This week we worked on our cause and effect skills when playing a game of Cosmo. The switches are so lovely and bright and great to touch. We like the Firework game and the Voice, where we record the sounds we make and play them back. It’s such fun.
We also like CBeebies story time and games app too. We can extend our hand to eye coordination when playing the games.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

Chinese New Year

This week Owls had so much fun. It was the week that our school celebrated Chinese New Year. We all developed our fine motor skills when we used gold and red crayons and paint to make a freehand picture. We also had fun banging a big gong to make loud Chinese instrument sounds during music sessions. Our special treat was when children from Rushall visited us to show us their Dragon Dance. We all sat very still in the hall and watched as they danced for us. Some of us joined in too! We then met a very friendly green dragon who made us laugh when he came to say ‘hello’!

We hope you all have a great Half Term break. See you soon

love the Owl Team

Early Maths-Cause and Effect

This week, we have been working on our Early Maths Cause and Effect skills. The Cosmo game is fun and we can all have a go at pressing the glowing switches to activate the games. We engaged well with the “Firework’ game and as we touched the switch, it set off a firework on the IPad screen. It made a loud screech and banging sound which we all thought was fun!
The game was also good for us to practice our turn taking skills too. We all wait , listen and watch our friends taking their turn as we go around the table.
Hope you all have a great weekend!
With love from The Owl Team

Sensory Stories

This week we enjoyed engaging in sensory stories and extending our literacy skills. We all took part in turning the pages and sharing the resources. One of our stories was ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ We enjoyed the story as it has lots of repetitive words we can all join in with and lots of sensory activities linked to it. We swished water when we went through the river , went through a leafy forest, made a dark cave and met a great big bear. We all loved him!
Afterwards, we had Book Club and enjoyed one to one reading sessions with a chosen book. Some of us also had comprehension work, finding and recognising every day objects and matching them to a photo.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
The Owl Team

Book Nook Monitors

We are the Book Nook monitors! This week we have been having fun listening to our Book Nook stories stored in our library area. We have been working on our listening skills, book skills and fine motor skills.

As Book Nook Monitors, we are also checking the book bags to make sure all the resources that we need for our stories are in there too, so we have been very busy!
We liked Dear Zoo and Mrs Honey’s Hat this week and we had lots of fun exploring the resources and learning new Makaton signs.

Have a nice weekend Owl families!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone

We have had such a wonderful Christmastime in Owls this week. Our Christmas performance was magical and enjoyed by all. All of our progress was celebrated and we had fun listening to Christmas songs from Nightingales class and Hillary School Choir.
We also had lots of goodies and Christmas songs at our Christmas party and Santa came too!

Owl Team would like to thank our brilliant parents and carers who have supported us throughout the Autumn Term. Thank you also for your kind thoughts, gifts and cards, they were very much appreciated.
We would all like to wish our fantastic families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Crafts

This week we have been busy making a tree and some decorations to put on it. These activities are good for our fine motor skills and for building our attention span. We all like working with paint, glitter and dough and it is fun making things that will make our classroom look festive. First we squeezed and rolled our dough. Then with help we pressed the cutters into it to make a shape. We then made marks with green paint and glitter to make our Christmas tree.
have a good weekend everyone

best wishes

The Owl Team

Story Time

This week we all had a sensory story about a boy called Khofi who lived in Africa. The sensory resources were lovely and we really enjoyed exploring them. Some of the resources were African such as the colourful Kente shirt, African rattle and drum. It was hot there so we fanned ourselves and listened to the crickets underneath our gorgeous golden sun. We explored a coconut, fan, flip flop and a very cuddly black spider who wasn’t scary at all.
We extended our exploration and problem solving skills as we explored the resources linked to the text. We listened to the story, practising our communication and literacy skills too!

Have a lovely weekend everyone

best wishes

the Owl Team


This week in music we focussed on Remembrance Day. Bev brought in a big drum and hornet for us to listen to. It was exciting when we heard her play. Then we had a go ourselves. Some of us just wanted to listen and some of us learnt how to hold the drumsticks and beat on the drum. This activity helped us to develop our listening and fine motor skills and our cognitive skills too.
We all found the cornet very interesting to touch. It was cold, heavy and shiny. We all found something different about the cornet. Some of us listened to the sound it made, some of us felt the gentle sensation of air coming out of it when Bev blew gently into it. Everyone had a great time rocking and moving to the beat of the drum too!
Afterwards, to finish our lesson, we had some quiet time for remembrance.

have a lovely weekend all,

best wishes

Owl Team

Daily Living Skills

This week we have been working on our daily living skills and problem solving. We asked ourselves what we needed to do to get our toast ready and how we can spread the butter on it. We then chose jam or spreading cheese. Some of us needed support but we were all able to make choices. We used a plastic knife to spread with and attempted to take the lids off the butter, jam and cheese. Everyone helped to tidy up too, either by putting rubbish in the bin, wiping tables or sweeping up. It was fun and a good learning experience too!
hope you all have a peaceful Remembrance weekend.
with love from the Owl Team