Happy Birthday Kipper the Dog 🥳

Over the last fortnight in Rabbit class we have been doing lots of birthday celebrations.  The children have been busy with preparations for Kipper’s party; making cards, wrapping paper and baking cakes.  They have done great turn taking during our shared games of pass the parcel and had lots of fun counting and stacking the birthday cakes and then knocking them over! We have also seen lots of good communication, with children requesting ‘more’ bubbles using aided communication boards. We have seen lots of smiles when we have sang ‘Happy birthday’ and given Kipper some cuddles.  


Food and shopping 🍟🥖🍫🍰🥛🍽🍏🍌

As part of our continuing work on food and shopping, we visited the local cafe on Tuesday with our friends in Robin class. We wrapped up warm and managed to dodge the rain to get to Kelly’s Kitchen cafe.

The children had selected their order at home by choosing from symbols.  They then took turns to visit the counter to place their order and hand over their money.

We saw our golden rules being used, with lots of ‘good sitting’ and ‘good sharing’.  A lovely time was had by all!