Owls Fantastic Year

We have had a wonderful time in Owl class this year. Below is a selection of our achievements and fun times that we have had together. We also had the Bubble Lady today and the photos will show you just how much we enjoyed it.

Now, as our school year comes to a close, some of us are moving on to new classes where new friends and exciting times will be had. However, we will never forget or lose the bonds of friendship and trust that we have made over the years in Owl Class and this will stand us in good stead as we move forward.

I would also like to thank our wonderful parents for their unswerving support and generosity over the year and I look forward to seeing you all in September!

Wishing you all a fabulous summer break with your families, friends and loved ones,

Best wishes

The Owl Team

Owl’s Summer Trip

We all had a fabulous time at Forge Mill Farm on Friday. The weather was warm and sunny and many of our wonderful families joined us too.

We all had a bag of food each to feed the animals with. As we went round the farm we saw chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs and donkeys in their fields and pens. Many of them came up to us to say ‘hello’ and take some food. We were very brave as we stroked and fed them.

The highlight of the trip was when Farmer Wayne brought Sonny the Shire horse to see us. We all stroked him on the nose and watched as he was groomed. Farmer Wayne said he was 25 years old and very friendly with children.

At the end of our visit we all met up to wash our hands and bid everyone goodbye.

Thank you to all our fantastic parents, friends, brothers and sisters who helped to make our Summer Trip so special and one to remember.

Best Wishes

The Owl Team

Mark Making

This week we have been working on our mark making and fine motor skills. We mixed blue and green paint, the colours of the sea , together with foam and took a print. Some of us painted a road in brown paint and made tracks in the paint with a toy car. We had such fun and we were very proud of our fantastic artwork. The results were amazing and we entered our creations into the Literacy Competition too!

Have a great weekend everyone

Best wishes

The Owl Team

Outdoor Music

We all had lots of fun when we had a multi sensory music session with Bev outdoors in the pagoda. The songs were linked to our holiday topic and we had beach balls to throw to each other, mussels and seaweed to smell and chimes to play. Thanks Bev, we had a great time!


This week we had a storyteller who told us a story called ‘The Beach’. It was a very interesting sensory story about going on a trip to the beach, walking along the pier and seeing the fishes and seaweed in the sea. We also listened to the seagulls flying overhead. There was also a pebble beach, vanilla ice cream and funfair tactile experiences. We all enjoyed it very much and explored the resources with interest.

We also had lots of fun outside in the sunshine together in our playground. We love to play on the grass and sit underneath the umbrella.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

From the Owl Team

Playground Fun

This week we had lots of fun in our big playground as the weather was good some days. We developed our physical skills by playing ball games, walking and using resources to help our balance. We also extended our personal, social and emotional skills too by enjoying our time together.

Exploring Emotions

This week, Owls have been exploring different emotions that we feel such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear and calmness.

We listened to the story ‘ The Colour Monster’ during Bev’s music sessions and also during sensory story time. Our emotions were linked to colour, songs and signs. We all enjoyed experiencing the colourful scarves and music connected to the emotions in the book. The ‘Happy’ song made us all smile as we listened and moved together to the music. Yellow was the colour of ‘happiness’ and green the colour of ‘calm’. We also took turns to look at the pictures in the book and with support, turn the pages.

King Charles III Celebrations

We had a great time celebrating the Coronation of King Charles. Our garden area was tidied and we planted some new flowers.

We also painted some bunting to hang in the corridors and around our classroom. Our crowns were decorated with glitter and stickers. We did very well extending our fine motor skills by reaching, grasping, pressing and releasing.

Eco Week

This week, as part of our Coronation celebrations we had Eco week. This was all about planting and looking after our environment. We planted some marigold and cress seeds. Then we tidied outside our classrooms by weeding and planting some flowers in our tubs and pots. It now looks very pretty outside of Owl class. We had fun exploring the compost and smelling and handling the flowers. We also pulled up a big dandelion that had a very long root!

We also enjoyed food preparation. We melted chocolate and made some chocolate nests and also had lots of fun in music, making sounds from recycled objects. Take a look at some of the lovely things we have been doing!

Have a lovely weekend and Bank Holiday

Best wishes



Stormbreak is all about having fun together, playing games with a focus on teamwork, to ensure our well being. This week we had lots of small group games in the pool with the large ball. We had lots of fun pushing and passing the ball to each other. We also had circle time in the classroom where we chose a friend to roll the ball to. The activity was not only good for our mental well being it was good for our physical well being too!