Our Fabulous Leavers 2020-2021

This week we celebrated our fabulous leavers. We had a Sports Day with a game of Giant Skittles, then we had a party with all of our favourite party tunes, jelly and ice cream.

We all loved playing Skittles and had lots of fun.

We also have a lovely Leaver’s Celebration Powerpoint for you to enjoy.

Goodbye Lexi, Maelie-Sue, Muhaimin, Emily and Chris, we will miss you! Good Luck in your new schools.

Have a great summer holiday everyone

with love from the Owl Team.

Minibeast Hunt

We all went on a giant minibeast hunt this week. There were bees, crickets, wasps and butterflies hidden in the garden. We all had a lot of fun finding them in the sunshine!

We have also started to make some walking ant puppets. More on that next week!

Below is a You Tube video of the ant puppets that we have been making. If you have not been in school this term, you could try to make one at home as part of your Flowers and Insects Topic. We would love to see your creations. Please send us a photo and let us see your puppets.

We also had a visit from another little owl this week. It was great to have a chat and catch up.

Have a great weekend everyone

Love from the Owl Team

Out and About

As the weather has been so lovely we all went outside to the play ground and sensory garden. Some of us went on the seated swings, some of us enjoyed the lavender and some of us played in water and sand. Tom and Muhaimin also posted giant cubes! We also found slugs, snails and wood lice under the logs in the garden. They were very interesting.

Well done to everyone for excellent outdoor work on their targets this week!😎

When you are out and about, see what you can find. Send it in for show and tell on Monday morning or a photo would be lovely.

Have a nice weekend from the Owl Team x😊😍

Funky Fingers Foamy Land

We went to Foamy Land this week and had a fabulous time. We scrunched, squeezed, spread and swiped the foam. Then we made creative and pretty patterns in it with our fingers and hands. This was a very good activity and helped us develop our fine motor skills and grasp. We also felt it on our noses, lips and arms too!

We also made some fabulous foamy Angel Delight. We helped to pour, shake, stir and whip the cream so it was nice and thick. We all enjoyed it, it was a very sweet strawberry taste.

We hope you all have a lovely holiday.

Best wishes from the Owl Team x

Gardening Club

Take a look at some of the lovely things we have been doing in our Gardening Club. We planted some bean and sweet peas in pots of compost.

Look at how much they have grown in a week!

Also this week, Mrs Wise came to tell us a story about a ladybird. It was such fun to dress up as one.

She also brought in a gorgeous bunch of flowers for us to explore. They smelled gorgeous!

Homework Challenge:

Have you planted any seeds this Spring? It is still not too late to plant some beans in pots of compost indoors. They will then be ready to plant outside after a couple of weeks. Send us some photos of your gardening activities, we would love to see them!

Busy Owls

We have had lots of fun this week. We have practiced our ICT skills using the touch screen, switch toys and iPad apps.

Then we went to the hall and practiced our sign for ‘more’ on the swings and under the parachute . We even managed to relax after all our hard work in our amazing MSR room.

Homework Challenge:

This week and next we are going to be working on the story ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. Please watch the video and make a lovely bright colour caterpillar. See the image below. We are going to use Pom Poms but you can use your fingertips in paint if you like. Send a photo of your creations to postbox@oakwood.walsall.sch.uk.


An Owl Class Celebration

Today was Muhaimin’s birthday. We had a lovely party and Muhaimin gave us all a present. Thank you Muhaimin!

In the afternoon we had a Birthday Disco. Everyone danced and danced!

Homework Challenge: This week we have enjoyed listening to a song about a caterpillar and learning the Makaton sign.

Sing the song with your family and make the sign for caterpillar.

Flowers And Insects

This week we have been working on our our Flowers and Insect topic. We have also been practising the sign for ‘ladybird’.

We also listened to ‘The Grouchy Ladybug’ story. We like the story very much.

Homework Challenge: Take a look at the story and practice the Ladybird Makaton sign at home.

We have had lots of fun making our paper plate ladybirds. We painted them with a roller and glued their spots on.

Welcome Back Everyone

We have had a great week back after our holidays and it has been lovely to have some of our friends with us again after shielding.

Our Topic this term is about Flowers and Insects. We enjoyed a story about a little seed this week. Here are some of us working with the resources. They were very interesting. We found out what a seed needs to grow into a flower. We explored the seed, grass, roots, sun, water and the new plant during our fabulous sensory story.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!