Chinese New Year 🧧 🐉 🥢 🐀

This week we have been reading the story ‘Lanterns and Firecrackers’.  We have explored the story as a group and linked our resources to make it more sensory.  We then used instruments and a dragon to practise a dragon dance around our classroom.  Next we used the zodiac chart to find out everyone’s animal from their birth years and to find out that 2020 is the year of the rat.

The children have decorated some beautiful lanterns that are now on display in our classroom and also designed craft fireworks and hand print dragons.  Later in the week, we will be tasting some Chinese foods and looking at how different our cutlery is to chop sticks.

Noisy Circus 🎪

This week we have been reading the story ‘The noisy circus’. The children have taken turns to activate the sound buttons, dressed up as clowns, splatted the clown with custard pies, as well as used drums to play along to a circus themed song. We have also been practising fine motor skills, using cutting blocks to create circus story boards.

In PE, we have been working on some circus skills; balancing, different movements and using different equipment- such as the pedal steppers and our ring of fire 🔥. The swings have also helped the children experience what it is like to be a trapeze artiste.

The circus is coming to town! 🎪 🤡 🤸‍♀️🤹‍♂️

Happy new year.  We hope you had a fantastic Christmas break.

This week we have started our new topic called ‘the circus is coming to town’.

Our new story is called ‘Noisy Circus’ and the children have been learning some different sounds and job roles within the circus.  They have explored some resources such as the ring master’s top hat 🎩 , juggling balls 🤹‍♀️ and the play circus tent  🎪.  They have also been using communication boards to make choices for their activities.

Christmas fun at the farm! 🎄🐰🎅🏻

We had a brilliant day for our end of year trip.  The children were brave; meeting and feeding lots of animals.  We saw where the chicks live and collected an egg to go home, as well as listening to the ducks and the horses make their loud noises!

The children’s behaviour was exemplary and we were very proud of them.  We had no tears when meeting Father Christmas.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! 🎄

Today we have been feeling very festive in Rabbit class.  The children have used their fine motor skills to explore our new Christmas tree and decorate it using baubles and tinsel.  We enjoyed learning some new Makaton signs and using some of the decorations as dress up too, as well as completing some intensive interaction games.

Doesn’t our tree look pretty!  🎄   Continue reading

Getting Active

This week the children in Rabbit class have done some wonderful work and communication in the pool.  They have been requesting ‘more’ using their personal methods of communication and doing some excellent choice making between objects.  We have seen some great independence in the water using buoyancy aids and lots of smiles.  Well done everyone!

Happy Birthday Kipper the Dog 🥳

Over the last fortnight in Rabbit class we have been doing lots of birthday celebrations.  The children have been busy with preparations for Kipper’s party; making cards, wrapping paper and baking cakes.  They have done great turn taking during our shared games of pass the parcel and had lots of fun counting and stacking the birthday cakes and then knocking them over! We have also seen lots of good communication, with children requesting ‘more’ bubbles using aided communication boards. We have seen lots of smiles when we have sang ‘Happy birthday’ and given Kipper some cuddles.  


Food and shopping 🍟🥖🍫🍰🥛🍽🍏🍌

As part of our continuing work on food and shopping, we visited the local cafe on Tuesday with our friends in Robin class. We wrapped up warm and managed to dodge the rain to get to Kelly’s Kitchen cafe.

The children had selected their order at home by choosing from symbols.  They then took turns to visit the counter to place their order and hand over their money.

We saw our golden rules being used, with lots of ‘good sitting’ and ‘good sharing’.  A lovely time was had by all!

We can cook! 🍕

We had a brilliant time tasting some new foods at Pizza Express; capers, olives and artichokes whilst making our Margarita pizzas.  
The children did some rolling and patting with their dough and then used their hands to hold the spoons and spread the tomato purée.  We hope they all enjoyed their tasty dinner!