Owl Class Sports Showcase

We had a fantastic Sports Day. We got into two teams and had a fun game of skittles. Then we all joined in with parachute games, which we all love. Hope you like our photos. Thank you to all of our wonderful Mums and Dads who came and joined in. It made our day!

Have a lovely weekend everyone

best wishes

The Owl Team

Let’s Go on Holiday

Our topic this term is Let’s Go on Holiday. We had lots of fun playing in the sand. We found out what dry sand feels like and then we put some water in it. Wet sand makes the best sand castles. It was fun to knock them down too!

Jubilee and an Owlet Birthday Party

Wow, what a fantastic day we’ve had. First we decorated some cakes and entered them into our school Jubilee cake competition. Also, the Queen actually came to visit us and she was very kind and beautiful.

Then we had a party, not only for the Queen’s Jubilee but for two Owlet birthdays as well. We looked so cute in our party clothes, red, white and blue!
Elijah’s Mummy sent in a beautiful birthday cake which was delicious. Aminah’s Mummy sent us a tub of chocolates. Thank you so much for making our day so special. Happy Birthday both.

with love from all of your friends in Owls xx

Colourful Owls

Its been a colourful week in Owls! Lots of fun was had during our disco under our lovely lights. We had dancing and then Ben came in to see us with his physio bench. We all had a great time trying it out.

We had Book Club around our table. We are learning to sit in chairs when we do our activities.
We also got ready to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with our White, Blue and Red toys and objects.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone and we will see you on Wednesday June 8th.

best wishes

The Owl Team

A week in Owls

We’ve had a lovely week. We’ve been creative and collaged some shiny fish and paper plate jellyfish to hang from the ceiling. We also created a beautiful under the sea display with sound. We love it!

We have focussed on extending our communication skills too. Our Speech and Language therapist came in to support us. We chose which toy we wanted to play with. Finding out how to use photos to communicate our needs and wants is also an exciting part of our learning journey. We tried using a photo in exchange for bubbles and we all did very well.

We had some fun playing with the sensory parachute and stretchy scrunchy. Of course sensory time wouldn’t be complete without bubbles! Our favourite!!!

Have a lovely weekend all.

Best wishes

The Owls

Active owls

This week two of our owlets have tested out walking frames. They have made us very proud with how well they walked around! Our other little owls are also working hard on their physical management plans.

Musical Owls

This week we are continuing to build on our musical interaction skills, just like last week when we explored the Sound Beam. As you can see below in our fabulous videos, we are making our own sounds, extending our listening skills and vocalising. We are all discovering how to work independently and develop our communication skills.

Have a lovely weekend

best wishes

The Owl Team.

Sound Beam

This week we played on the sound beam and created some fantastic music . We are on a journey discovering and experiencing cause and effect. The sound beam makes music and sounds when we move or make small or large movements. We had lots of fun.

We hope you all have a good weekend and Bank Holiday.

Take a look at us below enjoying some of our Eid activities.

Thank you to our wonderful families for your gorgeous Eid sweeties and cakes. We hope you enjoy your celebrations.


Literacy in Owls

This week we have been working on our literacy skills. We had Speech and Language therapy during which we chose some interesting toys to play with, then we had some bubbles. Some of us also read one of our hand made tactile books called ‘Owl Babies’. We love this story.

Our star of the week was Elijah for fantastic mobility skills this week.

Well done to all our children for working hard this week. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Owls working out

We’ve had a busy week this week in Owls. Our little Owls have been working very hard on their physio skills. Preston loves practising standing up, Elijah and Maysie are practising sitting on a foam roll and Safoorah worked on her stretches with Ben. Aminah also enjoyed her stretches on the physio wedge.

St Patrick’s Day ☘️

On Thursday we celebrated St Patricks Day. We practiced our pouring skills to make a super sensory Leprechaun. We all liked listening to Irish music too!

Take a look at our fabulous red nose day pics. Don’t we look amazing?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!