🎵 Celebration Time 🎵

Joshua has had a fun time this week helping his brother get into the party spirit. He has played with balloons and liked dragging his hands over them to make a squeaky sound. Joshua loved it when the party lights went on and has enjoyed some of the fabulous looking and yummy birthday cake.

Joshua has been telling Daddy how to navigate his way around to get a quicker win! Great tactics Joshua!

He showed off his super walking to bed but then ‘peepo Mummy it’s morning already – let’s do today again!’

Paint, Glitter and Glue

This week we have started to make our Christmas decorations. We painted Christmas stockings, snowflakes and globes. When they were dry we put glitter and Pom poms on them. We are going to hang them up in the classroom and take them home when we break up for Christmas. You will love them! 😃

Our owls on the classroom door have Christmas hats on too!

Have you been collecting cardboard rolls at home? We have been collecting some cardboard kitchen rolls and have begun to make some Christmas crafts with them, like the ones above. If you send me a photo of your creation, I will put it on next weeks blog.

Dig dig dig dig digging …

Wow in just a short time Joshua’s new room is taking shape!

Joshua would like to share his fantastic standing and walking that he has done this week. Joshua you are doing excellent with your balancing.

Joshua has also been busy colouring a Diwali picture and enjoyed a firework display over his garden.

The Magic Toymaker

This week we have been exploring toys and resources, learning how to play with them. We have had so much fun. Hope you enjoy our fantastic photos.

For next weeks craft activity, for those of you at home, start to collect cardboard rolls as we are going to make something lovely out of them.

Have great week all of you learning from home, we are sending our love!

Well done Daniel

Daniel and his family have been thinking of others during this strange time we are having. He has been making a collection of all the things boys and girls would like to explore when they are on a ward at Walsall Manor Hospital. He is carrying on the tradition that was started with Livvy and has amassed a huge pile of exciting toys and crafts that can be put in a box for individual children to use. What a wonderful idea and a moving thought.

When the donation was being packed up he realised that they weren’t ‘Christmas come early’ for him but got thinking immediately of things he could put on his Christmas list and promised to be a good boy!

We are really proud of you. 👏🏻

Here he is expressing who he really is, showing his true colours, staying motivated, living life to the full, letting his light shine through and sparkling ✨- just like someone sang …

Joshua has been busy …

Wow what a lot of different things have been happening in your house this week! Joshua has been joining in with the school focus of ‘celebrations’ by decorating pictures of Harvest and Halloween and has spent time with his favourite ‘toys’.

Lots has been happening around the house too! Funny noises big holes strange people!

But the best thing of all has been the cuddles and love I’ve felt this week ❤️


This week we have been very busy making crafts for our Celebration curriculum. We have made a beautiful firework print on black card using bright coloured paint and glitter. We all worked hard to make our prints and with a little help, they looked great.

This is something that you can do at home too. All you need is some straws, paint, sellotape and black or coloured card. Have a go and send in a photo of your work. We would love to see your fireworks.

Hello friends …

Joshua has been working on our ‘Toy’ topic by exploring his box of goodies. Joshua has been selecting which noisy books 📚 he wants to listen to and has found his rain drum 🥁 and spinning cog ⚙️ toy to play with.

hello to all my friends

Joshua wasn’t quite done with playing for the day! – where are you?