We cannot wait to see you in September!

Hi Little Rabbits 🐇,

We hope you have a lovely summer. We just wanted to tell you how much we have missed you all and that we cannot wait to see you in September. We also can’t wait to meet our new Rabbit friends that are coming to join us.

We have been working hard to get the classrooms ready for you and have lots of fun activities planned for our new topic ‘the magic toymaker’.

There are some photos of our new classrooms below. The walls are still bare as we have saved lots of room to put up your superstar 🌟 work! We have set up a new body awareness room with lots of sensory lighting and bubbles to help develop gross motor. We will also be working closely with Amanda using her room as a focus area for themed activities.

Please continue to send us your photos over the summer, we love to hear from you.

Most importantly – keep safe and have fun with your families.

See you soon, love Sarah, Amanda, Michelle, Shannon and Amanda 😊😊😊😊 xxxx

Interactive board
Our classroom
Our Kitchen and snack area
Your lockers all ready for your belongings.
Our body awareness room, with light projectors and bubble machine.
Toy Story themed room for our Magic Toymaker Topic.

Windy day activities🌬🪁

Hello Rabbit class,
I hope you are all happy and had a lovely weekend. It is very windy today and I have added some ideas to keep you busy if you want to get outside and have some fun. How about making a milk carton or paper cup wind sock, blowing bubbles in your garden, making paper planes or flying a kite?

The weather is very different from last week- just look at the fun Imogen was having at home with her sisters ☀️.
I hope you all had fun too and it wasn’t too hot for you.
Please keep us posted with your news, we love to hear what you have been getting up to.

Happy Father’s Day 😁

Hello Rabbits, we are glad to hear you are all well.
This weekend, on Sunday, there is a special day to say thank you to your Daddies or carers for all the hard work they do and for keeping you safe. I have added some craft ideas below if your brothers or sisters or Mummies are able to help you design a card or craft to wish them a happy Father’s Day. You will hopefully have some colourful card in your packs that we sent home.
We hope you have a fantastic weekend, hopefully the rain will clear so that you can get back out in your gardens and have some more fun.

Keep smiling, keep shining! ⭐️☀️🌈

Hi Rabbit class,
It has been good to hear you are all managing to keep yourselves busy and being good for your Mommies and Daddies.
Billy has been listening to a lovely song that he would like to share with you all and cheer us up during these uncertain times. I hope you like it as much as I did!

Keeping busy!

Hello little rabbits. We are glad to hear you’re all well and managing to keep yourselves busy. Please keep us updated with your news and photos, we love to hear from you.
We hope you received your work packs and communication books 😁and hopefully you have had chance to complete some of the activities and sensory ideas. It’s been lovely to hear that children have been spotting their friends in their books and pointing to them. We miss you LOTS!
It has been nice to hear of the new toys you have been playing with and the new skills you are learning at home.

R has been learning to ride his new tractor 🚜 out in his garden- all that pedalling and steering is tricky business! Keep practising and well done😁

🎨📚Billy has been having fun painting and filling his busy book with all his super work, well done. He has also been listening to Nick Cope songs and playing along with his sensory instruments 🎵

Imogen has been having lots of fun on her trampoline and practising her walking🧍🏽‍♀️, she has also been having fun splashing around in her paddling pool with her sisters💦 . Keep up the good work!

Deacon has been having great fun on his trampoline and playing with his new water toys 💧🧼and bubble machine. He has been enjoying using a face mask too- never too young to learn a good skincare routine!! He has also been doing great communication to ask for his favourite activities. Well done 👍

Blake is going to be having some changes to his routines as he moves house 🏡 , we hope he will be very happy in his new room!

Aminah is missing everyone very much, she has been having fun in her garden 🌼🌸🌷and doing activities on her iPad.

Fun in the sun! 😊🌞

Thank you for keeping us updated with your news. We are pleased to hear you are all keeping safe and well and glad that you’re coping well with the changes and having fun at home.

Imogen has been busy playing in her new paddling pool, doing arts and crafts with her sisters and enjoying lots of stories and songs with Mommy. What lovely photos!

🌈☀️🏡VE Day picnic at home

Thank you to all the families that have taken part with our VE Day picnic at home and well done for your beautiful work you did to decorate your gardens, it looks like you’ve been very busy!

