Balance and jump!

During this weeks PE session we practiced walking along the bench to get the the box at the end. This took lots of balance and we all tried really hard to concentrate on where we were putting our feet. When we got to the end we jumped off the box onto the mat on the floor. Some of us needed a hand for reassurance and others jumped straight off.


Gill’s class invited their parents to come swimming. Some parents came in the pool and some watched from the side. Afterwards they came back to class for a drink and a biscuit. The children were very pleased to have their parents in school.

Climbing at Beaudesert!

We had a brilliant time at Beaudesert! This year we tried something different and tried our hand at the climbing wall. We all got our harnesses and helmets on ready for our climb. Some of us climbed high and some of us preferred to stay closer to the ground! We also had a great time exploring the grounds and taking in the gorgeous view.

Spring into action!

What an active time we had ‘Springing’ into action for our sponsored morning event. We had a lovely time running, jumping, crawling, dancing and smiling at the bubbles! Well done everyone.

Spring into Action!

We have had a great time “springing” into action for our sponsored event! We loved running, jumping, rolling, crawling, flapping and even popping bubbles yesterday morning! The children were brilliant and loved taking part in the different activities available! Well done to everyone involved and a huge thank you for any sponsorship money raised!

Spring into action with Glenn’s class

Glenn’s class had a a great time this morning during the Spring into action challenge. They took part in the sensory obstacle course, moving around, through and over the equipment in the playground! Some of the class enjoyed the water spray at the end, and some did not!

Personal best challenges!

All children have been doing really well with their personal best physical challenges, this week we focused on jumping! Amazing jumping with all children improving on their technique and distance travelled.


Over the last few weeks Ruth’s group have been visited by Nick from Staffordshire Cricket who has learnt us how to play ‘Kwik Cricket’. We have enjoyed practising our throwing and catching skills to help us with our bowling and fielding, as well as took turns to have a go at batting the ball using a child friendly cricket bat. We have amazed our staff with the great progress we have made over the last few weeks and worked really well as a team.