Wonderful first week back Rabbits

Rabbits have been exploring a new story this week called ‘Be brave little Penguin’ We have all really enjoyed story time at the end of each day!
We have found out that the penguins name is Pip – Pip and he lives in the Antarctic.

In cooking we made a penguin Pip-Pip made out of pancakes. We mixed all the ingredients together and worked as a great team. When our pancakes were made we got to decorate them with sauce. We really enjoyed tasting our pancakes at the end! Well done Rabbits!

Rabbits have been developing our writing skills and learnt how to form the letter ‘m’. Look at all our lovely writing in our books. We have explored items that start with the letter ‘m’ and then practiced how to form our letter in sensory rice.

Well done Rabbits we are so proud of you all, you have achieved so much this week.

Well done to our star of the week Amirhan, you have worked really hard and joined in with group sessions all week.
Esther, Jade, Jemma, Sharron and Millie 🐰

Chinese New Year

we had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year this week! We enjoyed making dragons, exploring the colour red, watching Rushall children preform a Chinese dragon dance and a music lesson with Bev.

Hope you all have a wonderful half term!

healthy rabbits

we’ve had a very active week in rabbits this week! We had lots of fun during our PE lesson on Tuesday. This term our PE focus in gymnastics. We practiced lots of different ways of balancing, using lots of exciting equipment. On Thursday we went swimming and to the sensory room at the Walsall Wood campus. The children enjoyed looking at the different lights, it was very relaxing. On Friday we practiced our cutting skills and made a delicious fruit salad.

time for swimming 🏊‍♀️

This week Rabbits have been swimming for the first time! The children all did really well transitioning to the swimming pool on the mini bus. It was lots of fun floating around the pool and splashing with our friends.

A reminder for those without swim kits, we will be going swimming every week this half term so please bring in swimwear, a towel and a swim nappy if needed. It would be lovely to have the whole class in the pool next week!

Winter has arrived! ❄️☃️🌨

This week rabbits have explored lots of winter themed activities. We enjoyed lots of sensory tuff tray play.

We all took part in a snowy bucket time session. We sat under the umbrella and watched the snow fall down.

During music we practiced more drum playing this week. We banged the drum together and watched the baubles bounce up and down.

music time!

This week we had lots of fun during Bev’s music lesson! The children enjoyed listening to the music and taking turns banging and tapping on the drum. It was very noisy!

Welcome back!

Rabbits have had a fabulous first week back! They’ve all settled back in and have been taking part in lots of learning opportunities.
we enjoyed making chocolate sparklers in our cooking lesson. We enjoyed eating them too.

On Friday we learnt about Poppy Day. We watched a video about Poppy Day and took part in lots of activities.


Our superstar this week is Bailey. He always joins in with activities and always makes us laugh. Well done Bailey!

Harvest Festival

Rabbits have been super busy this week celebrating the harvest festival!

We’ve been reading The Little Red Hen. We made red hens, matched pictures and played with the sensory farm.

We experimented with different kitchen equipment to make bread dough. It was very messy but we had lots of fun. We poured, sieved and mixed.

Later in the week we taste bread. We chose if we wanted chocolate, jam or butter on it. Some of us signed ‘more please’. It tasted lovely and fresh! We enjoyed smelling it too.

During our music lesson with Bev we learnt some harvest songs. We sang, signed, danced and played our instruments. Bev brought some of the grapes she had grown and harvested from her garden to explore too.

Next week we will be continuing with more autumn crafts. It’s also our last forest lesson for the term before we move onto swimming after half term.
Have a lovely weekend,

Team Rabbits 🐰

Emergency Emergency! 👩‍🚒🚒🚨

Rabbits have continued to learn about the fire brigade this week. We have enjoyed reading our class books about the fire service. We had lots of different play opportunities based on what the fire service do. Some of us completed 1:1 literacy based tasks too.

Rabbits all enjoyed autumnal bucket time this week. We used our leaves that we collected during our forest session to make a sensory leaf fall. It was lots of fun! The children loved sheltering under the umbrella ☂

We all enjoyed some relaxation time during our well-being session. We followed the story massage together then relaxed whilst listening to under the sea sounds.

We made sandwiches in cooking on Friday. We all picked what filling we wanted and tried really hard to spread our bread. They were very tasty!

The children have all had an amazing week!
Have a lovely weekend.
Team Rabbits 🐰

Wow! What a busy week in rabbits!
This week we’ve been reading our two new books, How a fire engine works and Charlie the Firefighter. The children loved helping to turn the pages and lifting the flaps. We learnt about what equipment a fire engine has onboard and what a fire fighter does to keep everyone safe.

We’ve all enjoyed lots of time outside this week. Everyone did amazingly during our first forest session. The children all walked to the forest very sensibly and enjoyed exploring. We’ve also done lots of turn taking on the trikes during our playtimes.

Rabbits have all been doing fantastically at taking turns during our attention autism sessions! We’ve been jumping on the trampoline, trying on silly hats, squashing shaving foam buns and spraying the ‘fire’ with our extinguishers.

And lastly, well done to Noah are superstar this week! Noah has been a great friend this week, sharing and playing with his friends. Well done Noah!

Have a lovely weekend! Don’t forget to share your news from the weekend with us in your child’s homeschool book, we love hearing about what everyone’s been up to!
Team Rabbits 🐰