R had a picnic in his garden with his dinosaurs. Look at all that yummy food!
Deacon did some lovely colouring with his sister. I have a feeling he ate his picnic on his trampoline!
Amanda and John had a BBQ and scones for their picnic. They look very patriotic! 🇬🇧
In Sarah’s road, we had a stay at home street party. We had our picnic on our neighbours drive so we could talk to her through the window as she is too poorly to go outside. We made some scones and put bunting up outside everybody’s houses to make the street look pretty.

🇬🇧VE Day preparations

Hello Rabbit class, we hope you are all well and being good for your Mommies and Daddies. It has been great to hear your news and see your photos of you having fun in your gardens, playing with bubbles and reading your stories.
We are all missing you very much and cannot wait until we are all back together again. If we were currently at school, we would have been busy getting ready for our VE day celebrations. It is such a shame this will not happen, but we would still like to try and get us all to celebrate if possible.

It would be really nice if we could still celebrate, by having a picnic at the same time in our gardens or indoors if you prefer. It would be great if the children could have a go at preparing some of their own snacks or sandwiches too.

I have added some craft ideas below if you want to have a go at making some decorations!

Please join us in celebrating 75 years since VE day by having a picnic in your garden. Don’t forget to take some photos!
Twinkl have some great colouring sheets that we will try and send home for you to decorate.
Bev our music teacher misses you too and wants to send her best wishes to you all, she has been busy practising her drums and has even put her Rabbit toy in her window for her neighbours to spot on their daily walks. She is also going to help find some nice music for us to listen to for our VE day picnics. Thank you Bev!

Outdoor learning 🌸☀️🌺🌜⭐️

Hi Rabbit Class🐰,
We hope you are all okay, keeping safe and had a happy Easter 🐣 with your families.
As the weather is going to be sunny this week, please find some new ideas for some outdoor learning and messy play ideas. We hope you have fun with them.

Have fun getting messy In the garden- how about making some rainbow 🌈 foot prints, a petal perfume or flower potion? You could also help your Mommies and Daddies by mark making using rollers on the pavement outside (cleaning in the process!)
Have fun mixing up some mud and dandelion pies, adding water and giving it a stir to develop your coordination and fine motor skills.
Lots of sensory opportunities to be had using water balloons; using scented or coloured water, freezing them and feeling them melt. Practise your life skills, cleaning your own t-shirts, washing the bubbles off. Build up your tolerance to different textures and practise your balance by walking on slippery mixtures. Help develop your speech and language skills by learning to blow bubbles or drinking through a straw.

This week you may get to see some shooting stars 🌠 if you look up to the sky at night- it needs to be a clear night with no clouds. Please let us know if you see anything.

Saint George’s Day 23.4.2020

It is St George’s Day this week too. Please find some ideas below to help support learning at home.

If your child is missing their Friday cooking sessions and would like to have a go at some baking, here is a tasty recipe for lemon yoghurt muffins supported by images and simple instructions for you to try at home.

Lockdown – week 3

Hello Rabbits,
We are all missing you very much but glad to hear that you are all keeping safe at home and have been managing to keep yourselves entertained and busy.
Please find some suggested activities and links below that you may find useful this week:

How about a family salt dough hand print activity? Or making a milk carton bird feeder? Or thank our wonderful NHS by making some beautiful rainbows with a pot of gold at the end. Have fun and be inventive!

These are some of the songs we’ve been using in school before our lives were turned upside down:

 https://youtu.be/PgnWgW5k184 Debbie doo – circus spinning game

https://youtu.be/3T5cPaZIW8M Chu chu wah.

https://youtu.be/9ZM-HZDZTc0 Oxford Circus songs

https://youtu.be/BVupSeAWIaw Sleepy circus – relaxing

https://youtu.be/hIbUUH5h6SM Our PE music

https://youtu.be/Sjx2BNyN1HQ circus shape song

Don’t forget Singing Hands on YouTube do some lovely songs with Makaton too!

Deacon has been doing his exercises using his yoga ball!
In Sarah’s house we had fancy dress Friday while we did our Joe Wickes work out. We then undid all our hard work by eating chocolate brownies that we had made. We have been learning some new life skills, mixing cement and putting up a new fence that the naughty storm blew down!