Christmas is coming ❄️

What a lovely Snowy week we’ve had Owls 🦉. This week we have been doing some lovely Christmas crafts to decorate the classroom. We’ve also made a start on our winter grotto, it’s very festive ☃️.

Home Learning

Here’s what Little Owlets can do today while school is closed due to bad weather conditions.

While you are at home today, listen to Mummy, Daddy or another member of your family sing some nursery rhymes. Show how much you like them by your smiles, sounds and body language. Then, let us know on Tuesday what your favourite rhymes are.

We have a fantastic new table top nursery rhyme display and we really need to know what your favourites are at home too. We can then make sure your favourites are on the display and we can all sing and sign them together when you get back to school.


You have all got your targets at home too. Choose one of them to work on today, it may be your communication target, gross motor skill target or your Quest Thinking and Learning target. Whichever one it is, have fun everyone!

In anticipation of Christmas, we are also beginning to rehearse for our Sensory Nativity this week. It will be lots of fun with sounds, music, songs, movement and beautiful scenery.

Here is our cast list:

Preston: Joseph

Maysie: Mary

Elijah: Donkey

Safoorah: Angel

Aminah: King

If you would like to make your costume , please begin to do so. It will need to be ready and brought into school by December 6th. Please let us know this week if you will be bringing in your own costume or can contribute to a costume in any way. Alternatively, if not, don’t worry, we can make a lovely costume for you in school!

Thank you and enjoy your day!

Best wishes, the Owl team.

Hedgehogs 🦔

This week we learnt a song about a hedgehog that rolls into a ball. It was a really good action song to do with a partner and had Makaton signs too. We’ve attached it to the end of the blog, we hope you enjoy it!

We have a toy hedgehog in class and he makes a squeaking noise. We like to take turns to hold him and share him with our friends. Look at us making some beautiful Hedgehog 🦔 pictures.

Our Beautiful Hedgehog

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves are falling down.
This week we’ve been learning about autumn. We have listened to our favourite autumn songs while we explored our sensory resources. WE LOVED THE PARACHUTE 🪂!

We enjoyed exploring red and orange pieces of material during music time!

Children in need

What a wonderful day we’ve had celebrating Children in Need today. We dressed up in our finest clothes and painted some lovely Pudsey Bears. Thank you parents for your generous donations!

Music is Fun

This week we have enjoyed listening to music, moving to music and dancing. We also had a fantastic time in Bev’s music session when we had marching band music and explored our Union Jack flag and lots of poppies.

We also make great music when we wear wrist and ankle bells.

Hope you all have wonderful weekend

From the Owl Team

We love to celebrate 🎊

Diwali 🪔

Thursday was Diwali. We have spent the week celebrating, dancing and listening to music from India. We also enjoyed exploring Sari dresses and playing our Dandiya sticks. They make a lovely sound.

New friends

We would like to welcome Elijah to Owls Class. He has had a fabulous week and settled in very well.

Well done Elijah!

Hope everyone has a great Bonfire Night!

best wishes from the Owl Team.

Walkathon Fun

This week we held our Walkathon outside as part of our schools 50th birthday celebrations. We had such fun walking and travelling around the playground in the Autumn sunshine. We even took our favourite Halloween toys out with us for a walk too. We all did several laps around the playground with the rest of our friends. Also, we would like to say a very big thank you to all our wonderful parents, family and friends for sponsoring us.

This week we dressed up for Halloween, trying on hats and making our teddy into a Mummy!

Take a look at our fantastic pumpkin. We had fun exploring it and feeling it’s weight. We liked the colour of it very much too.

We hope you have a great Half Term.

from the Owl Team.

Sensory Fun

We have been using our senses this week. We explored a selection of sensory toys and resources and found them very interesting. Some of them vibrated and some of them made a noise or were nice to touch. Take a look at us having lots of fun.

We hope you have a lovely weekend everyone.

best wishes from the Owl Team.

Waking up our Senses

We love to explore our senses here in Owls class. This week we have had fun exploring the taste of pear, feeling the different textures of fruit and listening to Harvest music in preparation for the Harvest Festival.

Practising our skills.

Our Superstars have been practising their fine, gross motor and cause and effect skills, we are very proud!

Our Playground

We all had a fantastic time in our playground this week. Take a look at some of the things we have been doing. We had lots of fun in the gazebo and then we went on a nature hunt as we want to make a Nature Art picture with our treasures. We found some big leaves.

It was also MacMillan fund raising this week and we iced a fairy cake.

We concentrated very hard when putting on the icing. Don’t they look fabulous?

For those of you learning at home, when you are on an Autumn walk, collect some treasure and make a natural art collage. We would love to see your creations.