanga and Makaton for the latest additions, and get crafty with your pictures.

Janet, Cathy and Gwen xxx

Stormy weather 💦☔️⛈

Hello Bumblebees 🐝🐝

We hope you are all well. This week, the dry sunny weather has become very changeable, and we have had lots of rain instead. There was even a very exciting thunderstorm on Saturday night. This is a photograph of how lightening appeared over the Four Oaks TV mast:

Maybe you saw some too, and would like to send in a photograph or a picture you and your family have made. I’ve also put some ideas for rain pictures and activities below, and don’t forget to have a look on Charanga for music and Makaton for the sign of the week. Keep buzzing 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝
Janet, Cathy and Gwen 😊😊😊

Craft ideas for rainy days


Hello bumblebees! I hope you are all well. I’m looking forward to talking to some of your mummies and daddies at our Annual Reviews over the next few weeks; I think some of you may pop up to see who they are talking to! I will give you a wave if you want to say ‘hello’.

Today I would like to share a story with you called “The Very Busy Bee”, written by Jack Tickle. You can find it on YouTube very easily if you search the title of the book.

He also wrote “The very greedy Bee”, if you want to look at that later.

Let me know if you liked the stories, and if you do, how about sending a photo of a drawing or collage you have made, to be included on next week’s blog.

I am finishing the blog with a photograph of Andre and his brother playing in their garden. Our sunny days have gone away for a while – hopefully they will come back again for the summer!

Stay safe everybody. Janet, Cathy and Gwen xx

Calling all bumblebees 🐝🐝🐝

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all still enjoying the lovely weather. In the past few weeks, I’ve had lots of photographs from some of you out and about, or playing in your own gardens, so it certainly looks that way.

Not all of you have been able to get outside much, and have had to find other ways to occupy yourselves. Some of you have been baking – here is a photo I received last week from Mohamad. He certainly looks busy doesn’t he? I’ve also added some of our favourite photographs which show you Bumblebees having fun at home or in school.

Don’t forget to look at Charanga and Makaton websites – they have different resources on them which you might like to join in with.

Hope to see you soon – Janet, Cathy and Gwen xx

Happy Eid!

Hello Bumblebees! 🐝

This weekend is the Muslim festival of Eid, that celebrates the end of Ramadan. Here is a link to the CBeebies websites with some short videos showing how some people celebrate. Happy Eid everyone!

This week promises some more warm weather, so hopefully you can all go outside for fresh air and exercise. I’ve included some examples of activities that you can do in your garden, the park or even just a short walk around home.

Some people have been painting stones, then leaving them outdoors for other people to find. What a lovely idea! Maybe you could do the same, and look for other people’s stones while you’re out.

And finally, why don’t you try a bug or animal hunt? There are plenty of charts to print online, or you could just create a list or take a photo of things you’ve seen. I bet you’ll see lots of bumblebees!


Whatever you do, stay safe and have lots of fun. Please take lots of photos so we can see what wonderful things you’ve been up to.

Lots of love,
Janet, Cathy and Gwen xx 🐝

Celebrations and Fun!

Hello Bumblebees. The weather has been quite kind to us while we’ve been learning at home. I have some photographs of Harrison enjoying lots of outside play, including some hand print painting, which I don’t think he liked much in school. Well done Harrison and your family!You can also see some bunting which Harrison has decorated and put on the outside of his sensory shed to celebrate VE Day on 8th June. Do keep sending in photographs – it is lovely to see you all having fun and learning at the same time – just like you do in school.

Home Learning Challenge!

A lot of you have been pursuing your own interests as well as some school work. I would love to see some of these through a scrapbook, email, or video. For example, “planets” has been a popular interest. If you have made some pictures, or models, then you could send that in or wait until we get back to school. Not all of you will have made things, but you may have found a new song or object that has interested you. I am sure mummies and daddies could help to photograph and send something in. Thank you.

I am also sending everyone an email this week as promised. Don’t forget to look out for yours – I hope you like it!

Janet Cathy and Gwen

VE Day Celebrations

Hello Bumblebees,

I hope you are all well and staying safe at home. This Friday is a special bank holiday as it is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, and some people are planning to celebrate at home by decorating their houses and having a picnic in the garden.

If you’d like to decorate your house, Twinkl have some lovely colouring in pictures to print off, and you could make some bunting. Perhaps you could bake some cakes with your mummy and daddy and have a party at home or a picnic in the garden. We’ve had plenty of practice in school decorating biscuits and cakes and I’m sure you’d all be very good at helping to make some sandwiches!

Gabriel has been busy and has already made some bunting with his little sister, and I think it looks fabulous. Well done Gabriel! He has also been on a lovely walk with his family.

Have a lovely week, Bumblebees. Don’t forget to send us lots of photos of your celebrations!

Love from Janet, Cathy and Gwen xx

Transport activities

Hello Bumblebees, I hope you are still enjoying the wonderful weather.
This week I thought we could look at different forms of transport. Maybe you could count how many cars go past your window, and what colours they are. You could play outside on your bikes and scooters if you have one, or make some boats to float in your paddling pool. I have attached some pictures with some ideas for you, and you can always download some resources on twinkl (

Don’t forget some of our favourite Barefoot Books songs on YouTube – ‘We all go Travelling by’, ‘Portside Pirates’ and ‘Up Up Up’.

Thank you for sending the photos in, I’ll put some more on the blog next week. Keep them coming because we love seeing all the wonderful things that you are doing.

Love from Janet, Cathy and Gwen xx