Lockdown – week 3

Hello Rabbits,
We are all missing you very much but glad to hear that you are all keeping safe at home and have been managing to keep yourselves entertained and busy.
Please find some suggested activities and links below that you may find useful this week:

How about a family salt dough hand print activity? Or making a milk carton bird feeder? Or thank our wonderful NHS by making some beautiful rainbows with a pot of gold at the end. Have fun and be inventive!

These are some of the songs we’ve been using in school before our lives were turned upside down:

 https://youtu.be/PgnWgW5k184 Debbie doo – circus spinning game

https://youtu.be/3T5cPaZIW8M Chu chu wah.

https://youtu.be/9ZM-HZDZTc0 Oxford Circus songs

https://youtu.be/BVupSeAWIaw Sleepy circus – relaxing

https://youtu.be/hIbUUH5h6SM Our PE music

https://youtu.be/Sjx2BNyN1HQ circus shape song

Don’t forget Singing Hands on YouTube do some lovely songs with Makaton too!

Deacon has been doing his exercises using his yoga ball!
In Sarah’s house we had fancy dress Friday while we did our Joe Wickes work out. We then undid all our hard work by eating chocolate brownies that we had made. We have been learning some new life skills, mixing cement and putting up a new fence that the naughty storm blew down!
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